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For: I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 3
Continuing the review of Slick696969 on another account:

Influka Boss:
This boss, visually, is exceptional. It feels like you're in a damn music video. So many appealing things make this one of the best, and perhaps one of the most iconic, bosses in all of K3. Starting with the Intro, it can give impossible RNG from time to time, doesn't happen too often though, and it's only the first attack anyways so I don't really care about that. When the Influka girl appears in the center, there's just this feeling of "oh boy this is gonna be interesting". The first attack with the rings of cherries bursting is all pattern, so it will take a little bit of time to be able to learn the path. It's kind of a difficult path to get into muscle memory, but within an hour or so, you'll have it completely memorized. Before the white and black part, the screen shake with the cherry spawners at the top left and right is pretty easy. When the screen turns white and black, the rings do a thing. It's simple to dodge. The white and black part seems pretty easy and bland, and it is, but it's a reference to the original music video, which I think is a cool homage. When it goes back to normal, the following patterns are super easy to dodge, with minimal learning required, and is super fun. The flower attack before the build up is super cool. The star burst attack during the build up is fun, with the screen tilting on the synth of the song. It feels good to do the attack. The attack with the giant cherry in the center sucking in cherries is easy to dodge. The part with the guitar bend with the animation is cool as heck, and it leads to my favourite aspect of the boss. You basically get sucked into the memories of Influka, and you play previous buffed Kamilia 2 bosses. Everything is in grayscale as to feel like you're feeling nostalgia. The flashbacks are random, besides 3 and 6. I'll start with Volcano Zone since it is the easiest. Giant cherry shoots cherries, candle looking thing goes up, simple stuff. Jirachi shoots stars while some other dude shoots one aimed at you. This entire flashback is literally pattern if you take the same path every time; and even if you don't, it's still super easy to dodge. Once the blob thing at the right shoots its line of cherries, suddenly, S T I C K Y K E Y S. I like that. It's a cool flashback. Next up is The Guy Castle (K2 Version). This flashback has some interesting buffs. The rocks that the pokemon shoot can be gay sometimes, but it's rare and usually never happens. Space invaders can be weird sometimes, especially if the RNG puts you in a situation that makes the giant bullets more awkward. Also Gustav can give you really bad RNG. This flashback is still pretty cool though. Next is the third flashback, which is always Solgryn, the infamous cereal box. The two girls are easy to dodge since it's pattern. The attack with the funny lagspike isn't too bad. The spikes coming from each wall did get me a couple times the first time around because I couldn't figure out how to do it right. As for the orbs, they can be extremely god awful with the RNG sometimes. You can also get a secret achievement at this part. You just gotta dodge the orbs well, and you'll be on the very cool Sphere attack. My personal favourite part as it feels so atmo"sphere"ic (yeah I'll never say that again). Luckily the cherry burst that appears halfway into the attack doesn't kill you. For the most part, this attack is pretty easy, until the final 7 seconds of the attack. The sphere first starts spinning downwards super fast, so you need to weave through the bullets faster; and then it starts spinning right slightly down, which can lead to extremely awkward dodges. That singular part is meant to push you to the right so you die to the next attack, which requires you to be in the middle. The next attack is just stay in the middle (or on Influka's nose) for a little bit and then go down. The giant cherry attack is the exact same. After that, flashbacks 4 and 5 will begin. Remember, these next 2 flashbacks are also random. Next up for review is Big Kid. People seem to think this is a hard part. I genuinely don't have much trouble with it at all. Just a general path and dodging is all I needed to get past it 90% of the time. It's a cool flashback overall, I like this flashback. Next one is Geezer, the hardest flashback of Influka. This flashback has the most RNG involved. The things that spawn at the top can give some impossible situations if it wanted to. You want to hope to get this flashback first to get it over with so you don't have to deal with it at the end. The final flashback is the Influka area. It starts with Viridian combined with Influka's god phase. Then some thing at the top which spawns a spinning ring of bullets, super easy to dodge. Some statue looking girl does a funny, looks hard to the outside, it's easy as hell. Sakuya is quite stressful since it's combined with Pochi. After all that, the first four bursts are easy, the final ones are basically just hoping for the right angle for you to live it, since orientation is RNG. Overall, it's a super cool boss that took me 12 hours to beat. Really good song choice, and a perfect ending for Stage 4
Verdict: 10/10



Once you are on the first transition room. You will most likely immediately go left and grind secret 5 for weeks as having portal room access everywhere is helpful.

