I wanna be the Destination

Creator: かーにばる

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7.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
84.1 / 100
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Adventure (18) Needle (13) Avoidance (16) Trap (14) Gimmick (5) Boss (10) Luka (1) Rin (1) Len (1) Long (8) Destination (1) Required_secrets (1) Visual_Medley (1)


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55 Reviews:

before i freak out
the screens of this fangame were very fun! the first three stages were cool and the journey ahead was fair and exciting. A walk down Carnival-memory-lane. The final segment with the piano was so serene.. i ever streamed it and its on my youtube channel. The bosses were good for the most part....
oh boy...
Titan Dweevil
What do i say about you
You fucking cunt
You are my nightmare
When i first saw you i nearly shat myself
You couldn't die, i couldn't even last one phase..
I deleted my save and cried and never looked back
Years later i played Kamilia 2 and saw you were in the boss rush
I was stuck on you the longest. fuck Four Gods, Nue Houjuu, and Gravity man.. You were my Cancer
I destroyed you have nearly 2700 deaths, more than stage 6 stages all together
I downloaded Destination with a satanic grin of thirst..
I destroyed the screens that were once a "challenge"
I slayed the silly bosses that i once called "impossible"
I played through the final segment on stream with friends by my side with a goal in mind
To fucking stab you in the throat and fuck your stupid obese corpse
I have spent almost 100 hours on you
You are by far the most toughest boss i have ever faced in a fangame
You make K3 Bright and Shine look like Sticky Keys from fangame
You make Solgryn from Boshy seem like Mecha Birdo from Guy
You make Four Gods from Crimson seem like the tutorial boss in I dun wanna be anything
You make dark souls seem like Mario 64
You made me learn phrases like "You shitting fuck head"
Screams that sound like dinosaurs getting neutered
You are the reason my parents stay up at night, because im fighting you and screaming at my screen
You are the reason my nipples harden, because you refuse to die
You are the reason i created Kamilia 2 on Little Big Planet, so i can cause that community to suffer
You are the reason i nearly failed chemistry in 11th grade, because you refused to die
You are the reason i have a folder called "Fangames i'm stuck on"
You are the reason i adore Hartmann's Youkai Girl, because your remix makes me so fucking pumped
You are the ever burning fire in my forest, the penicillin to my STD
You are the most unfair honorable fucking boss i have ever faced

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Tagged as: Adventure Avoidance Trap Boss
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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 99 99
Sep 10, 2015
I hate the yellow attack

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Tagged as: Needle Avoidance Trap
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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 85 85
Nov 13, 2016
***HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! LAST CLEAR OF 2021, and finishing my review 2.5 hours before New Year! Based!***

March 15, 2012, a milestone gets released, a fangame landmark that, in my opinion, hasn't been fully understood yet by absolutely everybody.

Assembling a game like this requires a lot of planning, both personal and artistic, since it is a conglomerate recap project of Carnival's games, not as a player, but as a maker. In this sense, I am creating the tag that I thought of first, ironically enough, when I cleared Prism: Visual_Medley. Also, you can write any word as a tag in this site, so I'll give myself the same permission if do not receive several objections.

The game structure is exactly the one that inspired Influka and Kamilia for I Wanna Kill the Kamilia 3: a "medley" section, a gatekeeper avoidance, an original section with another intermediate avoidance and a final boss.

I. First Section: Visual Medley

Personally, I don't recall a fangame where the original maker referenced his past games, from the most atrocious, unspeakable ones (Meet the Ruka trilogy is absolutely disgusting), to the more sophisticated ones like Crimson. Carnival's output at such a young age is extremely impressive. Granted, I am not favoring the ratings of his games based on his age at the time; I'm being as fair as I can. However, such young talent cannot go unnoticed and, whereas some consider that Heaventrap 1 & 2, Crimson and Destination had their days of glory, it all comes down to whether your taste can still appreciate some old-school fangames in today's day and age after the world of fangames have reached new quality standards, gimmick/needle/platforming creativity and production value at the time.

Anyway, you start right right at the first screen of Distrust as a main hub section, which later got buffed in Crimson for the best part of the game. From this hub, you travel to other worlds that are exactly from Carnival's past games:

-HeavenTrap 1
-Meet the Ruka

Nekoron's LoveTrap level design and trap influences are present throughout this section, as well as in the latter section. However, every stage in this section does not copy-paste screens from the aforementioned games; it reinvents them, creating new platforming, traps and even new goals (such as in the Picture section). Throughout, mandatory secrets are required to progress to the second half of the game, which can be hardly counted as "secrets", but as collectibles: there is literally an arrow poiting towards a direction of where you should go in very specific screens in order to obtain the secret items. Unlike Crimson, they do not represent a peak in difficulty compared to the rest of the game and even the longest one is very fun to go through (Nervous) is not as infamous as the backtracking secret in Crimson.

