I Wanna Go Back To Basics

Creators: NotEvenAmatueR, 29th_letter, AlexBrogan, Artimax, Cloch, cLOUDDEAD, Cthaere, dono, EzTheBoss2, FruitlessWasabi, Gordon_JamCast, IanBoy141, Kiiview, KittyGame, Komachi, LemonGH, Princeoflight612, RandomChaos_, shign, Skulldude, Taprus, very_cool, Wspr, YaBoiMarcAntony

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8.0 / 10
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73.4 / 100
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Creator's Comments:

Nearigami [Creator]
EDIT: Version 1.02. Slight nerfs and a couple of other things. This will probably be the final update. Thank you to those who have enjoyed this game or even played it. https://www.mediafire.com/file/gno6w78lxxbdndj/BTB+Ver+1.02.zip/file

I Wanna Go Back To Basics is a 24 person needle collab hosted by me with the primary goal of making a needle collab accessible to everyone. It is 24 areas, with 3 screens of jtool needle each, for a total of 72 screens of content. The estimated peak difficulty of the project is 75, though most stages are around the 50-65 difficulty range. Thank you to all those who helped motivate me to make this project actually come out. I will continue to do my best to host events like this and become a beacon for the community.

Review (since I made like none of the content, I think it’s okay):
29th: I feel that this is a decent attempt at shorter precise needle. I did make some adjustments to it myself, but I feel like it’s actually pretty nice to pull off. I like the visual style of it too, so that’s a plus. 5.5/10

AlexBrogan: Some of the maneuvers in this stage are actually genius, though there are times where I feel that fun factor is sacrificed for pathing sake. The jump refresher stuff isn’t entirely my style but it’s cool. I love the gravity flipper stuff though. 8/10

Artimax: Top 3 stage for me. Very good pathing, and it’s a good sweet spot with fun and difficulty. Waiting for the Artimax solo needle game. 9.5/10

Cloch: It’s very basic, and honestly feels a lot like 2014-2015 needle. Imo it’s completely serviceable and not bad, but it’s outclassed by a lot of other stages in this game. 6/10

cLOUDDEAD: I do like this stage, but it feels like it uses full jumps too much, and while nothing with it is wrong, I don’t really think it’s my style. 7/10

Cthaere: I don’t really like this stage too much. Some jumps are pretty annoying, but it’s mixed with some pretty fun ones. I would like to see Cthaere make more though, and to make easier stuff too. 6/10

Dono: Dono makes me very proud, as I’ve watched him come an extremely long way since he started creating. The visual style is very distinctly his, and the platforming itself is very fun short saves. I think he’s found a sweet spot, and I want to see more high effort, longer games from him, as I feel that would propel him to one of the best modern makers. 8.5/10

Ez: I did change quite a few things in this stage but it’s actually pretty decent. I remember watching Ez make it and having to constantly point out skips while he was making, so I guess my critique lies with trying to be conscious about that stuff as you make it. The stage is pretty fun though. 7.5/10

Fruitless: I’ve said this before, but while the jumps themselves are pretty alright, the layouts feel like someone whose never made needle before. I would love if he experimented with layouts more, as I think this style can work with more refinement. 6.5/10

Gordon: ...yeah... 12/10

Ian: Another top 3 stage. Hits a difficulty sweet spot, with very fun needle, and just the right amount of pathing and leeway. 9/10

Kii: Significantly better than I thought it would be. Very fun maneuvers in here, and some fun strings of jumps together. 8.5/10

Kittygame: Other stuff Kitty has showed me in his current projects looks very fun, so I’m kinda curious what happened here. I think it’s fine, as sometimes when we try new things, they don’t really work, but this stage didn’t do it for me. 5/10

Komachi: I wished that the screens were all like the first one. The other screens were pretty disappointing. Probably my least favorite area unfortunately. 4.5/10

Lemon: God tier. I loved it. I would love a whole game of mini align mazes like this that teaches the player in a better way about align tricks and all. 9/10

NotEvenAmatueR(me): I was not expecting my stage to be one of the hardest ones. I’m typically used to my stages being pretty easy in collabs, so this caught me off guard. When I made my stage, I wanted to try doing stuff I don’t use often. In this case, they were: miniblocks, unstructured spike formations, and one save screens. I feel that screens 1 and 3 are very good screens, and I still like them, however screen 2 didn’t really pay off and I’m sorry about that. I will continue to do my best and improve my level design. I would rate my stage an 8/10, and I hope that isn’t too high.

