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I Wanna Melancholia 51.0 6.0

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For: I Wanna Melancholia
The needle was fairly simple for the most part, but wasn't boring at all, was actually pretty fun. The drop into 2 shurikens was probably the hardest part for me but everything else was fine. It does however tend to make the last jump of a few saves the hardest parts of said saves, something I personally am not a fan of but it doesn't detract from the game, and they aren't that much harder, just a tiny bit harder.

For the time spent making this game it is pretty solid for the most part, and considering this is your first fangame the needle wasn't boring, so good job.

The kid has no mouth, and they must scream.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 51 51
Sep 27, 2019
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