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I wanna get Cultured 50.0 9.0

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For: I wanna get Cultured
I'm new to these games and this was only the second fangame I have ever played after a friend had introduced me to them so I figured I would add a review on this site. I thoroughly enjoyed this game a lot as a beginner. I could see the difficulty get harder and harder through each stage, but at the same time felt the curve was perfect leading up to the creators own stages. Only stage I didn't really enjoy was the one with hundreds of jump refreshers....(carpal tunnel man) but no one likes every level in any game so not a big deal at all. I also liked that it was pure platforming and just one boss at least as a beginner. Final boss was a tad rough for me but I thought it was fair in most respects. Lastly, the music was excellent.

Overall, took me about 10 hours to complete which I thought was pretty solid for a new player just getting into these game and gave me good insight on the types of needle sets and jumps I will encounter in most games that aren't crazily difficult. (I have had past platform experiences before so not totally out of the game). I will definitely be checking out other games in the future and may even try out some harder ones once I get better!!

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 50 50
Oct 12, 2015
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