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People always say don't judge a book by it's cover. Didn't say anything about Title Screens though.

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GameDifficultyUser's Rating
I wanna be the Neon N/A N/A
I Wanna Feed The HungryTag N/A N/A
I wanna Meet the Ruka 3rd N/A N/A
Not Another VVVVVV Game N/A N/A

4 Reviews

For: Not Another VVVVVV Game
Rather simple Title Screen. Keeping in the style of Arzztt's previous fangame, NAVG'S logo is drawn in rather sloppy handwriting, with a simple solid color background behind. It really nails the aesthetic of VVVVVV, although I don't remember V6 having a HungryTag in it.

Overall, its a good title screen that serves its purpose and what it needs to do, but before I give my rating I do need to bring up something.

According to the Tags, this game falls under the "domu_game" genre, however I disagree on that stance.

The thing that makes a domu_game a domu_game is if it has a similar style to Domu, which this game clearly does not. Domu never had a gravity flipping stage, or a stage with a moving stars effect. There isn't even a domu_titlescreen, as it isn't grey or say "Domu".

Title Screen Rating: 7.0/10
-its not a domu_game or a domu_titlescreen but its still pretty good

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Jan 11, 2019
For: I wanna be the Neon
I wanna be the Neon (by @thenadertwo) is not only a fantastic needle game, but it also has a fantastic Title Screen! @thenadertwo did a really good job making the Title Screen for I wanna be the Neon (by @thenadertwo).

The logo (For I wanna be the Neon which is by @thenadertwo) is comprised of big green (@thenadertwo's favorite color)line text that spell out the title of the game, I wanna be the Neon (by @thenadertwo). The Text that spells out I wanna be the Neon (by @thenadertwo)is a bit blurry, but i do believe @thenadertwo was trying to imitate looking straight into Neon Lights. (The Chemical, not the video game "I wanna be the Neon" by @thenadertwo)

Around the edge of Neon's title screen (which was drawn by @thenadertwo), is a bright blue line with orange blocks in the corners. I believe that the orange blocks being in the corners symbolize @thenadertwo's opinion on corner jumps (which @thenadertwo luckily doesn't use unless you are dotkid) that being you should use them with caution, as while they can be used well, most of the time they are used in a way to make jumps harder without making it any more interesting (which can be seen in I wanna Kill the Kamilia 3 by not @thenadertwo)

Title Screen Rating: @thenadertwo/10
-a true artistic masterpiece by @thenadertwo

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Aug 4, 2018
For: I wanna Meet the Ruka 3rd
A pretty mediocre Title Screen. The background is a bright green with small patches of a more blue-ish green, but not enough to call it teal or turquoise. In the middle, there is what appears to be a severed Luka head with tentacles as hair, along with 5 bright blue stars around it. And finally, near the top of the screen is the name of the game in purple italic text with a black shadow right behind it.

Seeing this Title Screen gives me a lot of questions. Why is the title of the game "Meet the Ruka 3rd" and not "Meet the Luka 3rd"? Are Ruka and Luka different people? Is the squid head Ruka? If so, why does she look so similar to Luka? Are they related? Is this Ruka the same Ruka in "Meet the Ruka"? Well they can't be, since the Ruka in "Meet the Ruka" disappears after defeating Luka. If they are different entities, then why do they look so similar? How come Ruka doesn't even appear during the actual game in "Meet the Ruka 2nd" and "Meet the Ruka 3rd" even though the games are named after her?

All these questions only bring me to one conclusion. You see, i believe Ruka/Luka (Along with every other Vocaloid) are Pokemon and Ruka evolves into Luka. Why else would there be 2 identical "Rukas" and 3 identical "Lukas" if they weren't a species? The reason there aren't any "Rukas" in the sequels is because during the kid's journey to go meet the Ruka, Ruka actually evolved into Luka. Ruka being a Pokemon would also explain the stars on the Title Screen.

Perhaps this Ruka is a shiny one? It doesn't look all that different compared to the Ruka in "Meet the Ruka" but then again, a lot of shiny Pokemon don't look all that different to their normal counterparts, just look at Gengar or Garchomp. So why haven't we seen Ruka in a Pokemon game yet? Well its simple! Ruka is a scrapped design for Female Jellicent, but Carnival got to see it because his Uncle works at Nintendo.

Title Screen Rating: 5.5/10
-It isn't that spectacular, but its memorable and a reference to Pokemon which is nice.

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Jul 3, 2018
For: I Wanna Feed The HungryTag
Feed the Hungrytag's title screen is quite an interesting one, it both somehow prepares you for the experience ahead, yet doesn't at the same time. Its quite simple, a drawn representation of a dick, with the text "Presented by" above it. Is it saying the creator is a dick? I wouldn't say so. The Difficulty wasn't that challenging, and the creator even acknowledges that you're cool if you clear some tough needle later on in the game. The closest thing i can think of that is dickish is the final screen, where it spawns a bunch of pop-ups that make you quit the game. This Title Screen is truly a puzzling image, that i have yet to wrap my head around.

Title Screen Rating: 4/10
-Its quite simple, but its puzzling, contradictory nature outweighs that and gives me something to think about whenever i see it.

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Jul 2, 2018
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