Ephemeral needle collab

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Average Rating
7.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
85.8 / 100
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Needle (10) Collab (5)


  • by Dog

Creator's Comments:

Wifie [Creator]
A challenge rather than a game

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Rating: 6.8 68       Difficulty: 89 89
Aug 8, 2021

25 Reviews:

游戏为了让每个风格都加入相对契合的画风而打散了难度分配,从游戏性的角度来说,游戏的本体不是那么的出众,而实际上这款游戏的意义在于让大多数在中国游玩i wanna的玩家都有接触摆刺的机会,让一些玩家从不敢摆刺到交出自己的初稿,成为摆刺作者而迈出了最重要的一步。其中非常感谢作者花了很大的精力来整合,修改,让一些近乎不能玩的地图得以完善,并且保留了原作者自己的风格,且搭配了和地图相符的贴图和音乐。从比游戏性更深远的意义上来说,这款游戏将激励一些玩家成为新晋作者。希望有更多的类似的作品,更多优秀作者的出现来发布优秀的作品供大家游玩和讨论。

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 85 85
Aug 4, 2021
This game is way worse than how people's comments claimed. It should be noted that most of them are one of the makers of this game. They were probably grateful about their works selected into the game, thus giving such high ratings to it. This might give you an illusion of "this game is good", but actually, most of them were just discussing some valueless things like "the meaning of this game", while the game's real quality is quite worrying. The game is a collab among a large group of people, with a few good screens, mostly mediocre screens, while the other few terrible screens completely ruins the only playability of the game. I really think those screens should never appear in this game, or at least they need to be well polished first. Obviously the host didn't take the due responsibility in this part (By coincidence, I know some stories during the production, and I don't think the host could be considered very responsible). Given the difficulty of the later part in this game, if you plan to play it, you may have to take my suggestion seriously. I'm not joking at all.

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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 88 88
Apr 4, 2023
An effort to open up new authors ,which behind the ephemeral is an endless extension.

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 86 86
Aug 8, 2021
This game definitely gets by on the sheer novelty of how many makers are behind it, however as a game it's very lacking. Each maker just has one screen in this game, which means there's not a lot of unity or cohesion or progression, you bounce around between entirely different needle styles with basically nothing tying them together besides shared tilesets. Some of these makers did make something quality and fun, but it feels like the good points never get to shine much, meanwhile there's a ton of really unbalanced and annoying needle which is way harder than the rest and frustrating to play. Plus the game is structured linearly, so you can't even just play the fun parts if you wanted to, making it extremely hard to recommend this game unless you are like me and morbidly curious, maybe to your own detriment.

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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 85 85
Nov 17, 2023
I'll refrain from giving this game a quality rating as I think I'm really not the target demographic for it, I hate precision needle, which is what I'd call a lot of this game, so my rating would be around a 0.7
I recommend stopping at the mao screen, that would make a p fun experience, theres just so much needle I really didn't like after it, I personally wouldn't recommend going past it
Also extremly underrated in difficulty imo

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 92 92
Jun 18, 2023