Shoutouts to IanBoy141 for undertaking the task of creating the soundtrack playlist on YouTube, sometimes uploading the tracks themselves. It can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RMDBqQDtT8&list=PL5rk9Dkgn4kIrK2e6gg3pGWj4W52cHJhj. The soundtrack is terrific and suits each section properly: from the overused theme "Pop Star" from Kirby, to the absolutely banger remix of track 5 of Ridge Racer 2 which was used in Nervous as well (actually, Nervous had ace tracks). The bosses are slightly changed from their original versions, as well as the music choices, giving the fights a very different feel, such as using a song from the obscure game Last Bible II in the Nervous cherry boss (which re-appeared in HeavenTrap 1). This paragraph cannot omit the title screen's song: Ico - Heal, which is a subtle, modest masterpiece.

Traps, you say?? Well of course. Everywhere! However, the save placement is very wise and fair, and you won't get traps at the very end of a difficult save as often as you might think. Most than half of them are plainly ordinary (invisible blocks; flying spikes), but others are not, particularly in the second section of the game.

**Difficulty up to this point: 60 (considering items).

II. Gatekeeper: Ruka

Once the items have been gathered and the bosses have been beaten, you enter such a good and entertaining avoidance with one of my Top 10 vocaloids out there: 大嫌い/otetsu feat.巡音ルカ. It's even available on Spotify for many western regions, so play it loud as many times as you can! https://open.spotify.com/track/4HKz0zEM6B1URI3TWhccgm?si=61fb3f37cc8342a6.

The avoidance has a beautiful crimson palette and Ruka's silhouette is covered in shadows, but the cherries are not! The fight pumps you, the attacks are very readabale, there are two instagibs at THE MOST (I'd argue one), and a banger conclusion. I won't deny that building a path for the last attack takes some practice; however, it doesn't take much time and you'll be over it soon enough to just want a rematch.

**Difficulty: 55.

III. Second Section

The second section will throw the HeavenTrap 1 / Crimson vibes at you, so be prepared for true challenges. After the HeavenTrap 1 castle-like maze section (where a portion requires you to think like in Kayin's The Guy due to odd screen-wrapping), you shall find another old nemesis: Devil Kid from HeavenTrap 1. Be careful, because this divine being is on steroids now like a good Nekoron proposed with LoveTrap. It's not an avoidance fight (I have seen people saying it is, and it is absolutely not), following the same logic of LoveTrap's Big Kid, with the peculiarity of avoiding an attack chosen randomly every time you hit it. I remember this being one of my toughtest clears back in 2018, and after three years, this boss posed no significant problem; however, as you would know, once the health is low, you fill face some particular trouble when he starts firing bullets continuously a la LoveTrap and the random attacks do not stop now. The buffed part consists in tossing two attacks combined, and there are some combinations that can wall you fantastically. It is still more an exercise of patience than skill, although you Wwill feel the urge of insta-killing it fast during the last phase even if this might not be the most optimal strategy.

**Difficulty up to this point: 65.

At some point, you will encounter the infamous Crimson section from the ending of the game in a straightforward vanilla needle section, scored with the best track of Super Meat Boy (Betus Blues) instead of the ominous, monochromatic tone of the original Crimson. The game now shows its teeth in difficulty, where you reach a certain point and then backtrack through the same screens with inverted gravity, infinite jump and a dark-blue-colored section. These variations make sure that the backtracking is not monotonous or predictable at all. Suddenly, you appear in screens that are not familiar to your previous playthrough, and give you a warm welcome, after two "underwater" corners in a row (with the proper aligns at least), to the second significant wall of the game: Rin & Len

IV. Rin & Len

The silhouette of the Kagamine brothers that gave you nightmares in several Carnival fangames before is TOTALLY back, and this was to be expected. Complaints abound regarding this avoidance, but it is not as infamous as several have said: it is a big difficulty spike, but if you endured Meet the Ruka 3 (absolute AIDS), the last attack of Nervous, the buffed avoidances of Justice and Distrust, and Miku 2 of LoveTrap, you will understand most of the foundational logics of the attacks behind this avoidance. To begin with, the song is once again terrific: 【鏡音レン】 飛雷震 【オリジナル】. Attacks are fun to learn; unfortunately, it has two RNG wall attacks of gray cherries difficult to read exactly as in LoveTrap's Miku 2, which will take away many of your deaths. The pattern attacks are also difficult, but once you figure them out, including the conclusion, they are extremely fun to pull off.

