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GameDifficultyUser's Rating
I wanna be the LUIGI! 28.0 2.2
I wanna be the Player Killer 62.0 1.6

2 Reviews

For: I wanna be the Player Killer
This review will be categorized into 5 different categories: Level Design, Music, Visuals, Game Mechanics, and Other. Other may include various option settings, and things unrelated to any other categories.

Level Design: Oh boy, where to begin. Well, let's just state the fact that the opening screen had me going "What the actual **** is this?" Before the game even began, it try to jump to the difficulty select and I just keep teleporting back to the start. I try getting around it but just keep teleporting back, until I finally realized that: "Oh! The apples are the blocks and the blocks are spikes/apples!" Seriously? I mean, I'd give you points for that but it's just so pointless. Let alone there be no way of dying in the opening screen, you just get teleported back... Anyway, onto the actual game. It is bad. The first screen in and of itself was extremely difficult, with there being 2 different very-difficult-to-even-avoid traps. But don't worry, you actually die. You don't teleport back.

Music: I open the game to hear retro 8-bit music and thought "Hey! Different music!" But then when I got into the menu, there was suddenly 2 tracks playing at the same time and it sounded awful. I think "Okay. Maybe if I start the game up, it'll fix it." And oh boy was I wrong in every aspect. There was then 3 tracks playing at the same time (Dr. Wiley's Theme being one of them). It was not pleasant to listen to at all.

Visuals: Every tile-set is taken straight from the original IWBTG. Nothing visually stunning about this game.

Game Mechanics: Nothing new, although the traps moved in a very different fashion besides just going in 1 direction. That's about all of the originality that was put into the game and then again it wasn't even that big. Also having a million traps per screen (It's an overstatement but you get my point) is not a good idea at all. It makes the game much less enjoyable, let alone them being extremely difficult to avoid traps. Also having the apples as the tiles and the tiles as the apples is just plain stupidity. Original, but stupid.

Other: The game had a "Change Controls" file that came with it and I thought it was a cute little thing to have, but I'm focusing on the game, not what I can play it with.

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Rating: 1.6 16       Difficulty: 62 62
Aug 20, 2015
For: I wanna be the LUIGI!
This review will be categorized into 5 different categories: Level Design, Music, Visuals, Game Mechanics, and Other. Other may include various option settings, and things unrelated to any other categories.

Level Design: The game begins with a generic upward spike trap... No menu, no difficulty selection, no anything. Also, the first trap is represented as a bright pink box. I don't know if this was intentional or not, but it doesn't make sense when all of the others are invisible. On the very first screen of the game, you have a jump between screens, which in all cases, it is quite frustrating and just all-in-all poor design, but it stopped becoming funny or just a one-time-thing when it did it even more times in the following screens. The traps are extremely generic, there are no new mechanics that I bothered to even get to if there were any, and there are cross-screen jumps and falls everywhere.

Music: Every track that I have heard in this game has been the generic IWBTG in-game track and death music. Another let down.

Visuals: Every tile-set that I have seen has been a rip from the original IWBTG. And yes, that includes the background as well.

Game Mechanics: This game from what I have seen offers nothing new and nothing exciting. Actually, it takes what might be semi-difficult, and makes it cross-screen. If it were a one time thing then I would be alright with it, but if I have to go through 3 cross-screen jumps with traps in the middle of them and then come up to a cross-screen IWBTB style VVVVVVV fall... I'm done. This game offers nothing new, nothing creative, and the things that would have been enjoyable are not in the slightest.

Other: It would also seem like a good idea to test to see if you can close the game because I spent a few minutes trying to find any button that would close the game. Escape, backspace, you name it, have all been pressed. Even right-clicking the game on the task-bar and pressing "Close Window" didn't even work. The game had to be forced closed through the task manager.

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Rating: 2.2 22       Difficulty: 28 28
Aug 20, 2015
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