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I wanna be the Animus 32.0 6.0

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For: I wanna be the Animus
Interesting fangame. Fairly short but provides a constant variety in leveldesign and gimmicks. Although I did not enjoy all types of gimmicks, most were clever and well executed.

The music in the game is very enjoyable, however also on the short side. This means it starts over quite often if you need some more time on a save. The music does not restart on death though, as with any good fangame.

The difficulty is fairly low. As a new fangame player it took me 1.5 hour and 550 deaths. The game does throw in more suprise kills and unclear puzzles in your face than i personally like. The game is mostly easy with a few difficulty spikes thrown in. Maybe not suited for your very first fangame, but a good follow up for harder ones.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 32 32
Aug 25, 2016
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