Infinity Trials:
Dear god, this secret is by far the hardest secret in the game. A stupid amount of diagonals, gates, and 16 pixels you need to do all in one go (specifically, 24 diagonals, 14 16 pixels, and 15 gates). Also, the amount of stress you will be on in stage 9 is unimaginable until you experience it for yourself. The design is actually quite nice, funny scrolling grid. Overall, it was actually pretty satisfying to finally get the secret over with. On average, I'd say you'd take about 20-30 hours.
Verdict: 9/10

Kamilia Area (a):
So we start off with a minesweeper part... yeah. This entire part is either just memory or look at a screenshot and read it carefully. WASD space controls are recommended as it feels more comfortable. Music is very good. Secret achievements are pretty funny. I give it props for being unique though. Overall, it was a hype moment for me when I first reached it, but it quickly became kinda boring. It's pretty easy though.
Verdict: 7.5/10

Kamilia Area (b):
Next up is a giant memory game. You are at a huge advantage if you happen to have perfect pitch. I recommend using an external device rather than pen and paper as it's easier to type it out then write. This didn't take long to get past. Overall, kinda meh screen.
Verdict: 7/10

Kamilia Area (c):
A giant spotlight maze with fake blocks and screen flipping every once in a while, such amazing game design. It's a hassle to get through, especially since the crystal is annoying. To save you some hassle, the entrance is at the top left, the crystal trigger is at the bottom left, the crystal itself is at the top right, but not directly, and the exit is at the bottom right. Remember to know where you are located in the maze relative to the gravity because that's what screen flipping is supposed to do, mess with you. Overall, super annoying screen that takes way too long.
Verdict: 4.5/10

A boss with fucked amounts of RNG. The design is the same as Kamilia area, just colour shifted. First attacks isn't so bad, but can give some super bad RNG sometimes. Upstream you just need to read fast, and focus on the cherry colours; and the massive cherry burst after can give some super weird RNG that could be impossible with the right RNG. Fruit six isn't too bad, but having cherries fly at every direction at you can be tricky to read. Green lines can give absolutely bullshit RNG, but it's a short attack. Zig zag and curving can go die in a hole. The RNG can be fucked, and the reading is hard as balls to do. Flower is all pattern and it's really easy to learn the path. Big fruit bursts is deceptively hard to learn, but once you master it, it is very easy. Pre final patterns is all pattern, despite looking like the hardest attack. The path is actually relatively simple, so you'll pass this almost every time. Final is super stressful having to read curving RNG, but luckily, the final burst is easy as hell. Just stand in a super easy location and bam, you are done with Lunarmagic. Overall, actually kind of a fun boss, but the RNG makes me want to jump off a cliff.
Verdict: 8/10

Betty Area (a):
Oh boy, ice physics, snow particles blocking your vision, and lots of traps. Some people seem to dislike it, I actually enjoy it quite a lot. It's really fun. The ice physics are definitely something you will need to get a feel for, but it's quite enjoyable (definitely more enjoyable than Rukito, which I'll get to later on). The first save isn't so bad, the corner can be hard, the rest of the stuff is simple. Second save has a one jump diamond that you can get stuck on for a while, but once you get past it, as long as you don't choke the final diamond jump, you'll be good. Overall, a pretty fun screen, minus the one jump diamond. Also don't forget to hold right :P. Design is the same but colour shifted, as usual.
Verdict: 9/10

Betty Area (b):
Even more traps! The first save is the hardest of Betty area because of a one jump diamond and an upwards plane. The second save has those funny back and forth spikes that'll take a little bit to remember, but it's relatively simple. There's not really much to say about this screen, you'll be done this in a couple hours. Second save is fun, first is meh.
Verdict: 8/10

Betty Area (c):
First save has some interesting traps and a corner. Needle is somewhat hard. Second save has a weird drop diamond and a hard final corner that I luckily didn't choke. Overall, fairly basic screen, which means Doruppi time!
Verdict: 8/10

Doruppi, the best boss in the entire game (alongside Koala). Cute Miku sprite, epic cherry design, and a sleek look, as well as a mostly pattern boss with little RNG. Basically, intro is easy as balls, RNG stage 1 can be cucky sometimes, but half the time, you'll make it through, stars and circles isn't too bad, RNG stage 2 is the hardest RNG section because of diagonal directions which can easily get you. Flowers and fans isn't too bad besides the second flower where the timing can be difficult. Mikus is easy once you learn it, polygons and lines is just stressful, RNG stage 3 is just even more stress, and shapes and chokes is simple (if you know where to stand, which I didn't the first time around ;)). Design is just previous designs but colour shifted. Overall, a super fun boss that doesn't take much effort to beat. I took a total of 4 hours and 36 minutes on it, and unless you are super bad at memorizing patterns, this boss is a piece of cake. Oh yeah, and don't forget the crystal in the intermission room lol.
Verdict: 10/10

