I Wannna Enter The Avganista Remake

Creator: ItzDanix

Average Rating
7.6 / 10
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55.8 / 100
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Adventure (2) Needle (3) Avoidance (4) Trap (1) Boss (2) yayayayay (1)


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6 Reviews:

This is not Danix's first project, but there is a lot of production Value in this game, and it's done at a pretty high level, judging from a "non-serious game" perspective.
The beginning greets us with "ingenious" platforming, where you have to take a trigger and then a yellow star to pass on. By the way, the gate could have been passed without taking this star, but the author inserted another trigger, and out of the gate comes Nek1sgach with some quote.

The first boss is Disco Guy:

On the boss, you have to stand mostly from the bottom. Honestly, I do not know why the author has put vines on the sides, if they can not deal damage to the boss, and to dodge attacks is more difficult. The boss itself consists of 3 attacks, and you have to survive about 2 cycles. Not a very difficult boss, but not very remarkable either. After killing it we get the ability to shoot up and down. And we are also told by the story that there is a certain "?????", which, as I understand it, "improved" the boss we defeated and cured it.

The prologue ends and we are greeted by a flying pig, who is the prototype of Nek1sgach.

The second boss is Nek1sgach:

Despite the large amount of health - we deal 1 to 5 damage, so the fatness of the boss doesn't play much of a role.
I counted only 5 attacks while killing this boss:
1. Reina Bouncing - named so because the bouncing is very similar to the last pattern in the boss Reina (TTT2), as far as I understood their initial angle of fall is random, so the attack is very diverse.
2. random(360) - From the name it is clear that just random360 from the center of the screen.
3. Solgryn reference - In the left corner, an instagy Danix appears and attacks me with one of the final Solgryn attacks
4. Bombs - The physics of the explosion is a little weird, not the most enjoyable attack for me, but overall still fun.
5. Pattern - Nothing remarkable, just a pattern of 4 rounds of bullets flying around the center of the screen. The only attack where it's almost impossible for the boss to deal damage, because standing in the center is very dangerous.

After killing the boss we are given a "frame" In which you have to insert pieces of the final boss picture, a very interesting concept.
Now, after each boss kill, we will appear in the hub, which is immersed in tongues of flame. There's nothing left for us to do but go to the right. The next screen consists of platforming, which I certainly wouldn't call production value, but there's not much of it here and it's not particularly difficult. On the second save we have a choice, either half-invert on the right, or super-f at the top, for the first jump will give an achievement, above left is the secret boss, I went to him.

The secret boss is Microforest:

It's actually Cirno, which is apparently the waifu of the microforest.
The boss is cyclic:

1. attack of big toho-bullets and small ones, a pretty fun random attack.
2. Rain of snowflakes, and 3 cross-shots in random direction
3. Sirno learned how to shoot a hyper-powered laser with the sound of ttt2 lol
4. Icicles, I really liked the attack, it was fun to take the Icicles the other way and then dodge the shit I made myself out of greed.

After the fourth attack, Sirno uses a spell-card with the name "Let there be a cycle! (joke). The attacks just start all over again.

Interesting boss, I liked it.

The third boss - Sugar.
Probably took the prototype from Sugar149 (Shaika Gpalma intensifies).

The boss is cyclical.
I still haven't figured out if it's a random or a pattern, it's a weird but kinda fun attack.
2. direction = random_range(180,0). The cool thing about this attack is that while dodging the random, you also need to press A on time. Seems convenient, but knowing how specific layouts of people, I would have made it possible to change the button, because this attack will not once will appear in the future.
3. homing lol.
It takes 2 incomplete cycles to kill.

Returning to the hub, we are once again invited to go to the right, only this time they use the timestop and teleport us to the fourth boss.

The fourth boss is Gpalm:
The prototype was taken from my waifu <3

I don't really understand why they put nek1sgach in a medical mask on the background and after killing someone else, but I'll ignore that point.

I can't pick up anything on the attacks, but the boss is definitely not bad . I also noticed that he has more iframes than the other bosses.


You know, if you don't understand Russian, you are beyond lucky. The Avoidance attacks themselves aren't bad, and even reminded me something of Meltdown, but damn, the track that plays in this Avoidance is just awful, it's impossible to listen to. I recommend you press ctrl + m right away, so as not to spoil your impression. It was this segment in the game that caused me a storm of negative emotions and made me play evodance without music, so I'm going to lower my grade for it.

We finally get the picture together, and after the portal opens up to us.

Final Boss - Danix:
A lot of effort went into this boss, great sound design, UNIQUE attacks and a secret endurance phase

Phase 1:

1. Timestop and move the player to the center of the screen, after that you have to dodge the circles that formed around the player. A very nice attack.
2. Apple, which appears in the player and forms something like a golden section.
3. Falling shots from above and 3 waves, but warn only the first. The secret of the attack is that the waves are best jumped over in a single jump, in which case dodging the other shots will not be difficult.
4. attack with lasers, Danix himself goes up, and attacks in an orderly rain, the lasers are a little weird. But the attack is fun. You also get chased by bombs.
5. Knives, I was very pleased that their trajectory is shown in advance, it's a lot of fun to dodge that kind of thing.
6. Half a random attack, where only circles move along a certain trajectory, and shots are already fired from them.

Phase 2:

Danix says that now we're definitely screwed.

The music changes, the attacks are faster.

1. a line of bombs, which are activated by pressing A, and in parallel, knives are shot at us. Incredibly fun atka.
2. Strange curving, a few knives in the beginning and then the usual overhead shots. Ambiguous attack, but fun.
3. attack, referring to my boss, a circle appears, which shoots a lead.
4. Danix enlarges several times, flies into the center, and of course kills. At the same time fires bombs, which then interfere with dodging other attacks. Probably the worst attack on the boss.
5. Occurs randomly generated grid of bombs, where you need to find a save zone and have time to press A. Very cool idea.

Phase 3:

We are told that phase 3 is autosave (thank goodness).
The background changes, infinity jump appears.
The music becomes even more epic. The author has carried the atmosphere of the finale perfectly, that's what I love.

I'm not going to describe these attacks in the review, I just want to say that this game is definitely worth playing for the final boss, the third phase is especially notable for its coolness, the author did his best, in this boss I really experienced strong emotions of the finale. This boss really made a big difference in my positive rating.

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Rating: 9.2 92       Difficulty: 60 60
Jun 8, 2021
so good, i love it

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 50 50
Jun 9, 2021

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: N/A
Jun 8, 2021
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Rating: 6.6 66       Difficulty: 55 55
Jun 16, 2021
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 58 58
Jun 9, 2021