I Wanna Flying Disc

Creator: YaBoiMarcAntony

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Needle (2) FTFA-like (1)


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Creator's Comments:

YaBoiMarcAntony [Creator]
EDIT (11/4/2021): I've updated the game (biggest change was to the jump in screen one made by Cthaere, it is now more original and imo better for the game and overall), but in case you would like the original experience, here is the link for 1.0: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zc2vzx986k9rq1e/I+Wanna+Flying+Disc.zip/file

Special note: Cthaere made the awesome jump in the middle of screen one, everything else was made by me!

Hi, I made this game! This is an FTFA-like, although that's likely not an especially apt description of the game. At any rate, I don't know exactly how hard this game is, but is definitely harder than any other game I've made and also totally unlike anything else I've made and likely will ever make. All the same, I hope those of you who are into the sort of thing on display in this game will like my spin on it!

Also, the song is NOT good for grinding, so I give you permission to mute it if you want to, not that you needed my permission to do that in the first place :).

Have fun!

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Sep 24, 2021

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Oct 1, 2021