Rukito Area (a):
And now we approach the Rukito area. Filled to the brim with difficult to avoid traps and very weird but oddly fun needle. The design is the same as usual, just colour shifted. I actually enjoyed this first screen quite a bit, even if the traps were weird at some points. The traps are fairly unique and the song is hella banger. The crystal is quite difficult, having you do a one jump ceiling diamond and a very technical jump, but it'll be doable if you're this far. Overall, good introduction to the new area.
Verdict: 9/10

Rukito Area (b):
First save has a lot of traps in one compact space, and a somewhat hard drop diagonal. Second save is just long. Not much to say really, its just a cool though somewhat average continuation of the previous screen.
Verdict: 8/10

Rukito Area (c):
This first save is easily the hardest save in Rukito area. You start by doing basic difficult needle, and then you approach the end, and it forces you to do it a second time around but b u f f e d. The drop at the right side is painful to do twice in a row, and the jumps near the end are easily chokable. The second save will just hurt your fingers due to having to full jump a lot due to moving platforms. Overall, decent screen, but could maybe just use a very slight difficulty balance. And now...
Verdict: 7.5/10

This boss is the first instance of reduced hitbox, and its super frustrating to get through the first time, but then turns fun once you replay it oddly. The song is super catchy and fun to listen to, and the attacks work well with the song. (Side note: I love how the Deadsplit names for each attack is just what the song "sounds" like its saying, lol). Memes You Hard can be cucky at times, but it's fine. Highschool Hentai (don't arrest me FBI) is a super easy yet super fun attack. Ouija Hype is easy in the first half and then becomes a reading challenge in the second half. Like This will force you to remember what colours will turn which direction, and the RNG can be a cunt sometimes. Bouncy Balls isn't too bad, occasional bad RNG will happen. Disco Jump is hella hard and super gay on the RNG most of the time, but it works well for building up the intensity for The Spiral, speaking of which. The spiral visually will look impressive for an outside viewer, and it's also pretty difficult, since the angle is RNG, you can get some real bad angles, but eventually it'll work you for you. Bad Setup is as the name implies. You can get real bad setups when the circle bullets come at you. However, it isn't too bad when you get optimal RNG. Spooky Shiny Ghost is a real challenge as you need to read ahead of the dark green bullets and look at their angles while you dodge the other red/blue bullets. Final is a fucking cunt with stupid amounts of extreme curving RNG, and the crystal that shoots out of cyber when you shoot him does not make this attack any better. Design is obviously still the same but colour shifted. Overall, fun boss when you're playing it for fun, piss hard and annoying when you're actually trying to beat it.
Verdict: 8.5/10

Influka Area:
This area goes straight to the boss. The boss contains 3 sections, the intro, the moon, and the double moons. The intro gets tedious after a while, as literally 95% of my deaths were on it. As long as you put your upgrades into the right sections, you'll be good. Remember to get a death on the ? for an achievement. The moon boss starts fairly simple, moon stars can be hard to read, but easy to dodge with practice. Meteors is really easy, lazers is simple once you know the strat. Screen flip, if you have your upgrades maxed out, you won't be here long. Otherwise, you will need to get used to the inverted controls for a bit. Once you beat the moon, a cutscene plays and stuff happens. Go to the right as the moon is moving right to get the crystal. Once the cutscene finishes, the double moon boss begins. The boss cycles between 4 attacks, which I will name Balls, Diamonds, Spirals, and Aiming. Balls is the easiest to dodge. Diamonds isn't too bad. Spirals is similiar to diamonds, though I somehow find this harder. Aiming is the hardest to dodge, as the bullets from spirals aim at you with extra long projectiles flying around. Once you do enough damage, the boss will go through one more cutscene and you'll be done the boss. The design is super sleek, obviously referencing Gradius, and all 3 songs in each section are a banger. Overall, pretty fun, sometimes frustrating
Verdict: 9/10

This is technically the end of the 5th stage, as M-Stage is next, so...