As a tangent commentary, my younger brother, who has been watching my blind playthroughs of key fangames since a couple of years ago, said that the color palette of the game throughout has been good, and I wholeheartedly agree. There are some traditionally generic-looking sections in the first parts of the game, but most of them are not, so stages can be differentiated in mood and feels between each other. The color palette of this avoidance doesn't hurt as much as Justice second buffed avoidance and is nice to look at, especially when it's going to be a challenge you'll be grinding for some hours.

**Difficulty up to this point: 75

V. Bridge

I had no idea how to call this section, but it's a very special section. After you end up palming yourself in the back for passing the definitive (?) Rin & Len avoidance, which is a trademark for Carnival at this point, you stumble upon a genius surreal section of tilesets from all previous sections played, which are, at the same time, an act of reminiscing your personal journey through Carnival's game, in case you had it (which, if you did, the experience is definitely more meaningful).

Finally, enter a Bad Apple section inspired, again, by LoveTrap, but it's a more contemplative stage this time: with a piano version of 8 Melodies from the Mother series playing in the background, and with NO restarting music (the point in old fangames in which you knew things were getting serious or you were getting to a special moment of the game), difficulty is preserved pretty much at 75 (I swear there's a spotlight screen in this section replicated in Sunspike during the final screen of Stage 4), and low jumps will now be your best friend at some instances, if not align-dependent, frame-perfect jumps that will test your needle skill. To be frank, at this level of difficulty, the level design is alone, because there are also traps, but the spotlight gimmick, imo, is absolutely unnecessary and uncalled for, making this section more frustrating than it should be, making it more of a blind trial-and-error stage than it should be.

VI.Final Boss

As far as I am concerned, this is the official name of the boss:

/. .\

(Credits to DerpyHoovesIWBTG)

Final boss is a legendary titan, a monument that raises the difficulty up to 89. Grind time has come, the bastard that took me more than 40 hours when the entire previous freaking game took me around 24, the one that made Raganoxer to freak out and write a masterpiece of a meme review, the one that has been copied an endless amount of times (being GBC the most current adaptation I can think of as of now, the one that took fatalbrain 3 years to clear (people claiming the second avoidance was harder are absolutely mental).

-Main body: Smiley-face white ball
-Weapons: Domestic Pikachu battery, Red Fire-Mah-Lazeh, your toilet's faucet and Koffing's corpse.

You must take out each arm/weapon independently for then facing the smiley bastard, better known as choke phase (which killed me two very painful times).


-A spike constantly moves from right to left, endlessly respawning, which serves as the projectile for your bullets, so you must shoot the spike (very logical eh) so your bullets bounce towards the weapons.
-The game randomly chooses one of the four colors, illuminating the entire screen, indicating the attack you will face and also the weapon you will harm.
-Each weapon has a lose-all-hope-in-the-rest-of-your-miserable-existence amount of health.
-Also, each weapon has a very prolonged invincibility frame once you damage it, so it is either a smash fest or counting the seconds before you're able to hit again.
-Once you have lowered each weapon's health down to 33%, a second phase of the attack enters, normally harder than the original.
-7 out of 8 attacks have two parallel components, which are key to understand: A POSITION-BASED component and an RNG component.

-Commit and entrust your soul and life to RNGsus for fangame salvation.

Attacks and strats in order of difficulty:

