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I wanna be the Best Guy 4 60.0 8.0
I wanna conquer the blow game 17.0 6.0

2 Reviews

For: I wanna conquer the blow game
It's a good beginner game.

1) Platforming
First 50 levels are remarkably easy and it's hard to die. IMO, having 25 levels that easy or less would be enough. The jumps you have to do to avoid the spikes are pretty much the same.

Levels 51-75 aren't that trivial, but still easy. Some harder jumps and platforms are added.

Levels 76-100 are pretty challenging as for beginner game. There are some precise jumps involved from time to time. Some segments require good timing. It fits well into difficulty curve.

The mark I'd give is 7/10. There are way too many trivial levels. Also, some jumps are much more precise than the rest of the level.

2) Bosses
The bosses didn't impress me except the last one. The first boss doesn't even kill you. The second and third bosses are very easy and can be easily killed in few attempts. It would be nice to have one boss like these as a first boss, but having 3 bosses that easy is an overkill.

The last boss is way harder and is pretty interesting. It's designed with infinite jump, and you actually have to use it well to have a good fight. Understanding how to deal damage efficiently and how to avoid projectiles was fun.

My mark is 5/10. First 3 bosses are way too easy and primitive. The last boss improves the mark though.

3) Graphics

The graphics are pretty decent and change in different parts of the game. But mostly they are nothing special either.
My mark is 6/10.

4) Music

The music is pretty good and well-fitting, though it's pretty simple.
My mark is 7/10.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 17 17
Feb 1, 2016
For: I wanna be the Best Guy 4
I like the game and will recommend playing it for sure. Below are my marks and summaries for various aspects of the game.

* Graphics (9/10)
The graphics are amazing as for the fan-game. The textures are pretty rich and suit levels pretty well.

* Music (10/10)
The music is amazing and well-suited. I've added the soundtracks to my playlist and listen them from time to time.

* Level design (6/10)
First three levels are rather simple and novice-friendly. The difficulty raises significantly on the level 4, posing a good challenge.

The levels are focused more on killing enemies and enemy spawn triggers, rather than classic platforming. I actually liked triggers in most of the places. Some trial and error is necessary, but it gets manageable when you know what kinds of enemies can spawn on the segment. Some segments go too much with it though.

The game has quite a lot of long saves. The final sections of some of them can be pretty tedious, e.g. chest jumps in world 4 tower climb. This makes these saves frustrating. Also, some of long saves which are mostly easy, but has tedious parts in the end.

IMO, world 4 has the best platforming in the game. World 5 platforming is shorter and easier than world 4 and brings almost no new elements.

* Bosses (8/10)
I've got a lot of fun fighting bosses. Some of their attacks can be tedious to learn, but it was fun for me to figure out how to dodge them. As bosses choose attacks randomly, sometimes it was required to figure out how to dodge one specific attack when it happens after another specific attack. Positioning was also important.

For all bosses except world 4 boss Altace rng-induced imbalance is minor. Some attacks or combinations are harder to learn than others, but situations when rng favors or penalizes you too much are rare.

Some combinations of 3-4 Altace's attacks can screw you over if happen consequently, mostly involving spell bombs and chasing circles. Bombs hit-boxes aren't shown and are quite big for blue spell bombs, so figuring out what's possible to do is trial and error. Also, some combinations of attacks are significantly easier than others. As result, defeating this boss took quite a lot of grinding for me, though maybe I'm just bad :)

World 5 boss, Gustav, is fun to play. Though a little criticism here as well. There is a tedious attack at the end of the phase 3, increasing the amount of grind required to beat the boss. Attacks in middle of the phase switch behave weirdly. For example, attacks where he throws circles in all directions or makes an explosion become phase 2 versions, even if started in the phase 1. However, the attack when he fires two large fireballs left and right isn't replaced, though having similar visual signs as the attack when spears are thrown at you. The later is also confusing for reflexes.

* Story
The game has a story, but it's not translated to English, so I can't tell anything about it.

* Other
Note, that the game saves the state in external folder, which is C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local on Windows 7. It can be useful if you like to practice for speedrunning or want to play on a different computer.

* Overall (8/10)
I like the production value, bosses fights and some parts of platforming and thus giving high mark.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 60 60
Jan 6, 2016
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