The Kids Home:
This section is pretty cool. You get to go back to your home and everything feels so relaxing and feels like an anticipation to the end. You go get a 1-up from the fridge, touch the crystal you keep next to your shelf, and you go to sleep. It's all nice and calm... but the suddenly, Kamilia shows up, and fucking s w a l l o w s y o u w h o l e. Pretty funny, the Kirby sucking sound effect adds to it. Cool mini section leading up to the M-Stage.
Verdict: 10/10

M-Stage (a):
And now we begin with the hardest required main game stage. The first save starts you off fairly simple which I think is a good game design choice, as purple acid rises up, forcing you to be fast, as well as a flickering screen effect and swaying back and forth, making the needle disorientating (though it really wasn't that much disorientating for me). The second save is where the difficulty starts to kick off a bit, with some harder jumps in the save. This part isn't the worst, but the ending can be frustrating. The song is super good, and the design is pleasing.
Verdict: 10/10

M-Stage (b):
Now the saves really start to go up in difficulty, with upward planes and drop diamonds. This first save is fairly difficult, but you'll get it over with. The second save has a really tough first jump, a diamond skip that helps save time with the final section, and a lot of diagonals. The final section has a lot of traps which I think is done well because you might expect the first trap considering the low level of the acid, but you would not expect the second trap, which was very well hidden. Overall, good designed needle.
Verdict: 10/10

M-Stage (c):
This first save is quite long, with some super tough jumps like a drop gate diagonal, a vortex jump, and an upwards plane. It'll take quite a while to get through it. The second save however, is quite a jump in difficulty; because unless you are a jump cancel god, you will have to do a super F jump. There is also a ledge immediately after it, making the save even harder. To make things even harder, near the end are fairly easy jumps, but the acid speeds up, so it makes it super stressful. Overall, super F-jump is a questionable design choice, but the rest is fun.
Verdict: 9/10

M-Stage (d):
The final (actual) screen of M-Stage. The screen will do a cool turning cutscene, and you will be brought to a section where the needle is sideways, and the acid rises up and down. You won't have to go as fast in this section, though there is a crystal which can make this save stupid difficult to do. Fairly tame save overall, at least compared to the final save. The second save however... is painful. Very painful. Especially if you're going for the crystal (which is high recommended). The needle is very difficult and it's all just anticipation for the final 2 jumps which are extremely difficult. Very stressful, took me about 5 hours. Overall, stressful screen, slightly fun.
Verdict: 9/10

M-Stage (e):
A little section where the acid rises extremely fast and there are several paths for you to take, but don't bother with any of it, as you only need to go up like 3 platforms and then just go into the acid. The guy will say a thing, which is the only instance of voice acting for the kid in the entire game, and you will be taken to the final area.

A section with a very easy crystal, and yet another invisible maze. This is less worse than the Kamilia area invisible maze, thank god, but it's still fairly weird. Song is just wind ambience and the design is pretty cool. Overall, it just exists, it's all anticipation for the final boss.
Verdict: 7.5/10

Final Boss:
Oh boy, the final boss. The cutscene helps bring the tone and atmosphere to a spooky and evil setting. It brings you excitement for what you're about to play. The main gimmick of the boss is the Ikaruga gimmick, where you can swap between red and blue, which changes your tangibility with the different coloured bullets. The first phase is fairly simple, with some weird RNG at times. You'll need to shoot at Kamilia's sprite in the middle to do damage. Bombs can give really bad RNG, but not the worst. Lazers is pattern, so you will need to find a reference point to know where the first pair of lazers are. Red/Blue pattern is just pattern, super simple. Moons is also pattern, simple. Bigger bombs feels good to do, and its simple since they all aim at you. Red/Blue RNG can give really bad RNG like, 30% of the time, but its not too bad. I'd recommend being in the blue colour because blue is a lot easier to read. Circles you can just stay in the corner and not have to worry about changing colours. From this point on, the attacks loops, but optimally, you should have the first phase defeated from here. Second phase is both interesting, fun, and stupid. Aqua can give really bad RNG, and it can be hard to read as well. Darkness is just plain fucking stupid. Earth is weird at time, but since the second pair of projectiles always shoot at the same angle and speed, it's easy to know where the safe spots are. Flame is simple, though rarely, RNG can fuck you over. Frozen is easy, except if you're transitioning into it from certain attacks. Insanity can give stupid RNG, but it's a cool attack. Insects isn't too bad with enough practice, unless you start it from the middle of the screen. Miracle is super easy, nothing too interesting. Rainbow can give weird RNG with the curving, but it's not too bad. Wind is easy, as long as you don't get a tornado next to each other. Note that these 10 attacks all happen in a random order, and all 10 must be completed to defeat the second boss, as it is time based. In difficulty order, heres how I would rate the attacks from easiest to hardest: Miracle, Flame, Frozen, Wind, Rainbow, Insects, Insanity, Earth, Aqua, Darkness. Also note that the 10th attack you do will be cut short, so you dont need to dodge any leftover bullets. Once that's over, you still have the final phase to do. The final phase will shoot out 10 bullets whose angle is determined by your player position (remember this, it'll prevent quite a bit of deaths, trust me, I learned this the hard way). Super stressful and tension-building, but it's somewhat fun in a way. Purple bullets is a good attack design for the beginning of a final phase. Geometry can give really hard angles at times, but it's a good attack. Curving diamonds can give stupid RNG, especially when a bullet goes under the ground and pops back out. Bullet hell is relatively straightforward, not much practice is needed. Scratches is completely pattern, so it's easy. Final is easily the hardest and 2nd most stressful attack in this boss. Learning a path may take a while to do as the comprehension aspect of the attack can make it difficult. And bad RNG with the angle of the bullets can screw you over. However, even with constant shooting, you still need to live through the first attack and part of the second attack again. Second geometry is the most stressful part of the boss because of this. Once the screen flashes red though, you're entire journey will flash among your eyes, in utter shock and satisfaction of what you have just accomplished. The design is really well done, and fits the style of Kamilia. The song choices in all 3 phases are excellent, and help set the intense atmosphere during the boss. Overall, first phase is fun, second phase is kinda stupid and kinda fun, and third phase is intense and satisfying. An excellent final boss overall, though very minor changes I think could be made.
Verdict: 9.5/10


