I wanna be the Destruction

Creator: Zero-G

Average Rating
3.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
63.7 / 100
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Needle (4)


  • by NightShark115
  • by Noa

7 Reviews:

bad game (roulette game)
If you don't get it on roulette dont play it!

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Rating: 1.5 15       Difficulty: 67 67
Dec 4, 2016
1 screen of original needle followed by a few default engine rooms. This isn't a masterpiece of level design by any means, but it's mostly well-paced and kinda fun junk food needle with a great song and themed visuals. The two dickspike saves sucked but the rest was enjoyable. I'm fairly certain collision order is slightly fucked. There are a few spots where you need to 1f but afaik no lowcancels are required. a/d is provided which is helpful for final save. Overall not worth playing unless you have some external reason (such as roulette) but if you do then there are definitely worse games to play out there, as this is not an unenjoyable game.

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Rating: 4.8 48       Difficulty: 57 57
Jan 31, 2021
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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 23, 2021
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Rating: 2.3 23       Difficulty: 65 65
Jan 20, 2020
Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 0.4 4       Difficulty: 63 63
Aug 15, 2019