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I wanna magician's operation 76.0 8.0

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For: I wanna magician's operation
I beat this game, and it is very good.
I think this is wonderful game,but this game is more difficult than Sunspike.
Because attacks(for example, direction of bullet) depend on player's location very much.
So, if you watch the movie, but you can't beat this game easily.
At that point, I believe this game is more difficult than SunSpike.
Some says you die 100% sometimes, but they don't know how to avoind the attack.
For example, you have to go to number 1~6 but there is a way to avoid certainly.
Anyway, this game is good game.
But you should not clear this game easly withput watching movie.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 76 76
Feb 16, 2018
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