Now, this is where any% would be completed. However, I'm not done here yet. I'm going all out, and continuing my journey into the deep end of Kamilia 3. Hidden bosses are next...

The first hidden boss of K3. These hidden bosses can be accessed through the hidden key in secret 4. This hidden boss can be found in CTBG1 second screen. This boss is very red, and makes my vision go red at times. However, it is decently fun, and the easiest out of all the bosses. The platforms have no traction on them and spawn randomly at the same height, though never far enough that you can't reach it with a double jump, which means you'll need to constantly be moving. The platforms also have the same physics as the brown platforms, which means they are semi-solids. The design isn't too bad, and the usage of flickering lights start to become less apparant the more you see it. The strat for this is to simply shoot blue 39 times, shoot green 39 times, shoot yellow 39 times, shoot red 39 times, and then kill then all at once. The attacks blue makes are pretty hard, and after ~20 shots, the platforms turn into water. The water helps make the dodging easier. Green just shoots cherries at a static 90 degree angle, though do not kill him immediately as his skull will follow you around, essentially making it instant death. Yellow just shoots a ring of cherries with the cherries circling around near the end. Red just shoots homing cherries with bouncing ones near the end. You want to kill all of them at once because when you kill one of them, they burst a ring of gray cherries, which make it much more stupid to dodge after a while. The song is... meh, it keys out in the background for me well, kinda gets annoying after a while. Overall, cool boss, but takes a really long time to beat. It'll keep you calm until the next 3 hidden bosses.
Verdict: 8.5/10

The second hidden boss. You can find this boss in Prism screen 1. This boss has a broken deadsplit, so you wont see any percentages for any of the four colours, only white. The boss uses the default block design and flickering lights (again). The song is pretty catchy, I was able to keep my sanity while listening to this over and over again. The boss has 4 weapons you need to shoot at using a spike that moves along the ground. Each weapon has its own 3 phases after each 1/3 of its health, and each weapon has independant HP. I will refer to each phase as I, II, and III. Blue I isn't too bad, though it can fuck you up sometimes. Blue II is stupid, you can get some really bad RNG and it happens often. Blue III is easier than Blue II, it's just curving projectiles. Purple I isn't too bad, though it can be hard to land shots sometimes. Purple II is very easy, and it's fun to do as well. Purple III looks intimidating and hectic the first playthrough, but gets easier as you play it more. The only hard part about it is actually shooting at the spike, as I find myself having to go through that phase 5-6 times to get all the damage in. Red I is fairly typical, though bad RNG can occur, I found myself being okay with this attack. Red II is also not too bad, but the RNG is a little more worse in this. Red III is very fun, and not *too* RNG dependant. Yellow I is fucking stupid, you can't tell which ones phase through the ground and which ones don't. Yellow II is even more fucking stupid, as you can't tell which ones bounce, not bounce, and spawn more cherries. Yellow III is less stupid but still stupid as it gets incredibly dense, and the burst at the end can give bad RNG. White isn't too bad, it's extremely stressful though. I was able to beat it first try, but I can see how RNG can be really bad. The spike that moves along the bottom also speeds up, and changes direction when you get the boss to half health, so be aware of that. Also, be patient when you beat the boss as there's still leftover bullets. You don't want to choke the end after all ;). Overall, pretty fun boss, but all three yellow phases and blue II made this boss less fun.
Verdict: 7.5/10

