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I like video games. I watch too much twitch. I tend to have no idea where my own trains of thought are going.

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For: I wanna Vomit At A Piano

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Tagged as: Meme
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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 36 36
Jan 15, 2017
For: I wanna be Haphazard 3
This game is a badge of shame, and I won't delete it for that reason. It's an example of what I should never go back and make again.

Haphazard 3 was a mistake.

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Oct 16, 2016
For: I wanna be the Nuclear Fusion
IMPORTANT EDIT:This might only be one of the versions. I downloaded the game on September 26, so if it had updated at some point I had an updated version. Also, if it updated afterwards this may no longer be relevant. Give it a go anyways I guess.
I haven't cleared yet, but this game still has dev tools for moving forward and backward rooms still in. M and N are the keys. This also means you probably can't irrecoverably softlock, so save jump with impunity.

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Sep 26, 2016
sunderkeenin [Creator]
For: I wanna be the Vine Tutorial
This is a tutorial about vines.
It covers:
Basic vine rules/mechanics.
Floating vines
Has a practice room with some short jumps.

Estimated completion time to practice room is ~5-10 minutes for even new players and slow readers.

I'll also respond to Hop's review in this pastebin because I got wordier than I intended to be. ( image mirror of the review in then case that it's deleted for whatever reasons.)

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Jul 2, 2016
sunderkeenin [Creator]
For: I wanna be Haphazard 2
NEW: Retiled version available. It also nerfs the downward squished scrotum thing in the optional route.
It's also on the Haphazard 2 page of the wiki. It can be treated as the newest version, but I also wanted to keep the completely disgusting-looking version still available.

Updated the game. Tv in Wolsk's discord noticed I forgot to place a vine, and now the vine is there. The game is possible now.

Edit: Tv is fucking carrying me. He noticed another vine out of place. I'm something of a fuckup today I guess?

Edit 2: Updated... again. Apparently the one time I closed studio while forgetting to save was the time I had checked over the vines on the main route. I should probably punch myself in the balls.

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Jun 3, 2016

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GameDifficultyAverage Rating# of Ratings
I wanna be Haphazard 2 65.5 5.2 3
I wanna be the Vine Tutorial 10.3 5.2 10
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