I Wanna Escape The Manor

Creators: Emmanating, chalenged

Average Rating
9.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
62.8 / 100
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Needle (2) Gimmick (2) Boss (2) Puzzle (2) Sideways_Gravity (1) moleYo (1) TradingCards (1)


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10 Reviews:

An adventure about as zany as they come. While it gets frankly completely unhinged with its gimmicks, the game puts most of its focus on them, over more traditional forms of difficulty from precision. This makes exploration of the gimmicks more fundamental to the gameplay than most similar games.
The game is structured in the rarely seen, but highly effective format, a main game that's shorter than it could have potentially been, that's instead filled to the brim with many different forms and layers of optional content.
100% is a spiritual journey.

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 60 60
Nov 9, 2021
Somewhat disappointingly this game is more of a gimmick needle game than an adventure, but I still had a lot of fun playing through it. I respect the creators for truly going "mask-off" with the gimmicks (As my good friend Wolfiexe would put it.) The platforming is harder than I expected, with some moments where I felt like I was completely fumbling around the controls. If you are on controller this might be a rough experience because a lot of switching between all 4 arrow keys is required. The hub and production value are incredible and make me wish the game was longer than it is. There are really only two bosses to speak of; the first one is a joke, and the second one can be a bit frustrating due to the aforementioned controls fumbling. I was hoping for a final boss of sorts to wrap everything up.

Interestingly, I find the game's extra content to be a lot better than the main content. The secret hunting and puzzle solving is a delight and is what really makes this game stand out in my eyes. The detail put into all the collectable cards is impressive too.

Overall, a very unique and smart game that has both more and less under the surface that initially seems. If you're going to go for 100%, I'd recommend teaming up with someone as some of the puzzles are rather difficult.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 66 66
Nov 9, 2021
Ratings for 100%. I agree with Bob's review (Especially the part about the secret hunting / puzzle solving) almost in full- except I found the area needing all four arrow keys to be quite fun and felt good (though I can imagine it would be a pain for controller players, yeah)

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Rating: 9.7 97       Difficulty: 70 70
Nov 10, 2021
From a gameplay standpoint, this is the most interesting fangame I've ever played.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: N/A
Nov 23, 2021
This game can be separated into 2 parts: The platforming and the secret hunting.
The former is really fun, each stage has a nice variety of gimmicks which serve to complement one main gimmick and I thought they were utilized very ingeniously in general, creating some very interesting and unique movements. Each stage has a boss too, they are pretty easy and other than 1 not really noteworthy. There are many secrets sprinkled throughout the screens which are usually fairly easy to find but hidden enough to make it satisfying when you find them. They take the form of moleYos (which actually play a critical role in the lore of the game) and fangame trading cards, which are probably the most adorable collectibles I've ever seen in a fangame.

You get an ending after beating the main stages, and if you don't care about secret hunting you might as well quit here because you don't really get much more gameplay after it. The secrets basically consist of a set of cryptic images that hint you at different places in the stages where you can obtain the keys to the true ending. It feels kinda hopeless at first but it feels very satisfying as you slowly make progress into all the different puzzles. You can also warp between saves, making it not annoying to revisit the stages.

I definitely was not expecting spending more time secret hunting than actually playing fun gimmick needle when going into this game, but it sure happened and I really enjoyed it. Definitely recommend this game for gimmick needle enjoyers, and if you are up for a few extra hours of head scratching after that going for the true end will surely be worth your time.

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 65 65
Nov 10, 2021