I Wanna Be The Kazakhstan

Creator: 管理者

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12 Reviews:

An amazing artistic masterpiece that most IWBTG fangames have little hope to surpass. Each stage takes you through a unique and meaningful experience ending with a fight against a Canadian province or territory (except the last stage). While I am unfamiliar with Kazakhstan and its history, I have done my best to interpret the complex message this game attempts to tell.

The first stage begins with a stage reminiscent of the default Megaman rooms with some altered level design. The background has what looks like to be a grid of a photo of a politician I am unfamiliar with. The song playing is sung by children in a language I do not recognize. I believe this stage represents the humble and naive beliefs of young children, happily playing with their default Megaman tiles while the people with power (politicians) do many things behind the scenes. The stage ends with destroying Nova Scotia, after watching the province perish so quickly and miserably, the childhood innocence is lost.

The second stage features platforming around weird tentacle constructions in front of a bridge. The music consists of a cool synth melody with terrible auto-tuned singing over it. This stage represents puberty with all the weird growth (the tentacles) and angst (the song) that comes with it. The stage ends with fighting Newfoundland & Labrador, the kid has through this struggle grown past his teenage angst into a proper man.

The third stage takes place in a restricted cave area. Within the cave the window is forced at a small size making it feel claustrophobic. This represents the stress and pressure of adult life. Throughout the cave you must collect various keys to unlock the path forward. The music is simple and repetitive, representing the kid's urge to continue onward in face of hardship. This stage concludes with a fight against Alberta, the kid's struggle continues.

The fourth stage is a city enveloped in rain. Within the rain a randomly distributed spikes which is the focus of the stage with even the music seemingly chosen to fit the rainy mood. This represents the unpredictability and unfairness of life as much like how we cannot control the weather, the kid cannot control the random falling spikes getting in his way. The stage ends with a fight against Saskatchewan, the kid has learned to use the faults of his enemies to his advantage (Saskatchewan's size makes it easy to hit).

Stage five consists of many long platform rides that vary in speed and direction. The kid has now began to reflect and meditate as well as pay attention to and appreciate what is around them, much like how the player does as they wait. 管理者's masterful use of making the player experience what the character does is unparalleled in this regard. The stage ends with an intense fight against Quebec. The kid remains able to hold his own even while maintaining a relatively peaceful lifestyle.

Stage six takes place in a snowy and icy land plagued with a menace of flashy radioactive blocks. One must traverse the icy terrain at first and then must gradually face more and more radioactive blocks that take more and more time and effort to eliminate. The number of these blocks grows exponentially and the player will take a large amount of time destroying these blocks. A task such as this is overwhelming to many and seems to be in poor taste on the developer's side to some, but I would argue that the simplicity of this task is essential to its meaning. Much like how John Cage's famous piece "4'33"" is not about the silence that permeates the entire piece but rather the sounds that inevitably occur as background noise, this section is not so much about the radioactive blocks but rather what the player chooses as they complete it and how they go about it. Will you do it straight with nothing else to distract you? Will you try to do damage optimally or casually? Each player's run-through of this is unique and I believe this stage will go down in history as one of the greatest achievements in IWBTG fangame history. The boss of this stage is The Northwest Territories. It should be noted that this boss is a territory rather than a province like the others. The kid has reached enlightenment and can now breach past the societal box he has been placed in and break the norms.

The final stage is very sporadic, with objects strewn all over the screen but together enough to consist of patterns of intentional level design. The kid, now enlightened, can see through all his obstacles and can see the way forward clearly. The boss is a photograph of some individuals posing while the kid is on a conveyor. I think it's pretty obvious what this means so I won't patronize you with an explanation.

While I don't think my interpretation is complete, I have deciphered enough that I can see the clear brilliance of this game shine through. The beautiful journey of the kid as he grows up and reaches enlightenment is one that must be played to be truly appreciated. And so, I strongly encourage all who read my review to play this game as it is one you won't soon forget.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 50 50
Feb 6, 2023
I'm rating this game a 10 but for every hour it wastes I drop the score by 1.

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Rating: 0.0 0       Difficulty: 50 50
Feb 2, 2023
I waited 12 years in Kazkhaban.
Thank you daddy

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Feb 1, 2023
very nice!

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Apr 29, 2023
i LOVE having to wait 5 hours in the middle of my game for no reason god thats such a good feature why dont more games do this

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Feb 3, 2023