Prince: It’s fun, not much to say. I liked it. 7.5/10

RandomChaos_: I like Random’s needle. It’s good comfy, fun. 8/10

Shign: Pretty fun dotkid needle. It wasn’t too special compared to other dotkid stuff, but I did like it. 7.5/10

Skulldude: Top 3 stage. Exactly what I’ve grown to expect out of skull needle. His style has evolved in a lot of good ways in 2020. 9/10

Taprus: It is a good stage but too much full jumps. It doesn’t help that I’m very bad at this type of jump refreshers needle. I think Tap knows how I feel already though. 7/10

Very cool: Pretty nice stage. It’s good beginner needle. Feels like old sunlao needle, but unfortunately I think it’s not as memorable specifically because it’s so easy. That’s a me issue though. 7.5/10

Wspr: Honestly the exact type of stuff I like, but it’s a bit hard in some spots. Looking forward to more. 8.5/10

YBMA: I like it. Feels like a more polished version of the screens from his solo project, and feels like an easier version of the game it takes visuals from. 8/10

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 75 75
Dec 12, 2020

17 Reviews:

There's not really much to say other than it's full of quality needle. There's some stages I didn't like but it all comes down to my own personal preference. Some of my favorite stages include Artimax's, Clouddead's, IanBoy's, and Wspr's. Oh, and don't forget my boy Gordon's, the absolute mad man. Definitely a recommend to any player who enjoys themselves some Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle Needle

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Rating: 9.2 92       Difficulty: 73 73
Dec 15, 2020
I'm not gonna leave a rating due to being a part of the collab, but I'll touch briefly on every stage.

29th: It feels a bit unrefined currently, and is quite short compared to the other stages, but there's definitely potential. Just gotta practice more needle making, and I hope we can get a fully fledged game by you. For now though, I have to give this stage a rate based on its merit alone. 5.5/10

AlexBrogan: Cool pathing and enjoyable gameplay, but gets a bit too fulljumpy and annoying to pull off at a few points. As a fan of gameplay over pathing, this wasn't my favorite stage, but it's a solid one. 7.5/10

Artimax: An outstanding story of improvement, this and the needle hatena stage are night and day. This stage features every bit of clever pathing that could be tucked in while providing stellar gameplay. One of my favorite stages from this collab. 9.5/10

Cloch: One of the less memorable stages for me, not sticking out as particularly excellent or terrible, and reminds me a bit of Discord Makers style. 6.5/10.

Clouddead: A stumble-inspired stage with quite a few unusual yet great maneuvers. Has some really cool stuff and a few dick moves. A bit too fulljumpy at times, but very fun even still. 9/10

Me: Can't rate myself, obviously. I will say that I meant to have 3 screens of completely different styles, but due to being unsatisfied with my first two I replaced them but forgot to check they're actually different enough. Oh well, can't say I'm fully satisfied with the result, but I am more than content with them, and the fault rests fully on me.

Dono: Needle in the more modern style with a distinct interpretation of it, which remains easier than what is usually made in that style. Play dono needle. Not just this stage, just play dono games, especially the more recent releases. 8.5/10.

EZ: I don't like the visual style, nor do I like giant water patches in needle, but aside from those two minor things the stage is pretty great and has some pretty solid movements. 8/10.

Wasabi: it had a few annoying points, but overall I liked it and secretly kinda wished there were more stages in a similar, "basic" style. 7/10.

Gordon: Everybody starts somewhere. I hope you can find needle that inspires you to make great things in the future. Despite the nature of this stage (10 difficulty should tell you all you need to know) I am glad it made it in, as it makes the game as a whole feel more complete.

Ian: One of my favorite combos of music and visuals, with great needle in a complementary style to boot. I wish to see more of this. 9/10

Kii: monkaS stage where if you had a "graze" counter it'd go into the double digits for each save. The movements in it are solid and the style is unique, and aside from playing great I admire the courage to put it into a massive collab like this. 8.5/10.