-Yellow 2: Unreactable, RNG cancer. The RNG falling cherries do not exist. Six cherries still go to all directions with one heading towards you, but the problem comes when not knowing which one will bounce and which one won't. Strategy is to remain at the corners for the biggest amount of time possible since it is 85-88% probable that if you remain in the middle, the cherries that went to the walls explode into RNG cherries (not knowing which ounce will bounce on the floor and which ones won't) and wall you from both sides at the same time at a height you cannot double-jump to escape. It's freaking terrifying.
-Blue 2: Horizontally-moving RNG cherries appear from both sides while a position-based attack tosses cherries at you from up above and at a diagonal angle, so there are two different walls you should time. Both individual attacks are free by their own; combined, they are deadly since most of your tragic deaths will come from timing the correct instance in which you should go through the cherries wall and to avoid the moving walls that randomly appear. STrat is to move from left to right and if you see a horizontal cherry or more spawning at your height and thus forcing you to jump, get close to it and then run away from it ensuring you have enough space ahead; in this way, you will be able to jump over the RNG wall with no problem. Very luck-based still.
-Red 1: I have no idea if I played another game, but this attack is fucking bullshit and unreactable at many instances (I might even prefer Blue 2). Fast RNG cherries are shot randomly at all angles from the bottom half of the screen while a position-based component shoots cherries at you intermitently. I have no fucking idea what the fucking strat is for this fucking ass shit attack. More than N times you will be walled, roofed, sandwiched or caught in the air during a transition. Fuck this fucking attack. A possible strat is moving from left to right while avoiding the spike but even so this is kinda unforeseeable because being in the middle increases the probability of death significantly (low time reaction; very possible roofs).
-Yellow 1: An infamous attack indeed, but it becomes absolutely free with two conditions: if you're in the left-most corner and if you understand that the VERTICAL cherries won't bounce and are RNG, and the diagonally-moving cherries are the ones that will bounce both on the walls and the floor. The attack shoots, just like Yellow 2, six cherries in an hexagon shape with one being aimed towards you: this are the ones that will bounce. Being on the left corner when the attack starts is awesome since all that is required is moving a wee-bit to the left, waiting for the next pattern spawn, and moving to the corner again. Repeat 3 times. Everything is readable with spike included. The problem is when you're caught at an uncomfortable spot because of a previous attack. If you're caught in the middle (e.g. Blue 1), ensure that the cherry hits the floor at exactly the middle of the screen (this ensures that the other two will hit the corners, which is what you want). From one spawn to the next, you have enough time to move from the middle to the left corner. It's all about the strats.
-Purple 2: Absolutely fun and much easier than fucking Red 1. It's the only attack that is 100% RNG as far as I am concerned: readable, reactable, attractively-looking from an aesthetic perspective, and even the spike won't that much of a trouble when you have to jump over it due to the intervals in which the cherries are aimed at you. My favorite attack when all things considered and balanced.
-Red 2: 450% more readable and fair than Red 1 for some stupid-ass reason. Anyway, enough cursing for Red 1. The RNG component is quite light, since big cherries explode into tinier cherries with one of them being aimed at you; however, the range of the big cherries mostly cover the middle of the screen, so there is enough space to move throughout. Go to the left corner, find a gap to go through, move carefully towards the center, find a gap that allows you to go back to the corner, and repeat. Very readable and reasonable; themiddle of the screen is the most dangerous section just like in Red 1.
-Purple 1: Self-explanatory. Just go from left to right since the circular attack is pattern and the corner cherries are aimed at your position. Start from any position (doesn't matter which), go either direction (let's say left, and I recommend this because the attack will last long enough for you to go all the way to the right and back to the left coner, which is the best starting position for many other attacks), and double jump. This will deviate the position-based pattern. Go through it and go to the opposite direction. Gaps of the circular attack are big enough for you not to worry.
-Blue 1: RNG big cherries, circular attacks which are based pattern. Nothing to say other than remaining in the middle portion and moving left to right makes it free. Also, you can apply a muscle-memory strat in which you don't focus on the position-based attack anymore and pay attention only to the big cherries to see if one's about to fall above you, giving you plenty of time to react.

There is one huge issue with the boss: transitions. One thing is to master the attacks (with the exception of the first 3, sort of), another thing is to be at the mercy of hideous transitions such as:

-Blue 1 to Red 1
-Yellow 1 to Red 1 (if you're in the corner)
-Yellow 1 to Blue 2 (Blue 2 has the huge problem of spawning the RNG horizontal cherries immediately, so you must stay away from the wall at all costs)
-Red 2 to Purple 1
-Blue 2 to Purple 1 (you are entrapped)
-Blue 2 to Yellow 1 (you can end up at any position, which is not optimal for Yellow 1)
-Blue 1 to Purple 2 (you're entrapped)

The final choke phase (it is a choke phase because the game tests the consistency of your pulse) was designed by the devil to increase your heart rate at levels above 150, and cause ulcers due to anger when you do choke. It's readable, but the problem is the spike that now moves faster and must jump more constantly, many times being moments in which you wish NOT to jump.

Legendary, self-referential, experimental, demanding a complete skillset of platforming, avoidance, trap-avoiding, memory and consistency, with unfair instances scattered throughout but not through the majority of an insane experience, this is one of the most complete fangame adventures out there not driven by plot, and quite possibly the definitive old-school experience, the next manhood test after beating The Guy, Solgryn and the Crimson Devils.

Besides my obvious complaints, I also wished one additional thing had happened:

-Credits as cheerful and celebratory as those of Crimson

Instant favorite and, up to this day, a standard for many creators.