The third hidden boss. You can find this boss in Flower screen 2 (which is hella far into stage 3 so be ready as there's pretty much no going back once you get there unless you want to do most of stage 3 again). This boss is one of the most stupidest pieces of shits I've ever had to beat. The design is just a black screen and the boss sprite. The image that pops up every time you beat a part of Nue is jarring (though I do get it's a part of the original fight in Kamilia 2). The attacks have inconsistent difficulty curves and stupid RNG. The only good part about this boss is the song. Easy vortex just, exists. Red blobs is very weird with the bullets constantly changing angles weirdly. Hard vortex is still easy. Blue sun is easy once you know the strat (unless you get VERY unlucky RNG). Slow circles is piss easy (like actually, out of 10 hours of playtime and 410 deaths, I've only died there ONCE). Targeted balls is where the first difficulty spike is, as butterfly effects can easily form, and it can cause some stupid deaths. This attacks might've been slightly better, had there been better attack design. Fast circles is mildly stressful, but easy. UFO is the fucking shit. With the buff added into the attack, this attack is essentially 90% luck 10% skill. It's a huge and unnecessary difficulty spike, and I hate it. I also don't like how it lasts a lot longer than the other attacks. It feels like Nue takes less damage here than the other attacks, though it could just be me. Side balls can give very dumb RNG, but it's rare, and won't happen often. Laser pattern is just pattern, so it's easy with enough practice. Cards is easy if you take your time and don't do too many risky moves. Red Bullets is the only hard attack that doesn't give unfair RNG, and also the only attack I enjoyed. Overall, shit boss, really frustrating, first boss in the entire game so far to make me cry and break my shift key (I swapped my jump to the enter key after this).
Verdict: 2/10

Gravity Man:
The fourth hidden boss. You can find this boss in Tempest (definitely no going back once you get here). The boss has a unique gimmick where the gravity is dependant on what Gravity Man sets his gravity to, and is always the opposite of his own. Be sure you get secret 2 before you play this boss as shooting him without it is literally harder than his attacks. This boss has a cool design and the spritework is well done, so I applaud them for that. However, the attack design is... questionable. The boss has two phases, one that goes through each unique type of attack, and another phase that uses every single of its attacks... at once (bruh). For the first phase, Nothing is pretty much just that, there's nothing besides, you, Gravity Man, and the occasional stream of bullets he shoots out. Blades is where circling boulders spawn occasionally and blades shoot out of gravity man. Rocks is when water waves spawn at the top and bottom of the screen and rocks fall from the ceiling at a set location. Peanuts is when bouncing orbs and peanuts spawn everywhere, and is also the only RNG dependant part of phase 1. This is because as long as you're shooting gravity man the same way everytime, this boss is literally pattern. Once you do that, gravity man will go into a cutscene, receive an item, and phase 2 will begin. This is where every attack introduced in phase 1 happens all at once, and it is incredibly stupid. Despite being pattern, the peanuts which are RNG, make this phase unnecessarily dumb. The pattern is tedious to learn, and the barrier he forms around him make doing damage to him literal luck, like bruh. The choke attack near the end is very chokable, luckily I didn't choke it. You might, so be ready for that. The song is pretty cool if you like 8-bit styled songs. Overall, first phase is ok, second phase is fucking stupid, also made me cry.
Verdict: 3.5/10

Koala Area:
Koala Area is unoriginally located just to the right of Influka Area. I feel like this could've been better if you had to do a bit of needle before it (like secret 5 but much easier), but it isn't a huge issue. The boss has a visually smaller hitbox than Cyber (to me at least), and the block design and other stuff is pretty much the same, just colour hue shift. Intro is pretty basic, it's a good start though with the uncoloured cherries so that when it goes into vortex with all the colourful cherries, it contrasts with the song. Fruit Shapes is not bad, First Chorus is kinda weird, Loops and stuff is meh, second chorus is also kinda weird, chaotic fruit kinda fun, red miku has it's fun share of attacks and also has that one dumb final attack which is pretty RNG (still not too bad, might take a couple attempts, also the only reason the boss is difficult). Final bursts is easy enough. Song choice is pretty nice. Overall, it's a nice relief from the other 4 messes earlier, and it's quite fun when you get to learn its attacks.
Verdict: 8/10

And that's all of the secret bosses so....


Now we travel through the portal room and reach the EX stages, the hardest needle that the game has to offer. Oh boy, here we go...

