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Needle (3) Avoidance (2) Medley (15) Boss (4) Long (4) Crimson (1) Taisa (2) Destination (2) Difficult (1) дизмораль (1) рационале (1)


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82 Reviews:

I think it's about time I wrote a review for Kamilia 3.

Everything below here, can probably be considered a spoiler, but at this point, who hasn't seen K3, so I don't really give a hoot.

Game starts out with a neat intro, has a lot of options and as you can see in the menu, achievements.
Start the game, you're in stage one. The majority of stage one is awesome with a few meh saves here and there (I'm not particularly a fan of Celebrate 100 screen 2).

First boss, Flandre. Kinda fun boss overall, the spawn at the beginning can be very frustrating, the orbs are cool, and most of the attacks are fine. But make sure you praise the mush-mush gods before you get to them otherwise you're just gonna get instagibbed. Woohoo. The Crime&Punishment segment is pretty fun, it's readable and react-able RNG, always fair.

After Flandre, then there's stage 2, which is one of my personal favourite stages, just because most of the platforming is based on gimmicks instead of straight needle. Prism is kind of... questionable, but I think the rest of it's great!... Payment 1 can also grind my gears depending on the RNG you get though. Magnanimity is probably my favourite medley pick in the game, aside from Black of course, which I'll talk about later!

Shine and Bright is a fantastic boss, my only issue with it is Rosegear, the avoidance segment in the middle. Although the song is great, the segment itself could've use a bit of... ironing out. The RNG can be flat out ridiculous, but there are strats to give you better odds. Other than that, the boss is 10/10, the dice mechanic is amazing and the boss design is awesome.

Stage three pretty much starts out with 16 pixel: the game (named QUT) and is my least favourite stage of the four. It's mostly needle based, with a lot of questionable game / screen picks. Starter is okay, QUT is just... 16 pixels, Forehead is ugly, Picture is annoying, Uhuhu Spike 3 is actually really fun, Justice is super fun, Flower is garbage, Hope The End Of is really cool and the gimmick is super original and fun to execute well, then there comes the worst parts of the stage. RZ is just straight up NOT fun the first time going through it, at least in my opinion, the only buffs they added are just... well, super dumb! they added some corners, a 16 pixel gaps... you know, all of the annoying jumps. Then the Guy Tower, which is kinda fun... aside from the fourth save. The infamous Jump Refresher save, or the Staircase, whatever you want to call it. The epitome of trash design, just jump refreshers in between like... 8 diagonals, a diamond, and like 6 gates... it's super tight and just plain obnoxious for your hands. Whatever.

The Guy fight is great fun. Most of the difficulty comes from learning the avoidance phase from Contrary, otherwise known as B E N Z E N in my stream. Nothing really to say about the guy, other than I just really have a lot of fun playing it.

Stage 4 is a doozy. Sunspike WOULD be cool, if the second screen hadn't had the worst buff in the game. It's pretty much just prolonging your death on the hard part by putting a couple easy jumps in for no reason. Azure is some of the worst shit I've ever seen as well. Excursion 1 is fun... 2 is another story. B U B B L E B O Y S. Most tedious worst designed room in the game. By far. Tempest is fun, some pretty neato saves. Fuck the apple save, though. The Butterfly rooms are some of my favourite in the game, the second room is exactly my type of stuff. Long saves, with not too hard but moderately difficult jumps. Hades is shit if you can't jump cancel, which I can, so I have fun with it, but I completely understand if you don't. Dotkid rooms are also some of my favourites, I'm a really big fan of the Dotkid gimmick. Then there's Black, which if you don't know me, is probably the biggest meme I know, the rooms themselves are some of the worst I've ever seen, because they're just invisible mazes with RNG spam going on. But the background picture. So good. Maze is bad, but it's fun so I don't mind it being bad to be honest. Emperor is SUPER fun, though it's a really huge difficulty bump from Dotkid/Black/Maze being practically free.


Then there's Bossrush. Which, everyone hates.
Except me.
I love Bossrush, but I'm not saying it's well designed, make sure you get that through your head before you read the rest of this. It's horribly designed. I still love it and have fun with it. It is a very difficult segment of the game designed to separate people who like to grind and people who don't. Simple. It's horribly designed because it's MEANT to block people out of the other half of the game because of its difficulty. It doesn't make any sense... but I don't care. It's still fun if you get past that.
Colonel is fun because I love barrage, and that's exactly what it is, two minutes of RNG reading/dodging with pretty much nothing else. Has a platform phase which I think is super cool, gives a very good feeling when you actually clear. Piano is my arch nemesis after spending 107 hours on it my first playthrough of the game, though, strange thing is I liked almost all of that grind. It's a mostly well designed and fun boss. Dotkid Miku is very very easy compared to the other three, other than the outrage, which is what we call the pre-final attack. Strats though man, strats. Emperor Miku is my least favourite boss in the game, but it's still a good boss. Phases 1 and 2 are just time grinds, phase 3 is a learnfest as well as phase 4, phase 5 is just RNG reading and so is phase 6. It's a pretty simple boss when you learn the patterns, but until then, good luck learning.

After bossrush is Influka, good pattern boss with references and flashbacks to Kamilia 2 bosses. Fun stuff, not really much else to say. Good transition into Stage five.

Stage five starts out with the worst part! Yay! Everyone loves minigames, right???
Wrong. Kamilia area is pretty much garbage. Minesweeper... which isn't really minesweeper, it's just a memorization game, and Simon Says, which is bring-a-pen-and-paper game. Not fun. But oh boy, the next part is so good! A dark spotlight... maze... where the screen flips... and you can't die.

