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Avoidance (5) Barrage (1) SourPls (2)


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Saya [Creator]
this was my first honest attempt at an avoidance. nobody playtested this since i myself did extensive playtesting, which of course doesn't mean that you shouldn't get playtesters but i just thought it will be nice if i will release this game withount outside playtesting so that the early players are the playtesters and honestly that pretty much worked. can't recommend doing it because generally people love to bitch about some pretty minor issues, and even if you didn't do it this way it would still end up with people bitching about it because it's cooler to look at what's wrong in a game rather than look at it as a whole. i guess that could also mean that the rest of the game is so good that the only things people can complain about are minor things but i'm incapable of seeing it like that.

v2 every single potential past and future issue fixed, avoidance is pure perfection now (when they update it on the wiki) project file
do with it whatever the fuck you want

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Jul 25, 2021

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Jul 22, 2021