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Hey guys how is it going

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5 Reviews

For: Soulless
The best avoidance fan game out there to this date. Only a few fan games can rival this amount of effort and quality put into this game. Even doe some segments have too much confetti going on its background which distracts me too much for my taste but that wont make me take 0.1 off of the rating for this masterpiece. A must play for enthusiastic avoidance players.

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[3] Likes
Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: N/A
Oct 28, 2019
For: I wanna be the Rubik's Cube
Great designed needle and boss even up to this day!

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[2] Likes
Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 83 83
Apr 18, 2019
For: I wanna be the Engine Nikaple Edition
Great Engine!

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[0] Likes
Rating: 9.8 98       Difficulty: N/A
Apr 18, 2019
For: I wanna L
1 of the only L-Games with clear visuals. Requires knowledge/skill for low jumps.

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Rating: 6.9 69       Difficulty: 75 75
Apr 18, 2019
For: I wanna be the Sudtrick Doodles
I think this is a little snickers for inbetween.
Sadly too short ,thats why it is a little snickers,not a big one!

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[6] Likes
Rating: 6.9 69       Difficulty: 39 39
Nov 22, 2015

6 Games

GameDifficultyAverage Rating# of Ratings
I wanna be Nimi 43.0 3.8 5
I wanna be the Cute Duck 60.2 7.6 7
I wanna be the Destruction 63.5 3.5 5
I wanna be the Nyan Drive 90.0 5.0 2
I wanna be the Rotten 71.4 5.9 14
I wanna 打打打打打打打打打打 55.3 5.0 16

3 Favorite Games

GameDifficultyUser's Rating
Crimson Needle 2 N/A N/A
I wanna be the Sudtrick Doodles 39.0 6.9
I wanna Roll Around N/A N/A

1 Cleared Game

GameDifficultyUser's Rating
I wanna be the Sudtrick Doodles 39.0 6.9