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I Wanna Tourney and Fangame Awards

The I Wanna Tourney is officially accepting people to join! This will be a weekly fangame event lasting from November 13th to March 12th with lots of new fangames. There are many different fangames with wildly varying difficulty ranges, from various different genres. More information is provided in the discord server: I hope that you all will participate in the fun, we tried very hard to make this a fun event! - Arzztt

Fangame Awards 2021 is now accepting fangame trailer videos, you can contact skulldude#6556 or thenadertwo#9755 on Discord to submit, they ask to please keep it at 3 minutes or less, in an MP4 format, and to inform them if the project is a collab and rather or not you'd prefer an interview. They are also accepting volunteers in the following: Video Editing, Experienced Fangame Makers, and Tech Crew; contact the above if you think you can help out!

-CanusAntonius, on Nov 11, 2021

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