Kittygame: One of the big misses in this collab, the needle feels extremely claustrophobic and many jumps feel just a bit too precise. 4/10.

Komachi: First screen looked promising as a somewhat easier 32 px needle stage that would end up being decent and a fix of something that is missing in the collab imo, but the subsequent screens all had a lot of bizzare design choices that took away a lot of the fun. Still decent though. 5/10.

Lemon: Only complaint is the first save on the final screen requiring kinda obscure tech. Otherwise, a very fun mini-align maze which made me want more, especially since it's far less intimidating than your two fully fledged ones. 8.5/10.

Near: Very experimental and one of the hardest stages is not a good mix. A lot of highs and lows in this one, but we all make mistakes sometimes, and in my state I can't really point fingers at anyone else. 7.5/10.

Prince: Very fun needle focused around water drops and vspeed changes with a few semi-precise weaves. There are a few neat setups scattered in here, some of which are also valign dependent which was unfortunate. Still a very solid stage. 8/10.

Randomchaos: As always, Randomchaos has a very distinct type of needle which I am glad was featured in the collab (especially with the vast amount of people going for experimental or extremely modern types of needle) which is coupled with a great atmosphere to create an immersive experience. 9/10.

Shign: The only instance of dotkid needle, which while a tad too precise at times is certainly a refreshing stage from the rest due to just how different it is. 8/10.

Skulldude: funnily enough, while the stage is still great, I'm surprised at just how much it kinda got lost in the rest of the stages, considering the experience gap between the makers. A very solid stage in Skull's usual style, and I've got no complaints. 8.5/10.

Taprus: Another one for the "neat but fulljumpy" list, a stage focused entirely around jump refreshers in open space. I've played this as one of the last stages in a very long session, and so may have gotten more frustrated at it than I would if I played it fresh. The song is funny for the first 3 minutes and kinda annoying afterwards. 6.5/10.

Very cool: Very cool. 8/10.

Wspr: One of the more polarizing stages for me, which again is a problem when it's also the hardest one. The first jump of the first save of screen one sucks unless there's a consistent setup I haven't found, and the second screen had a few overly precise segments, but overall I like the style and the first save of screen 3 is one of my favorites in the game. 8.5/10.

YBMA: I wanted to make a "strewn detritus director's cut" joke, but this feels like there's a bit of a difference in the nuance. Perhaps this got changed in testing, but this is a slightly modified take on the detritus style, and I'm not entirely sure which one I like more. 8.5/10.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 75 75
Dec 13, 2020
While the whole game is pretty standard jtool screens, there's enough variety here that the game actually feels distinct and complete in spite of that. There's a lot of really creative content and talented makers who made some really strong stuff. There are some weaker stages, but none of them are too offensive in my opinion which is EXTREMELY impressive for a collab this big. It's also just cool to see how different people's needle styles can be even with such limited tools. Cool game overall, I'd say it's worth checking out.

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Rating: 8.3 83       Difficulty: 65 65
Nov 28, 2023
Basically all stages are fun
the only save i dislike is AlexBrogan stage second screen second to last save.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 75 75
Dec 18, 2020
Rating doesn't include my stage, tho it wouldn't change anything.
Back to basics is a jtool collab, meaning that everyone was able to participate even if they don't know how to use gms, they just have to send jtool maps to Near and it will be into the game. It lead to many beginner makers participate which is a good thing because it means more makers but also a more volatile overall quality of the game. Gonna leave an individual review for each stage, just know that my rating is an average of my all my individual ratings which doesn't really mean anything because there are many excellent stages but also many more average ones. If some of the makers want to have more details, feel free to dm me.

29th : very average, nothing especially wrong but nothing really good. Screen 2 has a bruh save that stand out.

