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Gonna make a relatively concise review this time.

- Comes with practice allowing ppl to enjoy even if they don't intend to clear.
- Attacks are fun to dodge in general.
- Attacks are generally well tuned, sometimes in unique and interesting ways that gives them a distinct identity when compared with many similar barrage attacks.
- Pacing feels good for the most part, the attacks feel like they test you on consistency without overstaying their welcome.
- Good song choice that fits very well with the structure of the avoidance.

- Attack balance is wack. Out of the 17 attacks in the fight, I 1st tried around 12, including getting from sideways rain all the way to the final few seconds of bye bye completely blind in practice. Reversing, TIS and fast rain 2 are all miles harder than the rest, which are pretty consistent to get through even when autopiloting. Due to the placement of these attacks, a serious grind of this avoidance is quite unappealing when you have to get through the 1st wall and once you do have an attempt you only get to see if it seriously dies 4 minutes in, however I would personally not consider this a dealbreaker in isolation.

-1st attack is really boring. Combined with the previous point, I am unable to see myself ever grinding this seriously because of it, and anyone else who has a slow intro pet peeve is likely going to echo this sentiment.

-Imo transitions are perfectly fine for the most part, although bye bye -> diagonal rain can be rly cringe if you're too close to the left wall, and is pretty far in.

-I fully echo the sentiment that a hitcounter would be a great addition.

Conclusion: Can't recommend this as a serious grind due to the problems outlined above, but it is very fun to play through and you should definitely give it a shot as a scattered faith type beat of a more approachable difficulty. I'd definitely be looking forwards to the qol/balance patch.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 7, 2021
Haven't really touched the actual avoidance itself. But I'm giving this a 10/10 for how great it is as a practice tool for avoidance players looking to practice attacks that are around 70-90 difficulty. The attacks are all pure barrage, so if you're practicing, you can actually just listen to something else on the side if you get sick of the in-game song. All attacks feel very fair and I personally had no issues with any transitions after playing all the attacks in practice. Fast Rain 2 is the most difficult attack for me, but that's only because I'm bad at reading fast RNG. After playing it a bit more I started getting better and better at it. The attacks themselves being very long is both intended and a great thing for improving your skills.

2 problems I currently have though (which dropped rating a little).
1. Every practice warp starts you in the middle of the screen, but some attacks like bye bye and fast rain 2 are clearly meant to be dodged on the left. So starting the player at optimal spots on the screen for each attack would be better. (Although to be fair, the middle is the best spot for like 90% of attacks anyways)
2. You can save basically 1 frame away from a practice warp, thus making it extremely hard to get out of unless you mash jump and restart. Having a 'return to hub' button can easily fix this issue.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 6, 2021
Decent long and hard barrage.
This review will be in 3 part, 1st part, what I think was well made and what I liked, 2nd my personal pet peeve (and what I personally don't like about the game) and a 3rd part which will cover what I personally think (once again, opinionated) could be improved/changed and make this game more desirable to play.


First and foremost, Congratulation on release! Releasing a 7 minute long barrage that manages to stay interesting and intense enough (despite having its bs/bruh moment)is a feat in and off it's own. Alot of the attacks used in this fight are things you've seen or know (from other fights and what not) but they are used and chained together in an interesting way (with some exception, I'll get to that later) most transition are ok with very little to no downtime. I think most of the attacks are pretty great and give a fairly decent challenge that most player can enjoy, while some attacks are really much harder than the other and will be, on top of the 7 Minute of constant focus, what stops most player from having any chance of actually clearing the fight, which isn't necessarily a bad thing

Now for what I personally dislike and thinks hinders the game but on a small scale: a hitcounter would have been nice (even if it was for the practice only) considering how ridiculous some of the attacks/transition can get (Bye Bye, Fast Rain 2) also the music is super repetitive, now it's a 7 minutes song and I won't blame p00ks for that but it's really noticeable especially when the boss has only 17 Attacks (counting intro and outro) some of those really shouldn't last more than a measure/bar you feel like it should stop and transition and it just doesn't, some attacks overstate their welcome but I think I won't hold this against p00ks as once again making a 7 minute barrage boss that despite all this above manage to stay interesting. I also personally don't think the intro or Reversing are either interesting or fun, these attacks (to me) are just tedious, making the bullet faster or attack denser doesn't make it better, but that's just me I guess

Now for what I think truly hinders the game on a deep level:
I can't stress this enough, Iv'e dodged most attack 3-4 time from start to finish in practice and the amount of time attacks overlaps (to keep the downtime to a minimum) and kills you "unfairly" is absurd.
A good example is "Random Moving", By itself it's rather easy to dodge, but you are likely to end on one of the edge of the screen after this attack, which wouldn't be a problem is the next attack didn't have something that comes out of the wall WITHOUT checking the position of the kid prior.
Having a positional check and changing the point of origin of an attack is something that should be a staple but sadly isn't, Player can't guess the intention of the maker especially with a barrage fight where it's the RNG that dictate how you dodge, in these scenario reading the expectation the maker has for us (in terms or position) is nigh impossible and thus you should have ways to "push" the player in the spot you want him to be (or he should be) when the next attack start if you aren't using check to see where the kid is.
I'm fine with having to force myself to dodge an attack in a specific way/spot but I think expecting that out of player on such a long and hard fight is just a lack of respect toward whoever actually try to grind this. I feel like so many transition weren't tested properly, alot of attack put you in a bad spot to dodge the next one, I can understand testing each attack individually for this type of boss but transition should also be thoroughly checked, you shouldn't punish the player for not guessing especially on something that hard and long, it won't feel rewarding (unless you like being kicked in the nut, no kink shaming here).
I also personally think that "Bye Bye" is either too fast or too dense, might just be me (since I'm not that good at avoidance) but it feels much harder than any other part of the fight, with the exception of "Fast Rain 2" Which I would sum up as, Vox Diamond Absolute but as fast, more bullet but less side movement, which honestly doesn't sound good either, but once again like "Bye Bye" this might just be a skill issue.
Tho I do think that transitions should be reworked or some attack have position check implemented, I feel that these issue could easily sour the experience of players if they are left as is (even experienced one).

Anyway, once again Thanks and congratulation to p00ks putting out something like that of such quality isn't something that anybody can do!

Edit: I feel like I need to add this since this review might seem rather negative but the high note on this game is well deserved, I have taken some of the flaws a bit too much at heart. This avoidance is really fun and most attack are engaging, it is however very much not for everybody, despite the practice mode being there. The reason I focused on the negative (maybe too much) is because is it such a fun fight that is very enjoyable. Some of those as I mentioned are my personal opinion but even the 3rd part should be taken with a step back, since I'm very much not a great avoidance player and it might just be a skill issue, I still wanted to point these outliers as I think despite this being a great works some of its flaws might hinder even the "targeted audience", which I think, would be a shame.

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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 4, 2021
fun avoidance. has some slight balancing issues but it's not too much of a problem.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 85 85
Dec 7, 2021
You should have added a hit mod, it is obviously too difficult for most, to enjoy.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 2, 2021