I Wanna be the Ichor EX:
So in a nutshell, stupid easy floor (and for good reason, which will be discussed later). Nothing much really, just some basic jumps with a spike in difficulty at the end with the drop corners. Also the two crystals just kinda exist there. Pretty simple stuff tbh. Block design is obviously just the ichor style recoloured. Also the music choice is pretty nice, works well as background music. Overall, pretty basic floor, nothing too interesting right out of the bat.
Verdict: 5/10

I Wanna Conquer the Blow Game III EX:
Strong muscular guy prevents you from moving every time he forcefully changes the screen red, nice. The screen already starts with a low plane jump which can get annoying fast if you're not good with plane jumps. Far ledge jump, couple diagonals, high corner jump, funny 9 jump, then a bunch of ledges into a semi-TAS drop, followed by a diagonal, awkward gate jump, and a plane to finish it off, all while stopping whenever you can when the screen turns red and making sure you stop at the spots where cherries that spawn in an alternating pattern don't fall onto you and kill you. It takes time to learn and get used to, but the screen is actually pretty fun once you get into it. If you move at red, you can get an achievement, but it also sends you back to the portal room, forcing you to do EX ichor again (hence, why it's so easy). The design is pretty sleek in my opinion. Overall, it's a nice screen tbh, it has its weird partss, but it's a good start for EX stage compared to the shitshow near the end.
Verdict: 7.5/10

I Wanna be the Air EX:
The trap screen. Must I say any more? It takes a decent amount of muscle memory and the dodges to dodge the traps are really tight. The needle itself can get pretty stupid as well. It starts off fairly simple with a fuckton of traps shoved into one corner. Then a plane jump followed by a simple drop. Then you go to the right and then left and then right and then dodge the wall spikes with a very tight reverse 16px jump (actually pretty creative, ngl). Mini TAS drop, half steak jump, bonk diamond, and then double diagonal. Not too bad, but then theres the final couple jumps. It looks like you have to do 2 super F jumps in a row but you actually have to do 3 because a trap forces you to drop down on the first one. Pretty god damn stupid final section, but the rest is not too bad. Design is kinda meh, it's your average fangame screen. Overall, first part, decent, second part, ehhh...?
Verdict: 6/10

I Wanna be the Prism EX:
Funny "get good at puzzle solving" screen in which you could easily search up the answers and beat this in less than 2 mins. Of course, with the help of a friend, we decided to do this legit just for the full experience. I'm gonna be honest, they were actually pretty fun to solve (probably cuz I'm a nerdy person irl). The puzzles were challenging but not bullshit challenging. The first question made no sense to me, but my friend saw it, said an answer, and it was correct, so I'm trusting on him that it's logically solvable. The second question is pretty fun. I made an equation to solve for X and it was all good. The third question just gets you to count how many triangles there are (use symmetry to your advantage so you don't get stuck for 15 mins like me and my friend 8)). Also don't forget the crystal, which forces you to do a 4.5 block high jump. Question 4 was the only one where after 30 mins of not being able to figure it out, we searched up the answer and figured out how to solve it. It was a pretty nice solution at least. The final question is simple enough when you look for patterns. Design is the exact same as regular prism. Overall, easily cheesable, and if you're doing it legit, a fun puzzle section for the people who want to use 5 brain cells.
Verdict: 7.5/10

I Wanna be the Starter EX:
The best screen in the EX stage in my humble opinion. This screen is a 4 screen needle with a 60 second timer when you drop to the first gate. There's a lot of vines and screen changing stuff that make this pretty nice to play through. The needle is actually pretty good and although there were still some weird needle jumps, it'ss fun to play through overall. The design is pretty nice and simple. The hardest jump you'll be doing in this screen is a single diamond so the difficulty in the needle itself isn't bad at all. Just be aware that the timer is pretty tight (you'll most likely have 4-6 seconds left if you speed through it). Also, the crystal will add on a couple seconds to your run, and the placement is interesting, not too bullshit in my opinion though. Overall, very fun screen, would actually play it again if I wanted to.
Verdict: 9/10

I Wanna be the Justice EX:
Very long conveyor screen. The needle is ok at best, with some jumps being pretty cancer (specifically, that one jump where you need to duck under a minispike on a conveyor belt (you know what the jump is if you've played it before)). When you get to the warp, a funny thing happens and the screen flips and you need to get back to the start. The reverse is easier in every part except for that one duck under jump since most of the conveyors are now on the ceiling. The music also changes here and it's also a pretty good pick. The design is just the Justice design with a colour shift. Overall, kinda eh in some parts, not bad in others, gets bland and frustrating kinda fast, also don't choke the final gate at the start of Hope the End Of EX :)
Verdict: 6.5/10

I Wanna Hope the End Of EX:
The stage that looks like Super Meatboy. The screens main gimmick is the blocks that you shoot to move a spinning thing (kinda weird gimmick to me personally) as well as the door that leads you to the second screen (no save fyi). The needle is not too bad, though the one jump bonk diamond is kinda dumb in my opinion. The second screen is pretty stressful with some very chokable jumps. One thing I don't like is how the platforms desync which make that little section pretty stupid. Design is ok, it's a little odd in my opinion but it grew on me with time. The spinning block things though felt almost unnecessary and they don't really look that good either. Overall, I guess it's a nice break for the hell coming up.
Verdict: 6.5/10