Ok, past that garbage, LunarMagic Area. Really fun, overall a fantastic boss (although I REALLY could deal without the final attack being trash) that makes good use of the SDVX effects. Great visuals/attacks.

After LunarMagic you get arguably the worst guest stage, Betty. Ice area with an ass-load of triggers and traps. A couple of the traps are pretty funny, but most are just obnoxious and ruin the experience. Oh. The experience is awful too, the snowflakes get in the fucking way constantly, the only reason I still like it is because some of the platforming is still pretty fun.

Then comes Doruppi, a fan favourite, with the prettiest visuals and the cutest Miku. Starring chibi Miku, Doruppi is a mostly pattern based fight, with a few instances of RNG here and there, overall fairly fun fight unless you dislike learning patterns.

Rukito area. Some of my favourite shit in the game, save 1 is kind of annoying with the two frame trigger at the top, aside from that it's fairly fun. Save 2 is fun, I love rush segments and that's exactly what it is, mostly. Save 3 and 4 are fun, nothing really special about them though other than save 3 is a trigger fest, but not the bad kind, it's kinda like a maze around one block and a couple spikes, cool design. Save 5 is arguably the hardest needle save in the game, it's fucking hard, and the drop on the right side... well, is trash-tier. Save 6 is kinda fun but it can hurt your hands after a while, because of the platforms and fulljumps.

Cyber area with the best avoidance song in the game (Crack Traxxxx) is my second favourite fight in the game, super fun boss, RNG barrage with a lot of cool and original looking attacks with interesting ways to dodge. The final attack is just a complete fuckfest though, that's all I can really describe it as. Super super super super fun.

After Cyber is Influka area, which is a Gradius rip, but with a twist. You've gotta go through a couple of minutes shooting enemies like standard just grabbing powerups to get to full power (four options, two missiles, laser, double, and however many speeds you're comfy with) and then you have two bossfights, The Moon, and what we named Kamilia's Balls. This is the least fun part of the game to me, but it isn't bad, it's only because I'm bad at it, it's not really a fangame but a shmup, then bullethell in a Gradius ship. Kamilia's Balls is really really tough to get a hang of, but it's pretty fun once you get into it.

M-Stage is ridiculously hard, it's the final needle stage before the final boss, it's graphics are nice, there are a few complaints (screen tilt and the flicker) but you don't notice while playing, they just kind of fade away after a couple of minutes. Fantastic needle, great stuff, but save eight sucks in the worst way. Just have to wait 10 seconds, then you get a chance at it. Did I mention it's fucking hard?

Kamilia is the best boss in the game to me. It combines pattern with difficult but almost never bullshit (cough, miracle frozen) RNG, and you have to get accustomed to be able to react to many many different situations in phase 2. While I still don't like the Ikaruga (red / blue switching) gimmick, it's still a fantastic boss with very well designed attacks and visuals. Phase 3 is a pain to learn simply because Kamilia is such a long boss, and the final attack requires quiiiite a bit of practice to catch onto, but it's a fantastic, very fitting final boss for this game.

That's my review of Kamilia 3, glad I finally put this into words. My favourite fangame as I write this review.

Thanks for reading if you got this far.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 95 95
Mar 27, 2016

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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 90 90
Feb 10, 2015
Kamilia 3 is like two games connected together. The first 4 stages being one game, then the boss rush and everything after it being another.

The first 4 stages as a standalone game would be a pretty good game for someone seeking a challenge and to sharpen their skills. The game is very well produced and has some of the best music of any fangame. Some of the medley choices are questionable, and a lot of the buffs to the screens are uncreative by just adding corner jumps. The bosses are for the most part well made, look great, and feel rewarding to beat. Overall this first part of the game is probably worth a go if you are only interested in challenging yourself and ignoring some design choices with the medley.

Once you reach the boss rush, it's just not the same game anymore. The game just flies off he rails into a chain of over-the-top avoidances fights with hyper amounts of RNG that make winning them more of a test of patience over skill. Even some of the best players spend a hundred hours in a single one of them hoping to get lucky enough to get a dodgeable attack to let them win.

Your reward for spending hundreds of hours grinding these 4 avoidances is a series of mini games that have nothing to do with platforming that are horridly designed (Minesweeper / Simon Says), more avoidance, and the occasional sprinkling of platforming, which comes full bloom in the final stages which you will spend hours on looking at your screen rocking back and forth as a method of adding cheap difficulty.

If you stick with the first part of the game and walk away at the boss rush, you will have seen the best parts of the game in my opinion, and most likely the entire experiences will have increased your skill level a bit. After that it's just not possible to justify spending hundreds of hours grinding avoidances that under other circumstances wouldn't be tolerated by most rational thinking people.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 90 90
Feb 10, 2015
Very good game even though the end of the extra stage had WAAAAAAAY to much IWBT Emperor. I actually made a guide about this game, check it out here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PA55fDLUaeSyv-ZshMZ4JYc8Yr31749EYpya9qkIaBM/edit

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Tagged as: Needle Avoidance Medley Boss Crimson Taisa Destination
[12] Likes
Rating: 8.4 84       Difficulty: 88 88
Sep 23, 2018
Not a bad game, but it receives way too much attention on twitch. The first four stages are okay, and everything from the boss rush and beyond is extremely grindy, which I couldn't stomach. If I said I didn't enjoy my playthrough up to that point though, I would be lying.

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Tagged as: Medley Boss Long
[11] Likes
Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 90 90
Feb 9, 2015