I Wanna Game Jam 1 - Magic/Fantasy

Creators: Duncan, renex, Patrickgh3, Chrisay, Sanctuspaladin, roaming97, RandomErik, Nearigami, Echomask, Verve, RndGuy, Stitchball, Yurooku, p00ks, Kyu-Chan, Gwiz609, Skulldude, Lovey01, very_cool, CanusAntonius

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9.1 / 10
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52.5 / 100
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  • by renex

9 Reviews:

It's amazing how games produced in only a week ended up becoming some of the most enjoyable fangames I've played in a while. Each maker challenged themselves to do something really unique with their work, from hand-drawn graphics to a magical twist on an old classic, many of them tell stories whilst others let you explore fantasy worlds. The multiple tags I have only sum up the parts I can remember, there are definitely a lot missing though because there's so much variety in this small package. Shoutouts to Renex as well for the amazing launcher.

Highly recommended if you want to see what a week's worth of fangame-making can come up with. Also, spoiler-tagged below are shortened reviews for all the games involved besides my own. I left longer versions on those with Delfruit pages as well.

GameJam0122: Really fun puzzle oriented game in which you can press Z to shoot an object into existence, and X to remove it. You can only have 2 total at once, so this is where the puzzle aspect comes into play. It's a short but interesting experience, and it uses this mechanic in cool ways, especially by designing a boss around it as well.

I Wanna Kill the Dead Wizard: Extremely short adventure that seems to not been finished in the time constraint. What's there is pretty interesting, has the layout of a neat stage if it was finished. There's also a boss at the end but it doesn't really do much, just mash it down.

I Wanna be the Needlecaster: Interesting gimmick needle game in which you collect abilities that affect your movement after using the arrow keys to enter their spell. Some of them make you dash, while others jump you high. I didn't really find it that enjoyable due to the difficulty, especially the last two screens are pretty tough, and the arrow key usage for the spells were very awkward.

I Wanna Go Through The Magic Forest: Short 3 screen Needle made in a very old version of Gamemaker (1.4). It's pretty funny how many issues this has because of such, it really puts into perspective how good we have it with stuff like 8.2. Objectively not a good game, but I imagine it taught the maker an interesting lesson and was fun to mess with.

I Wanna Brew a Potion: One of the most enjoyable pieces of Gimmick Needle I've played in a long term. Each save feels like its own adventure, and the implementation of all the gimmicks in them was amazing. Also, for a game that borrows visuals from a pr-existing one, Scribble was probably the best choice possible as it looks beautiful with the design here. Would absolutely love a longer game like this by Echo and Near in the future.

Normal I Wanna be the Guy: It looks and feels like a stage right out of Burnmind in the best way possible. It's such an interesting way to remix IWBTG's original content that I would love to see this done to other games in the future. It's also pretty hilarious, which is always appreciated.

I Wanna Define: Another mostly unfinished game that seemed like it would have had some potential. There's about two screens of single jump platforming to do and that's about it. The game mentions that the maker ran out of time due to school which is a shame, but I'm curious as to where this was heading since it seemed fun at the start minus one hard jump at the second screen.

Johnathan Game: Yeah I have no idea how to do this one gonna be honest. It's a gimmick that has a water attract to you like Boshy's Sonic, and you have to go through some needle with it. I stopped on the second save in the castle due to not being able to figure out what to do at all.

I Wanna Slay the Dragon of Bangan: Pretty solid gimmick needle game in which you collect one charge consumables that do things like break objects or dash forward. It starts simple, but racks up in complexity as the game goes in, with the third stage becoming both harder and more puzzle-y. I really liked the game, especially the little story it has as well, it's a funny narrative that will make you smile.

I Wanna Escape My Dungeon: Easily my favorite game from the Jam, it's a short one but with completely hand drawn graphics the whole time, including the tiles and spikes. It's a wonderful piece of art that has inspired myself in making some sprites myself, and any game that can inspire someone is truly special. Also, I really like the narrative in the game, it's cute and funny.

I wanna Build a House: It's pretty amazing something like this was made for the Game Jam, it's both extremely creative and well designed. Depending on your skill level, this could easily be the longest game in the Jam, and it's well worth the time playing as well. I only wish that for a Needle game it wasn't stuck in Fullscreen, it makes it way harder to play for me.

I Wanna Go On a Magical Adventure: Not only is it a Magic Tower game, it's one that fixes the main issue I have with NAMTG: Health Conservation. This game singlehandedly holds the most potential out of everything from the Jam, and I truly hope to see this amazing game in full form one day.

I Wanna Find Rings: Really enjoyed the Adventure feel this game had, it was pretty fun and I enjoyed all the platforming that it had. The Boss really grinded my gears however, as the first three attacks are pretty much nothing compared to the final one, which was way harder than literally anything else in the game. Unfortunately it soured the entire experience for me, the game would have been bettered by the removal of that attack.

I Wanna WandWandWand: Brilliant game that really does remind me of RandRandRand but with a much more interesting theme. The gimmicks you get to use is an amazing mix-up to the usual Rand formula, and the fact that even the spells are randomized sometimes allows you to learn how useful each is. I especially love some of the more special rooms that make you use the spells as a required method, it makes for cool gameplay.

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Tagged as: Adventure Needle Gimmick Boss Special Story RNG Unique Contest Procedural_Generation
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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 55 55
Feb 11, 2022
I will try to rate the games here one by one as I clear them, I might not be skilled enough to clear all of them but we will see.

I Wanna WandWandWand by Patrickgh3
A game with 24 procedurally generated screens, where you also get random powerups for each screen. It's not the best presented game but it definitely is fun to play which I believe is the most important aspect for a game like this and it does feel diverse enough to keep you interested.
Rating 8.0/10
Difficulty 40/100

GameJam0122 by RndGuy
Gimmick/Puzzle, definitely a game of great potential but the time pressure shows, so the gimmick isn't explored enough and the boss is unfinished which is what the author has stated themselves. I think that especially the boss has a lot of original ideas that I really liked. Not entirely sure if I'd connect this game with either Magic or Fantasy if I didn't know what contest it was for.
Rating 5.5/10
Difficulty 25/100

Normal I Wanna Be The Guy by RandomErik
LSD moment
Rating 5.5/10
Difficulty 20/10

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Feb 12, 2022
Некоторые работы не оч, но некоторые настоящий кайф. В целом было весело. Гейм джемы часто дают ощутить вкус новизны и позволяют оценить новые идеи криерторов. В отдельных случаях получаются прям шедевры, как со спук джемом...

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Rating: 7.3 73       Difficulty: 50 50
Jul 15, 2023
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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: N/A
Feb 16, 2023
Tagged as: IWGameJamVolume1
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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: N/A
Oct 3, 2022