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Fangame Bounty & Avoidance FSR Remastered

To all Fangamers interested in speedrunning fangames, or trying out various challenges associated with low death counts or high scores in minigames, a new event called "Fangame Bounty" has been released. It is a permanent board featuring dozens of games sorted by difficulty, each featuring a goal for you to accomplish. Be sure to pick up a bounty quickly, as after enough people claim one they get replaced by a new game. You can join the event's discord here:

And to those who may be interested in Avoidances, it's time to look forward to Avoidance FSR Remastered. This is an upcoming reimagining of the original Avoidance FSR challenge and is being put together by the current team with suggestions from the community. If you want a curated list of Avoidances ranging from easy to high, then this is definitely worth taking a look at. Be sure to give your own suggestions too while the list is still being made! You can join the Avoidance FSR Discord here:

-CanusAntonius, on Feb 19, 2022

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