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Adventure (5) Boss (3) 100_Floor (4) Puzzle (6) goodgame (1)


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Creator's Comments:

necoroneko [Creator]
This is a 100-floor puzzle game.
There will always be new gimmicks or techniques on each floor.
There is an extra stage, and you can see the slime museum when you clear it completely.

The readme PDF is available in English and Japanese.
If you cannot solve the puzzle because it is difficult, please see my Walkthrough video from the link at the end of readme.
Also, I have posted a blog post on how to get to the entrance of the extra stage.
See also the link at the end of the manual.

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Jun 13, 2020

13 Reviews:

Rating based on all secrets/main clear at this time, there appears to be some additional content which I may go for, but isn't part of the core game.

Slimepark is an exceedingly elaborate, puzzle dominated 100 Floor game, based on the core concept of multicolored slimes and their different forms, originally introduced in Necoroneko's first game, gaze at the horizon and expanded upon in this title (with a brief cameo in Slimetrap). It has a simply astonishing amount of mechanics and interactions throughout the catalog of slimes and frequently uses them in clever and interesting ways.

Production wise, its great. Necoroneko's artwork is adorable and charming, and every stage changes up drastically and fits the aesthetic and style of the game perfectly. The tilesets and backgrounds and clean but creative, with smooth animations and pleasing palettes which is great because at times, you will be staring at them a lot. The bonus touches with the various faces, animations and lore and all that on top of the artwork is great, and the bonus materials he provides should be a huge boon for anyone who wants to tackle the game but is afraid of getting stuck on various parts.

The general flow of the game is pretty simplistic. Do puzzles, then do more puzzles, then execute the actions, then do more puzzles, and so on. It caps it off nicely with a really great boss which was fun and (mostly) fair, but definitely serves as a great capstone to the little story that it presents along the way. The boss is very enjoyable and shouldn't really be a wall to anyone, so if anyone is concerned about getting stuck on the boss, its probably not a problem.

The core of the game is, of course, the platforming and the puzzles. This is what will both attract and repel people en masse. Necoroneko wants to establish puzzle games as a more prevalent genre of fangames (which I'm totally on board with, as you can imagine) and he certainly shoots for the stars with this. The game starts off very easy and the first third of the floors or so are kind of trivial from a puzzle perspective, more akin to an easy adventure game. Around the mid 30s to 50s the game's difficulty ramps up considerably, where I'd say it stays fairly level throughout much of the later half of the game so if you can get that far and are concerned about where its going in the long run, it shouldn't present to be too much larger of a problem.

Puzzle design is a tricky concept and have different styles. One of my criticisms of this game is that many of the puzzles follow a similar formula. Nearly ever level has a new mechanic or interaction (which is impressive how many he came up with) but many of them are not fully explained - with good reason, it wouldn't be a puzzle if he told you what to do - however this means a lot of the process is finding the particular new interaction that's required for the puzzle, which ends up requiring a lot of trial and error. This is compounded by the fact that many puzzles fill the screen to the brim, with many additional steps that aren't related to the main discovery that makes the puzzle stand out. This can make the trial and error process very long and tedious, and result in a lot of repeated efforts. This is further compounded by the fact there is a lot of long wait cycles.

This meant that while there was a lot of enjoyable discoveries made along the way, there's a lot of frustration on either side as you try and figure out the parts through an extensive trial and error process. Some sort of speedup or undo button would do wonders for this, since missing one step and losing the whole attempt (which can be a couple minutes long and require a very specific sequence of steps) gets frustrating. Execution is rarely too difficult, but it is always a factor and one minor misstep (while you're focusing on a plethora of steps to follow) can end up costing you a lot of time. This made it hard for me to play the game for an extended time, since those kinds of things would be draining, but as a casual couple floors a time it was quite enjoyable.

Overall, this is an exceptional game for sure, though it is quite niche. It gets frustrating, a lot, but the overall production level, creativity and complexity has a lot of value. This game hearkens back more to Horizon than his other works, for better or for worse, and may give you a better idea of whether or not this is a game you would like to play. I'd recommend it for puzzle fanatics who were turned off by the painful walls represented by some of the Horizon bosses. Its a little dangerous if you insist on being a completionist but its a fun game for anyone to give a try to, as there's a lot of more accessible value in the early game. With some additional quality of life functions this would really be an absolute top tier game, but the bursts of frustration along the way unfortunately cause a bit of a stumble. As it is though, it is a very good game but with a very narrow focus. If you enjoy what it offers along the way, you'll likely keep enjoying it. If you don't, it doesn't really change drastically enough to turn around for you.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 75 75
Jun 18, 2020
I love this game!! Between the creativity put into the 100F levels and the walk thru posted on youtube. I have been able to get through this game. The boss was fun to fight. You truely did well.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: N/A
Jun 15, 2020
a good puzzle

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 76 76
Sep 5, 2020
Some floors were pretty rough, but that would obviously happen for such a long puzzle game. Good thing that there's walkthrough by the author. Really liked the final boss .

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Rating: 9.9 99       Difficulty: 80 80
Jul 3, 2020
It was racking my brain.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 78 78
Jun 22, 2020