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GameDifficultyUser's Rating
I wanna be the ねこ 67.0 10.0
あのコース 20.0 10.0
I wanna Black spike 38.0 7.5
SlimePark N/A N/A

4 Reviews

For: I wanna Black spike
As the title suggests, this is a needle game with black needles.
Compared to general works, needles that are twice as tall will appear. This allows you to enjoy the unusual arrangement of needles. This game seeks to be consistent and simple in every situation. The background is only one color, and the design of blocks, needles, and triggers are mostly composed of outlines. It seems smart that you have reduced unnecessary designs as much as possible. I think the platforming difficulty level is easy.
It is a record about 5 years ago, but I cleared it with a play time 1h 4min and deaths 822. The most difficult needle arrangement in this game is a double diamond. This appears as a single unit at the end of the game, and save points are placed before and after. I think the author made this game for beginners of needle games. This game is aimed at people who are new to needle games but want to improve their platforming skills. If you find the game boring, you are definitely an advanced player. I recommend him to play a more difficult needle game. (Like Needle Satan, L-game etc.)  

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 38 38
Jun 22, 2020
For: あのコース
This work is a parody of a certain Super Mario.
The screen size is smaller than general Wannabes works. Compared with the original, there are many humorous traps installed. I feel that this work is excellent in terms of topicality. A lot of play videos were actually posted on video posting sites such as YouTube. The length and difficulty of the work are small, and it is thought that the reason is that the genre called Mario that many people know is used. I played it in 12 minutes, so I think it's easy. In the work, the Gaster_Blaster sound source of Undertale and the trap of the collapse scene of Galactic Nova in Kirby DX of the star will also appear. So I think the author is studying many copyrighted game works. Many traps are creative and tasteful. Traps are excellent in that they do not make people uncomfortable, and they make you want to see them. Above all, the achievement that brought smiles to many commentators is great. If this author produces a similar work, I would like to see more deliverables.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 20 20
Jun 21, 2020
For: I wanna be the ねこ
This is a chaotic adventure game.
Immediately after starting the game, it looks like a general mediocre piece. The image has only the default of the yuuutu engine, and the background is only one color of aqua. Push the switch to move the scaffold to.However, at this stage it still looks like a mediocre piece. You can actually go to a hidden stage on the first screen, but I think many players will normally go through a stage.

Hidden First Stage
If you go well on the platforming, you can press the extra switch. When you press Extra Switch, the scaffold becomes a 3D image, and a mechanism to move forward and backward appears. When walking on the back scaffold, it is a little troublesome that the front scaffold hides the back scaffold. However, it is a rare device that rarely appears in other works. (If you're looking for something similar, there's the Romroom from I wanna Classic, the green stage from I wanna be the Prism, and the first boss from I wanna be the Machinary.) If you touch the small photo object, the image will be enlarged and become a video of OMG Cat. Then, a huge cat torso appears with OMG Cat as the head. A cat's limbs can be destroyed with a bullet. If all is destroyed, the boss screams and falls, but the torso scaffolding remains. (However, be careful as the scaffolding can easily collapse) A new layer will appear between the front and the back, where you can get hidden item and proceed to the next stage.

Second Stage
Here, a device that makes a sound when the Kid jumps appears. The background turns into a muted green image, but the blocks and needles use the default image. This stage is a needle game with a low action difficulty level, but no puzzle device appears. After this, the cat boss in the egg shell appears. He/she sometimes descends from the sky to the ground and causes an earthquake. Kid dies on the ground during the earthquake. I have a feeling that the boss has a little bit much HP, but it's not a difficult boss. Also, the boss gives different comments each time it receives damage. It's in Japanese, but it would be interesting if you could read.

Third Stage
The third stage is a stage with the sunset sky in the background. There are several switches, and when you step on it, the needle will come out and retract. However, at first glance, it doesn't seem like a puzzle. Follow the road and you will see the Entrance road, but you can't go now. Follow the Exit Road and you will arrive at a simple clear screen.

However, there should be many players who feel somewhat empty. That's right. You haven't got the hidden item yet. Look for a hidden path before going to the stage exit. There is an underground passage in one place. There you will find items for the watch. The game over screen changes slightly. Hold the Z key to rewind the time. The ON/OFF state of the switch is not affected by the time rewind. The stage turns into a blue sky, and a puzzle appears. If you proceed well, you can proceed to a stage with a story.

Panty Cat Stage
This stage is full of strange and crazy people and animals. The protagonist overcomes various difficulties with the ability to rewind time. First of all, let's fire a cannon in the house to stop the battle between bears, fish and skeletons. You may find it difficult because complicated puzzles appear here. If you shoot a cannon, the battle will stop and you can reach the goal as it is. However, the achievement rate of the event is displayed. You cannot move to the next stage unless you complete the achievement rate to 100%. You must have a strange adventure to reach 100% completion rate. Get rid of a skeleton by UFOs and rescue Panty Cat.

Hidden Final Stage
In the final stage, you will get items to dig a wall. Once you get the item, you will not be able to use your pistol, but you can touch the save with the Z key. This stage is a tribute to the game Mr. Driller. You can see the Tetris logo for a moment, but Tetris has nothing to do with the game. Blocks appear completely random, and digging 100 blocks high will change the level design. I have never played Mr. Driller, but I enjoyed it very much. However, I feel that the puzzle and action difficulty level are high. When you reach 500 meters underground, the boss battle begins.

Dragon Cat Fight
There is an opening event, but if you pick up an item at the end of the event, you can skip with the S key. Dragon cats use a variety of techniques, but I think it will be the most difficult in this game. Since the ground is falling, it is difficult to adjust the jump height and the falling speed. I spent 6 hours winning this battle.

However, it is certainly a meaningful game. At the ending event, all the cats come together to end a strange adventure. This is completely clear, but there are also bonus puzzle stages. Those who are interested should try.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 67 67
Jun 21, 2020
necoroneko [Creator]
For: SlimePark
This is a 100-floor puzzle game.
There will always be new gimmicks or techniques on each floor.
There is an extra stage, and you can see the slime museum when you clear it completely.

The readme PDF is available in English and Japanese.
If you cannot solve the puzzle because it is difficult, please see my Walkthrough video from the link at the end of readme.
Also, I have posted a blog post on how to get to the entrance of the extra stage.
See also the link at the end of the manual.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Jun 13, 2020

1 Game

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SlimePark 76.2 9.5 21
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