Etude 02 - I wanna sound s e p.

Creators: La§t, ばやしぃ, ゆず湯, YamiyCat

Average Rating
9.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
73.4 / 100
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Avoidance (4) Special (1) Collab (1)


  • by Dog

6 Reviews:

Razzor already said it but this game is a collab of 4 avoidances, each about the same difficulty.

Hub is simple yet appealing to look at. Four umbrellas represent avoidance selection, you can also see who made what. I really liked the track on the background and found myself staying and listening to it for some time.

ばやしぃ's avoidance is the shortest one, uses a song from YurryCanon (a huge "yes" for me, I love her songs). Beginning is the toughest part, after that the avoidance becomes easier. I really liked the red apple pattern, where you need to go to the bottom while dodging a simple spiral pattern. In my opinion, this avoidance is easier than everything else in the game, so you can try playing it initially and then make your opinion about whether you'll be able to clear other avoidances or not. Do notice that ばやしぃ's avoidance is pattern-heavy.

ゆず湯's avoidance is definitely my favourite. There's a lot of production value, both gameplay- and design-wise, and I had a huge deja vu when played it (if you know, what I mean). I would advise to keep an eye on infinite jumps signs throughout the whole avoidance as they took me by surprise several times. Beginning of the third chorus was the hardest part for me because of black "X"es sliding horizontally. There was also a little problem when I couldn't tell, if apples are killing you or not. Overall, everything else was very fun to play, huge kudos.

La§t's avoidance is interesting and unique. RNG in the beginning can be rough sometimes because it's slow and dense. That attack, where you need to go into the one of four figures, spinning in corners, is really well-made. Song is calm, everything is atmospheric. My hands, though, didn't enjoy playing it as much as I did because there are two minutes of small infinite jumps which is an absolute finger destruction. This avoidance is probably the best choice if you like RNG avoidances with a small percentage of patterns.

YamiyCat's avoidance follows the song's pace really great and has nice attacks (spinning 720 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, good usage of constantly appearing and disappearing platforms). However, there are problems with hitboxes (in the beginning fast RNG apples from the right side can kill you even if you're not touching them; semi-invisible apples don't kill you if you stand in them after they're increasing their size). I also had trouble with RNG there but I think it's just me who can't dodge stuff normally lol.

In the end, I enjoyed every single avoidance I played. Thank you all for creating this nice collab, looking for more Etudes in the future!

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Rating: 9.4 94       Difficulty: 76 76
Jul 20, 2021
All clear
This is a Japan avoidance collab with 4 well-made avoidances, ratings for each are as follows.

ばやしぃ zone: Short but pattern-heavy avoidance, the first 20ish seconds were hard while the rest was too easy.Pattern designs here were kinda annoying so it's just okayish.

ゆず湯 zone: Finally a yuzuyu's avoidance with good gameplay. The visual is as nice as he always did and Patterns&RNG were very well balanced. Some parts of this avoidance might be too chaotic, not a fan of this, but overall it is pretty

La§t zone: Slow-paced dense avoidance,best in this game imo.Great atmosphere and great gameplay, also very unique visual design.The beginning was the only downside where you might get walled.It was nearly perfect(9.0 is for it)

YamiyCat zone: Decent pattern avoidance but had some really annoying RNG.I dont like it and somehow I find it being a bit hasty compared with the rest.

I hope we can get Etude 03 in some day.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 70 70
Jun 17, 2023
Yup, this is banger <3

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 75 75
Feb 23, 2022
i tested this

this is a japanese avoidance collab consisting of 4 relatively short avoidances
three of them are your standard fast-paced pattern + rng avoidances with high production value, and they are quite fun
the last one, made by last, is slow unlike the other 3, and is my personal favorite because of how unique it is

do give this out a try if you like avoidance

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 75 75
Jul 19, 2021
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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 71 71
Jul 28, 2022