I Wanna be the RZ EX:
Oh boy, time to complain. This screen sucks ass in it's difficulty spike. Already starts with several 16px's and upside down stuff with an upside down drop (that really isn't too bad). The first vine jump sucks a lot. The needle in the middle of the screen is my personal favourite part of the whole screen just because it's smooth and pretty fun. But unfortunately, just a bit later, there is an upside down steak jump, which is just a bruh moment. And even if you pass that, you still got several diagonals, 16px's, awkward jumps, and an upside down F jump to complete before you're past this screen. The final jump is really chokable which kinda sucks because you have to do this whole screen in 1 save. I'll admit the upside down usage is pretty decent, but playing through it was painful every step of the way through. The design isn't too bad I guess, solid coloured background with stone-like block design which doesn't look too bad. At least it isn't as stupid as the next screen coming up. Overall, gross, never want to play that shit again (except for the middle part or just doing it without the intent of completing it)
Verdict: 4.5/10

I Wanna be the Hades EX:
Quite possibly the most retarded shit I've done in all of my fangame history thus far. You know when the screen starts with a d o u b l e d o w n w a r d s p l a n e, shits about to go down. The first save is a double downwards plane, followed by a 16 pixel, then a corner into a really awkward drop diamond. Pretty dumb, but it gets worse. The next save is a steak jump followed by several buffed diagonals into a 16px. And to top it all off, it ends with a bonk double invert (third stupidest jump in the screen in my opinion). Second save sucked, but it gets even worse. The third save is an elongated upwards plane (never get to say that much in my life) with a platform in the middle to use as a triple jump. This singular jump alone could've been the save as it is really stupid difficult and almosts just straight up RNG, but of course, there has to be 2 jumps. The second jump is a bonk diamond into a 16px (bruh). Really stupid save, it just sucked. The fourth save is the easiest by far, took like, 10 mins compared to the several hours every other save took me. It's just a weird double half buffed diagonal into a ledge, then a small jump at the top of the screen followed by an easy enough corner. This save is very simple and also the only one I'd be willing to repeat. The fifth save is very luck based which is fucking stupid. Starts with a corner into a double corner drop into another double corner into a ledge (what). The second double corner is very luck based due to your velocity and you can't double jump to slow momentum because you need to save your double jump for the jump into the ledge (bruh). and the final jump is a double diagonal into a drop jump (fyi: you can fall slightly short of the jump by spamming shoot to hit the save so you don't actually need to get onto the floor.) Very stupid save. The final save is probably the most infamous because it's the only double invert in the game (almost, it's actually nerfed by 1 pixel lmao). It also sucks that it's the very first jump as you now need to pass that jump every single time you want an attempt at the final jump. The second to last jump is two gates into a ledge which isn't so bad. But this last jump... it's ass. A ledge exit into a t r i p l e d i a m o n d (w h a t). At least there's a platform in the middle which makes it kinda easier. It's still really difficult though. At least once you pass that final jump, it's all over, EX stage is almost over, the final screen is pretty simple compared to the rest. The design is obviously the same as regular Hades, which is just, meh. Overall, painful af, I don't want to replay it again.
Verdict: 3.5/10

I Wanna Be the Emperor EX:
The final screen of EX stage (and luckily, it's not too bad. The main gimmick of this screen is that you need to spell out the name of the game (Kill the Kamilia) (including the spaces) in morse code. As long as you know morse code, you won't need to constantly look back at a reference sheet which can waste a good amount of time. The needle itself isn't too bad, there's no required difficult jumps (though some make it quicker, so do what's comfortable for you). Nothing much to say really, it's a good chill screen before you're done EX stage. The design itself is kinda meh, doesn't really suit well for me with the red font sitting alone in the middle of the screen before the actual morse code screen. Also the crystal is pretty nice as it's the first instance in K3 where you save boost to get the trigger. Overall, a nice, chill, and pretty fun screen to calm your rage and excitement down.
Verdict: 6.5/10

And that's it, that's EX stage. If you've made it this far, be proud of yourself. This is a challenging not much can conquer.


And now we're done with EX stage. All needle is now done up to this point, all that's left is avoidance. However, these avoidances are not for the faint of heart, be prepared...

(Note: The order I'm reviewing these final bosses in are in the order that I did them in, I had 48 crystals up to this point so I had both the EX divas and the EX bosses unlocked)

Yoyo Area:
Quite possibly the most stupidest and easiest thing I've ever done (confusing, but you'll get what I mean if you reach this far).


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Oct 13, 2020
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