I wanna be the Best Guy 4

Creator: Gustav

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7.4 / 10
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67.3 / 100
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Adventure (3) Boss (3)


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Final boss added 5 points of unnecessary difficulty.

Four weapons! More abilities! Hidden secrets and passages! Easter eggs! More Gustav! Unlockable achievements! And all of this sucks!

The full double-jump engine from Best Guy 3 is back again in more atrocious platforming to complicate your day through forced gimmicks and repetitive scenarios. The first three stages look nice, I must admit, and the music of the third stage is amazing (can't stop hearing it). From there, the overabudance of enemies of screen added with the jump engine and some "traps" deteriorate gameplay in its entirety. This is no exaggerated joke; it's a lamentable mess.

Oh, the final fight? Cool looking, but unfair moments of RNG makes it frustrating. It's a touch challenge mostly because of how unfair it is. Imagine a fight that is position-based, but now the boss chooses his position instead of you... at light speed! Magic moments can ensue.

Have you ever played a fangame that has smashed into your face that production value does not equal quality? This is one case. However, this is also a case of tremendous wasted potential. Since the very first Best Guy, I was reminded of Influka, and that though got strengthened with the very cool but equally flawed sequel. Then this comes and Influka is mentioned in the "Special Thanks" section. Interesting inspiration, but unlike Influka, Gustav alone cannot mix quality gameplay with great bosses and an ambitious production value. Maybe a team up could work? That's a dream...

Wait! It already happened! I'm just not up for such a challenge yet. Give me some more months.

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Rating: 3.2 32       Difficulty: 70 70
Dec 31, 2019
The final best guy, and sadly the worst one (besides the original of course) The platforming is especially unfun in this game, with some extra frustrating segments. This could be made up if the bosses were fun to fight, which they are at first, but sadly, the game ends up soiling itself during the penultimate and last bosses. These bosses decide to ignore the hard but fair pattern and reaction based fights of the rest of the series in order to focus more on RNG bullshit scenarios. The final boss would be a great learn heavy fight except for the fact that certain attacks he does can be undodgeable depending on whether he decides to stand next to you or not or if he decides to do attacks that stop you from breaking the clocks that kill you if you don't destroy them. I would personally suggest skipping this game and playing Justice Guy instead. It seems to use the same engine, but has better bosses and stages. Or maybe play Best Guy 3.

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Rating: 4.5 45       Difficulty: 75 75
Dec 7, 2019
The final game of the Best Guy series. It also has a hard mode which is called Lv.8 like BG2's Crazy mode and BG3's Death Wish, but I won't include it in the Difficulty and Review. I would give this 75~85 if I add Lv.8.

This game has an Achievement system. The bottom 10 of them are actually secret items in the game(rolled paper) and it gives you a special ability if you equip it.

Also this game has a sliding feature and succeeds the fulljumping mechanic from the previous game.

Stage 1 : You'll notice that the style of the game has changed a lot, from 'mostly needle' game to 'mostly enemy-killing' game. Notable thing in this stage are a mini-boss(giant crab) and sandstorm gimmick. The sandstorm gimmick is cool for me, but some people might consider it boring.
Boss 1(Sandworm) : This boss is actually pretty tricky, especially its 'train' pattern. But other than that it's a relatively easy boss.
Stage 2 : Ninja crabs falling from the sky! Also there's a part where you bounce on the giant worms and progress. Overall a pretty decent platforming.
Boss 2(Stalker) : Most 'meh' boss imo. It's bland for me. If you die at its last pattern, there's a special death animation & music at there.
Stage 3 : Creepy stage with...cockroaches? Also mad crows and bowling nests. Can't forget these big stones! Use a rocket launcher to deal with big stones in case you don't know how to get past that. Pretty hard stage for me. In the end, there is a destroyed town and a woman, and......
Boss 3(Tombstone) : Suddenly one giant tombstone is in front of your face. The weakness is its yellow core at the top, but you can choose to stay down and rocket spam its body. Mostly a decent boss. Yellow side sweeping attack will be a pain if you can't slide well.
Stage 4 : Castle with a lot of armored guards. This stage is the hardest of all stages. However, if you find some secret paths, you might have a more comfortable time here. Notable things are the mini-boss and that long climbing final part which is totally a pain.
Boss 4(Altace) : This boss is the boss that is most dependant on RNG. Her blue bomb is VERY tricky to handle. Also, the five horizontal-moving bullet wall is pretty hard to react if you're at the wrong position. Overall a hard boss.
Final stage : Nothing that much special, just a bunch of mediocre platforming. I liked that crystal jumping part though.
Final boss(Counterfeit) : He's back again! For final this time. He has THREE health bars and his defense goes up each time one depletes. Also, in the process of depletion, he summons 1 and 2 clocks. If you don't break it until it circles full one cycle, you'll instantly die. It usually breaks with 4 rockets. He summons one of the past bosses' pattern in the middle of the fight which was pretty cool considering this is the last series. He also keeps his unique final pattern, but with the 2 clocks and occasional screen flipping. Overall a hardest counterfeit in the entire series, excluding the hard mode versions of the series.

After you defeat him, Altace finally warps you back home. Thus ends the Best Guy series.

Overall a great game which I enjoyed very much. This is a par to BG3 in terms of enjoyment. However it gets extra .5 point for the awesome graphics.

Thank you Gustav for making the Best Guy series!

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 65 65
Mar 9, 2017
Difficuly based on normal mode and Lv8 mode.the difficult is harder than the comments all is because most of comment are based on normal mode
I think the boss fight is much harder than justice guy,so I think 89 is more real?
The platform jumping,I think,is unnecessary.It can waste a lot of time(Stage4 is a good example),maybe it will be more better if we use the original kid as the controlled charactor?
So here is the boss fight,It takes tons of luck.Just pray that boss don't use the pattern that you don't like.
Then,we get to the final boss,It's name is...Deus?I think Gustav is better.this boss is the hardest boss I have ever saw,he has 3x hp and a final attack that is same as BG3,but two clocks you need to break.You can listen to the music that will never end.Once you beat it,you are winner!Now let's get to Lv8 mode.
Lv8 don't have any platform jumping as they know how bad it is.you will fight four bosses with different design,like add some spike and things that can cancel your jump.maybe more hp?
after 4 bosses defeated ,you need to fight buffed Gustav.More hp,changed patterns,more clocks,unmarked laser in finak attack, all 12 bosses came her in the same order.and full of patterns that kills you instantly.It takes me 33h to beat,more than Deus and Leina in justice guy.
then,Do you think it's over?No he become a dragon,But the dragon form is more weak than human form imo.He has 4 attacks,but when you got it, it's very easy.I don't beat this boss,but I think I will beat it soon.it's much interesting,so I rated 6 instead of 4(mostly because of boss5 in Lv8)
PS:There're some bugs to fix,when you defeated boss5 in Lv8 and killed by the bullet,the game will crash.If you kill two third of his hp during 12 bosses, when clocks comes down,game will crash.
That's it

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 89 89
Apr 22, 2020
Rating based on beating the game by any means possible (inf jump, pigeon, etc...)

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 60 60
Feb 9, 2019