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I Wanna Eclipse 35.0 10.0

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For: I Wanna Eclipse
It's so good a game that I think it should be the TGA iwanna of the year.While I think other people's assessments of difficulty are not accurate.
There are lots of interesting jumps and some challengeable boss,while neither of them are really so hard.There is no need to master skills as jumpcancel or microjump to jump through an advanced spike,and the boss fight just ask you to take time to master.The only one which makes me feel tough is the robot boss,and I pass it with the help of AutoClicker.So I think players of all levels should have a try on it,for it's not so hard as other's assessments.
ps:I do like the bgm in stage2,for I spend a lot of time with it in the game "hollow knight".

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Dec 19, 2019
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I Wanna Eclipse 35.0 10.0
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