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Tagged as: Adventure Needle Avoidance Trap Gimmick Boss Long Visual_Medley
[7] Likes
Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 89 89
Jan 1, 2022
/. .\

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Tagged as: Adventure Needle Avoidance Trap Gimmick Boss Long
[6] Likes
Rating: 6.4 64       Difficulty: 85 85
Jun 21, 2018
Fun and quite difficult adventure game that starts with a decent amount of difficulty and gets progressively harder and harder. The platforming is a perfect example of what Carnival's platforming looks like when it's not being hindered by tons of boring, poorly placed traps. Really cool design all around, plenty of variety obtained with just simple platforming and a couple gimmicks. There are traps but not too many of them and most aren't there to just kill you once, they actually add something to the platforming. Even parts that should be annoying, such as the weird red block maze, are designed in a way that makes them playable, and even interesting. Later parts of the game introduce some really tricky needle jumps.
Something really cool about this game is that it references many of Carnival's older games. Most have a specific stage referencing one of their stages (Picture, Heaven Trap, Crimson and others), but, to me, the one that really stood out was the reference to Meet the Ruka, which is a quite obscure reference. Basically, there are three secrets in the platforming, and a last one right before the boss (Which also happens to be a Luka avoidance) that you need to achieve in an unexpected way, exactly like in Meet the Ruka. The secrets are structured in a different way, though. The game literally tells you, through red arrows, where is each secret, to the point where you can't even call them 'secrets' at all. It's always nice to find secrets that don't force you to jump into every single wall and spike in the game while looking for them, although Meet the Ruka's secrets weren't bad originally either.
The bosses are mostly nice. The first three bosses are pretty fun and well-made, although one of them follows that annoying concept of getting harder as the fight progresses. The next boss is a Luka avoidance, which would also be pretty fun if it weren't for the two attacks with the chasing projectiles, whose RNG can ruin your attempt pretty easily, combined with the transition from the third to last attack to the second to last one, which involves some really annoying timing and plenty of practice. Focusing the difficulty of your avoidance at a couple attacks is always a bad idea. The next boss, Satan, is a nice test of patience that gets relatively unfair near the end of the fight. It's definitely not my kind of boss, but I can see people enjoying it.
The next two bosses are certainly much harder than anything else in the game (Rin and Len took me around 17 hours. The last boss took me around 12. The rest of the game took me less than 9), and hard for the wrong reasons. Rin and Len are straight up luck-based. There's literally no other way to describe some of their attacks, like the chasing yellow cherries combined with RNG blue cherries, or their third to last attack, which has no consistent strategy that doesn't depend on how much the boss is willing to let you win. Worse than that, filler attacks like the classic bananas have no reason to exist, and even worse than that, their last attacks are really annoying to figure out and take a fair share of practice to get right.
And finally, the infamous last boss has a really cool concept, but unfortunately, it's at least as luck-based as Rin and Len. I feel like I'm using the word "luck-based" way too often recently, but there's no way I'm going to blame myself for getting the worst possible RNG in the second blue phase 9 times for each 10 attempts. Basically, the last boss has four guns/arms that you must destroy in order to unlock the white phase, widely known as the choke phase (Although it's nowhere near being an actual choke phase). These guns have independent HP bars and two phases, the second phase being unlocked when their HP is low and usually being a lot harder than the first one. They also have a fairly overwhelming amount of HP. Yellow 2 and Blue 2 are the ultimate specialists at ruining attempts with canceRNG. Yellow 1 is heavily based on your position, which makes it kinda of RNG too (Unless you can avoid every single attack at the same position) and more likely to ruin your attempts than you might expect. Red 1 is normally a fair attack, unless you were mid-air when the attack started, in which case, well...RIP. It's another position-based attack, in multiple ways. Purple 2 and Blue 1 are usually fair, but once in a while (Rarely) they feel like joining Blue 2 and Yellow 2 in the rankings of throwing projectiles exactly where you don't want them to be. Purple 1 is 100% pattern (Position-based, but still entirely possible to control regardless of where you are), it's tricky to learn but you certainly can't blame RNG if you die at it, and Red 2 is probably the only RNG attack in the fight I can call entirely fair (Except for the white phase, maybe. Didn't get enough attempts at it to form a solid opinion about it). Basically, it should be an extremely fun boss, but it's hard to have fun when you have RNG ruining almost every single of your attempts for hours in a row.
With that being said, I can still say that I enjoyed the vast majority of this game, even if most of my time was spent on the unpleasant parts. Would recommend, if anything you can just stop at the second avoidance.

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Tagged as: Adventure Needle Avoidance Trap Gimmick Luka Rin Len Long
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 79 79
May 6, 2016