Summer Feast Needle 2021

Creators: Wolfiexe, Thenadertwo, Zephyr, _Xp_, Q123, Ghost

Average Rating
7.8 / 10
Average Difficulty
75.5 / 100
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Needle (2) Gimmick (2) Collab (2)


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Creator's Comments:

Ghost [Creator]
latest version v1.01, same link.

(Special thanks to ushio for the feedback)
1.Nerfed some jumps in zepher stage(S3);
2.Fixed a bug which sometimes the bullet skips the +1 line in q123 intro stage (now it works correctly when you are not near the +1 line);
3.Fixed a wrong warp which causes you skip 2 rooms in q123 formal stage;

v1.0: release

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Nov 15, 2021

3 Reviews:

Rating based on release version.

Extremely good gimmick needle game, wasn't expecting too much because 2018 and 2019 were a huge mixed bag (and haven't played 2020 yet because I heard it's quite difficult).

Won't do a review stage by stage because my opinion will be more or less the same for many stages so if you want to know what stage is what you can just look at fart review. I'm just gonna say a few things such as there were gimmicks I expected to dislike but ended up being really enjoyable and that except a few saves, the game was mostly really cool and mostly gbrain pathing which leads me to Zephyr stage. Zephyr stage has a really cool concept and is basically the next level of "where the fuck should I go" but suffers from having very tight jumps for the path to work. Q123 stage is also a bit weird to have in such a game but works (except for nader style screen which were godly annoying).

Would highly recommend, it's filled with cool ideas and execution is quite good too.

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Rating: 9.3 93       Difficulty: 75 75
Nov 23, 2021
rating based on v1.0, its a gimmick heavy 5-stage needle game for FASF 2021
lot of neat ideas, some executed a bit more awkwardly than others

wolfi - needle with teleporter warps. decent smooth needle coupled with water, cherries, and the ocassional trigger. some of the cycles were lazy and seemed like cycles for the sake of having cycles

nader - shoot blocks that give you effects, similar to neon 3 shoot line effects. more decent needle.

zephyr - gimmick is that vines/platform/water disappear after using them for a short period, like a jump refresher.
this is like a lot of the "puzzly" jump refresher needle you see.
the little puzzles are cute and clever, but clearly at the cost of the gameplay
handful of unpleasant segments and forced full jumps just to reach a tip of a vine/water just to forcefully make their puzzle work
thered be saves where im impressed at the cool pathing, but then after i figured it out
and had to spend the next couple of minutes grinding the awful save, the puzzle sort of lost its charm

_xp_ - introduces a lot of new gimmicks, like triple jump water, double refresher, spinning/directed triggers spread across the screens. after each screen, youd encounter a set of new gimmicks youd have to learn. doesnt really take the time to sit down with them and build on their potential, so you just get a bunch of very experimental and slightly awkward needle screens. there was some neat ideas though.

q123 intro - sort of recaps wolfi/nader/zephyr area with a few new gimmicks. the shooting wall jumps in nader area is sort of bugged and ate my bullets wihout giving me djump sometimes.

q123 formal - recap stage that uses all gimmicks previously. pathing was puzzly and will make you think. i wasnt really fond of the backtracking and the second screen execution was a bit weak.

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Rating: 6.3 63       Difficulty: 76 76
Nov 14, 2021