I wanna be the Animus

Creator: 珍作

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6.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
27.8 / 100
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149 Reviews:

Whenever you ask around for Beginner fangames, someone is going to recommend this game. So of course I had to check it out sooner or later. So i went in with good expectations, hoping this would be something that I can recommend to my friends. Oh boy how wrong I was.

I wanna be the Animus is flawed in almost every aspect (except for music which is really really good). Traps are annoying and unoriginal, gimmicks are subpar, Difficulty is all over the place, platforming is unsatisfying for the most part, graphics are lackluster, Save placement is probably one of the worst ones I've seen on a fangame yet and the game feels really disjointed.
I'm usually not nitpicky but this fangame (since it's short and gives a lot to talk about) makes me want to talk about every area in particular, what it does right and what it does wrong. So let's go ahead shall we? This review is gonna be VERY long since i'm going through almost everything in the game, I've played through this game atleast 5 times to finally have a firm opinion on each area but if you want a TLDR then...

TLDR:I would still recommend it to beginners since the last area actually imposes a challenge and the game is somewhat tolerable thanks to the godlike music If you want to have fun with this game PLAY IT ON MEDIUM since save placement on hard is fucking stupid for area 4. There's a ridiculous difficulty spike for the last area. Gimmicks are pretty bad and mostly unexplored except for the Area 3 one (the blocks that heat up when you touch them). There's not that many traps but the ones that are in the game are pretty jarring. Last boss is uninspired garbage and overall a very unsatisfying conclusion. Game is also almost completely disjointed since there's no relation with the last area you where in. (exception to this is the connection between area 2 (water) and 3 (fire)). You can beat this game in around 20 to 30 mins.

You start up the game, you choose a file and a difficulty, usual stuff. Then you're greeted with the first screen of the game, which actually is just the "choose your difficulty" screen. You walk to the right do some jumps that serve no purpose and no challenge, you keep going to the right and you fall down and you're greeted with the first area of the game.
A sidescroller where you can't control The Kid except for jumping and shooting, the kid always goes right never stopping unless you hit a block.Background art is nice, the music is good and the platforming of this area gives the player somewhat of a challenge since you can't actually stop and think before you act. Overall not a bad area with the gimmick he chose (which in my opinion isn't very good to begin with) After you beat it you fall into the second area, which has no connection whatsoever, you just fall and boom you're in the next area.

Second area is the water area where you get infinite jumps and water physics, your objective is to go down. You get some jazzy tunes as music which really help the feel of a comfy water level, however just as I said, this area is comfy and that's because it has no challenge whatsoever unless you impose it to yourself. Platforming here is way too easy and there's not really a gimmick in this area. There's some enemies that you can kill and some that you can't. These are alright but something that I thought was kinda cool is the fact that there's some black fishes that come from the left and since the background chosen for the area is kind of like a gradient from darkblue to cyan they aren't really visible until they get to the middle of the screen and that's somewhat interesting. The ones you have to kill are the usual "I shoot delicious fruit at you and you gotta shoot me like 10 times then I die" nothing really fancy or interesting is done with these enemies. I wanna add as well that these "minibosses" can actually be skipped since the maker didn't add collision to the blocks that they destroy when they die. After beating these (or just skipping them) you get to the next area that is actually the best one in the entire game, these areas actually feel connected as this time you get out of the water to enter the fire stage.

You enter the fire stage and you're greeted with some traps that are way too slow to kill anybody then you advance like four screens of just traps to meet a room that has you evading some spikes that come at you (probably you'll have to jump 1 or 2 gates nothing really hard). Then there's a slugma (pokemon) at the end of the corridor that you can shoot to keep going, or you can just jump over him to get to the next room. (This was probably intended by the maker so i'm not gonna bash on it I just found it interesting.) Then you get to the best gimmick in the game IMO, there's some blocks that when you touch them they start turning red (heating up) and after like 2 seconds they'll kill you if you touch them, very cool gimmick and it's also the only gimmick that gets somewhat explored in the entire game. So you keep going you pass some cool platforming with these blocks, there's some more really slow traps on the way but then you finally reach the end of the area, you climb out of this cave and then you just pop-up into the next area.