AlexBrogan : very good stage with insanely clever pathing, screen 2 especially was way too gbrain for me that also sadly suffers from being a bit tedious to execute, especially since you never know if you have your djump or not. It feels that gameplay has sometimes been sacrificed for the sake of pathing

Artimax : some of the best needle I have played

Cloch : huge miss for me, I didn't liked any of the vine and water use and it has a lot of tight tedious jumps. Screen 3 is decent and way easier than the two others. Also it felt way way harder than 55 diff

cLOUDDEAD : really cool stamble stage, one jump near the end is a bit too precise but otherwise a very solid stage (the music felt totally out of place tho)

Cthaere : if I'm a fan of the first screen minus one jump and if I liked the second screen, I can't say the same for the third. It's not a bad screen by any mean, but there are too much jumps that felt overprecise and the nature of the screen makes it really handbreaking. Still a good stage with a banger music

dono : another stamble inspired stage, easier than cLOUDDEAD's one. Nothing special but it was chill and comfy to play.

EzTheBoss2 : the last save of the second screen is really terrible, but the rest is extremely good which makes me wonder what happened for that save. Music really fit the visuals too

FruitlessWasabi : kinda average and generic stage, with A LOT of diagonals (the last save has 9 diag). Not especially unpleasant but not really good.

Gordon Jamcat : the "what the fu happened" stage. 10 diff should give you an indication about what is the problem, the stage is basically empty and can be finished in less than one minute. I'm not gonna rate it for obvious reasons, and I honestly find the being of this stage kinda funny. I'll just say that I managed to die 5 times.

IanBoy141 : top tier stage with some really cool pathing and maneuvers

Kiiview : really good stage with unique layouts, I don't know if it takes inspiration from another game but since I don't know it, it was new for me. The third screen is harder than the others tho.

KittyGame : this one seems to be a miss for a lot of people, and I can see why. It feels very corridory and the visuals don't help at all, I get that the goal of the skyscrapper is to give height feeling but it doesn't fit at all with the tiles. I personally think the needle isn't that bad even if it's very forgettable.

Komachi : decent stage with different styles for each screen, my main complaint would be that too much saves start with a full jump

LemonGH : a hard one to rate, because I'm clearly not the target of this stage. There is thanksfully a guide that tells you what to do because I don't understand a single shit of what happen. It must be really cool if you're in that type of things, but if you're not which is probably the case of the majority you will just follow the guide and do some not interesting jumps. For me, this stage has nothing to do in that type of collab because it's not really fun to just follow instructions, and it's of course not the goal of it. I'm gonna rate the fun I had playing it, which is the fun I had doing what's written on the guide while understanding less than half of it.

NotEvenAmatueR : neat stage, no real complaint it was fun

princeoflight : enjoyable stage, but it sadly feels like a worse version of his Needle Hatena stage. The style is very similar, but there are less interesting maneuvers, screen 1 is average and screen 3 has some vstring dependent jumps. Not a bad stage at all tho

RandomChaos : hard to explain why but I loved this stage, it has a very good flow and nothing annoying. Clearly one of the best stage

shign : my stage, don't expect anything special I just wanted to try to do some dotkid needle. I honestly don't expect it to be in anyone fav stage list, but if I had to rate it I would give it something around 7-7.5

Skulldude : one of the best stage with very interesting jumps overall

Taprus : cool stage in theory, but it was way too much a full jump hell to be really enjoyable. The last screen also could have had another save.

very cool : enjoyable even if bland stage, actually the only stage that doesn't use any gimmick. The visuals don't help they are also kinda bland, so in a collab like this one where every stage has a very distincive feeling, this one stand out but not for good reasons. Still a decent stage to chill after a harder one, but if I have an advice it would be to look for masterminds of pathing if you want to make mazes (like sunlaoqq or arzztt) because yours despite being well-made feel very simply designed. It remind me qoqoqo 1 but even simpler.

Wspr : competent needle with a not common style. Screen 2 is sadly a pain because of a few annoying jumps and since it's one long save and that it's by far the hardest stage of the collab, it makes the grind a bit frustrating (the last version of that screen sent by Wspr is different from the ingaame version, idk if it's a mistake but that version is way better since it adress 2 of the problematic jumps imo). Still a solid stage

YaBoiMarcAntony : enjoyable stage with nothing wrong and nothing special, it was chill

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Rating: 7.2 72       Difficulty: 75 75
Dec 17, 2020