Baka Miku Game

Creator: Kyu-Chan

Average Rating
5.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
39.3 / 100
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Needle (9) Miku (4) Trials (2)


  • by FutaLover
  • by FutaLover
  • by FutaLover
  • by FutaLover

19 Reviews:

I don't know what this game is, there's a few boring needle screens, some trial screens filled with garbage generic jumps, and a few needle screens with cycles, one of which has invisible blocks. It's not fun, it's not enjoyable. There's also save with two upward water planes, which is harder than anything else in the game. Miku is the only thing that's going to be your solace in this game. Not recommended.

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Tagged as: Needle Miku Trials
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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 53 53
May 24, 2021
Have Some Fun With Miku

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Tagged as: Needle Miku
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Rating: 6.3 63       Difficulty: 40 40
Jan 28, 2021
A very short, easy and fairly high-quality trial game, I recommend it! ッ

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 36 36
Jan 25, 2021
Uninspired needle game with a lot of generic and named jumps spams. The fact that your kid have a big sprite makes your hitbox difficult to see. Also my computer detected the game as a virus.

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Rating: 3.7 37       Difficulty: 40 40
Jan 23, 2021
A series of gate jumps ranging from easy to challenging. I couldn't recommend this for beginners between the double gate jumps and the tight spots. Love the music for the first area though.

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Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 51 51
Jan 18, 2021