I wanna be the Art

Creator: TAROCHI

Average Rating
4.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
32.2 / 100
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Needle (5) Short (5)


  • by NightShark115
  • by K_YouTube

20 Reviews:

Very short game with a cool idea but the platforming itself isn't very good.

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Tagged as: Short
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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 25 25
Jul 24, 2016
It's a good idea, but it isn't done very well.

You platform through what looks random, but then zooms out, and you see what you really just went through.

If someone could do something like this, but better, that would be really cool.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 20 20
Nov 22, 2015
Fun idea, but bad execution. I was mad for most of the short time I spent playing this game as most of the deaths come from screen transition jumps. The ending is good, but the rest of it is not.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 30 30
Aug 29, 2015
A weird concept game where you platform through some work of art zoomed in. Once you finish the game, which is fairly short, you get to see what the art actually is zoomed out. It has a lot of weird screen transitions that make the game a lot harder than it needs to be, but the concept of the game is interesting.

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Rating: 4.5 45       Difficulty: 35 35
Jul 21, 2015
Shitty room transitions ruin this. Liked the ending.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 30 30
Jul 9, 2015