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29 Reviews

For: I wanna be the Lord of time(仮題)
This game has 4 bosses which give you power-ups to help you for the final boss (with a mini-guide later in the review! Beware of spoilers!)

I thought this was actually a pretty good game with an interesting gimmick, and fun bosses overall. My main complaint was how finding out how to use the power-ups was a bit troublesome, and I actually had to go out of my way to see how I used them especially for the final boss (Thank you so much IWC admin!)

Other than that, pretty good game!


A = Freeze time
S = Revival (And destroy surrounding tiles/spikes
D = Invincible
F = Slow down time

For the boss, press Q to deal damage when you die and then press S to revive yourself and destroy the invert.

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Tagged as: Gimmick Boss Special Jojo
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Rating: 6.6 66       Difficulty: 58 58
Jul 10, 2023
For: I wanna be the NCE
This is a pretty short and decent needle game with 3 screens, and a gate jump boss where you need to jump to the rhythm of the song. It's honestly not bad for how short it is, and I found the boss quite fun.

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Tagged as: Needle Short Gate_jump
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Rating: 5.2 52       Difficulty: 25 25
Jul 10, 2023
For: I wanna clear 44
I think the idea for this fangame is cool, but I feel like a lot of the ideas really weren't executed well in practice. My biggest issue with it is that the avoidances are VERY unbalanced and weren't even playtested thoroughly. I really respect the dedication to make 4 distinct bosses for your very first fangame, but because they weren't playtested and adjusted according to feedback, some the bosses genuinely were frustrating to play and I felt like it wasn't worth playing anymore.

When making another fangame in the future, listening to the feedback of your playtesters is incredibly important. I wish you the best of luck on your future projects with all of that said however!

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
May 3, 2023
No disrespect, but I feel like this would've been funnier if it was part of a longer fangame and this avoidance was just a fake-out or something before you fight the real boss.

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Tagged as: Avoidance very_short
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Rating: 0.0 0       Difficulty: 1 1
May 1, 2023
For: I Wanna Start A Party

This game hit me right in the nostalgias, as I really loved playing Mario Party on my Gamecube (Still do!) since I was a kid. Combining this with Fangames though???? Literally a god-tier fangame.


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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: N/A
Apr 2, 2023
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