This area, oh boy this area is the worst offender in the entire game, first of all if you're playing on hard have fun because I can tell you, I didn't have fun whatsoever on hard. You see this area consist of activating triggers in an order, how do you know the order you ask? You try and try until you get the correct one since the game actually forces you to restart if you mess up. And why am I telling you that hard difficulty is just not fun for this? Well that's because there's NO SAVES on this area. Yes you heard that right, an area in which you have to pick randomly until you get the correct order doesn't have saves. That means whenever you restart you go back to the last area and you have to do 2 whole rooms of area 3 to get to area 4 just to try again. If you play on medium you get TWO saves per room. The area consists of 4 rooms with over 30 triggers. So have fun with that If you plan to play on hard. After doing all that shit you go up some poorly made platforming and you just magically teleport to the next area.

Next area is a platforming challenge where you have to go upwards with the camera following the kid, the thing is that if you haven't died in the last area the camera starts bugging, jumping all around the place until you die so if you're playing on hard you have to deal with that also, this area is also a mess in terms of game design, there's a lot of paths that lead to nowhere and there's not really a challenge in this area. There's some candy.jpgs that don't have anything to do with the area, and you just shoot Buddha just because. (This has probably something to do with the game being named Animus but there's so many meanings to the word that I'm not really sure, just a heads up Animus means Soul in Latin it seems). After that you get on a spaceship that you can actually clip out of and die and you'll have to restart over and you get to the next area which is also the last area of the game.

Last area of the game is space in which the creator just said fuck it and threw everything at the player. You get infinite jumps since it's space. I just want to point out that before this area the hardest thing the player has done is maybe one or two gates and now you're throwing them all hell. In this area you get gates,a diamond, aligns and such. Last part of the area has you activating triggers so that you can access the final boss, this can be tricky for newer players but you don't actually need the allign to beat it. This area is more than challenging and is like 10 times harder than the main game, also the only reason this has a 10 on the difficulty scale for me, if this area didn't exist it would probably have a 2 or 3.

Final boss is really boring, is just some anime girl that throws colored balls at you, it has three attacks each one representing a color and you will know which one is coming since she uses a magical circle before the attack starts. Green Circle that throws balls that follow you around but dissapear after a while; usually throws 3. Red Circle that throws a pattern of balls. And Yellow Circle that throws balls that are directed towards you. She takes some time not because she has a lot of hp but because the maker added way too much time between each shot for her to be vulnerable again. After you beat her you just grab a white ball and reach the end screen which has a sign which tells you that you can return to this screen with W, the Letters "Thank you for playing" and if you move left or right you can teleport to any area of the game.

And that's it, that's the entirety of the game in one long, useless bunch of text that probably nobody is going to read but I feel that someone should show the game for what it actually is.

EDIT: If you've read all of this then first of all I would like to congratulate on reading 1700 words of a fangame. Fixed some typos

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Tagged as: Gimmick Short
[14] Likes
Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 10 10
May 7, 2018
I finish this game because i was searching my first iwannabe able to finish and make me fun.
This game is for beginners? NO!!
for beginners this game is so fucking hard, this game took to me 7 hours and more 4513 deaths
this game is fun? Yeah! is a very fun iwannabe
I recommend this game for a players that want another fangame to finish whit a challenge!

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[9] Likes
Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 40 40
Aug 26, 2015
very little substance and too many trolls which only exist to make you repeat saves

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[5] Likes
Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 35 35
Jun 6, 2020
Nice game for those who have just begun their fangame journey.
Contains auto-scrolling, water and infinite jumps gimmicks.

A true must-play!

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[3] Likes
Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 15 15
Feb 8, 2015
Fun game, good challenge for beginners, last save might be tricky though.

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[2] Likes
Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 35 35
Aug 26, 2016