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For: I wanna be the Boshtination
basically Destination + Boshy. A creative and funny idea that definitely has effort thrown in there. It gets point for the Boshy spike room + the final area to Destination, then Destination + Dark Boshy. As well as the new attacks and the readme gave me a good laugh. only suggestion is yellow phase 2.

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Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 80 80
Sep 23, 2015
For: I wanna be the Guy
This was the very first fangame i ever played, i was around 11 years old i think. Now in college and after playing multiple fangames over the years i went back and gave this a play-through not too long ago.


This fangame has four sections. The up section with the infamous "apples that dont fall up" the clouds, Mike tyson boss, Mecha birdo boss, and so on needle yada Dracula. The down section sports a disappearing and reappearing platforming maze that leads to Bowser boss with a descent up, and a mother brain boss that leads to more platforming. There is also a path to the left that features a kirby chase section and the Kraidgief boss. After defeating all 6 bosses you unlock the 4th path. The minecart segment with the devil dragon boss. After his defeat you move to The Guy's Castle. a pretty nice segment of platforming, a maze, traps galore, and the infamous tower elevator with the final boss. The guy, your father. Upon defeating your given credits and one last speratic trap.

This has a bit of everything youll see in fangames now a days.
1. Trap-galore. there are numerous traps that are somewhat clever, some made me laugh like the falling moon or the sinking clouds. Not too many random falling obstacles.
2. Needle. if you want to consider the rooms like in the factory with the slow moving platforms or rooms like the secret item room in Kirby area.
3. Adventure-esque. you can backtrack and youll need to, there are 6 bosses to kill in any order you want until you reach the final area.

This fangame is fun to play, youre always on your toes for traps and the platforming is merciful, the bosses are a mix. There is usually never a moment when your stuck on a save for more than an hour or two. Be wary of the engine though, its much different from other fangames and it has a fetish of crashing.


Mike Tyson - punches and does a thing where the locks go die. Shoot 15 times and hes dead
Mecha Birdo - pretty cool boss actually, has you jumping on missles and shooting this bitch in the antenna, eyes, and mouth. The shy guys are annoying and the 3rd phase missles are fuck.
Dracula - rng mayhem, youll be stuck on it for a while and honestly, this feels like the worst boss.
Mother Brain - spam spam spam avoid rng and pattern bullets. on very hard you do a chase without a save
Bowser trio - tedious, you have to watch a stupid cutscene every intro and theyre all easy. The final phase can sometimes be tricky to newcomers
Kraidgief - mediocre, i dont have much to say about this one.
Devil Dragon - fly, barrage, move right, barrage, move left, barrage, move right, run left. okay boss.
The Guy - The final boss, has a first phase with barrages and a 2nd phase thats somewhat intense.

I Used to think this fangame was perfectly average, and it still kinda is. the designs were good for its time but now we have better, the bosses are mediocre but the traps bring the rating up. The good outshines the bad but the bad is clearly visible. Its a fangame that shouldn't really be seen as a fangame, but instead a novelty. This is what started it all, only play it if you want to know how it started, dont play it if you want to play a good fangame.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Original
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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 40 40
Sep 19, 2015
For: Crimson Needle 2
Theres so much negative i have to say. But why say something negative when its only going to start a flame war.
Positives are the new level design, its a little easier some stages and the balance of difficulty seems there. Not many bullsh*t screens. Music choice is merciful and the ability to change character is awesome! Been wanting to see something like that for a while.

Negatives.. The best part of the fangame IS the title screen, then it begins to turn to ass. I dont feel like explaining whats wrong just to get shunned and ignored like sword slinger, But since im being threatened to speak ill speak. This fangame is pretty much DLC of crimson needle. its 100 rooms of 50% unoriginal jumps, 20% tedious jumps, and 30% original jumps. It's going to overstay its welcome by screen 30 or 40. Adding saves to nerf it on some screens isn't exactly a nerf, From the first screen with the K3 grid i knew this wasn't going to be enjoyable. I didn't like the first crimson for the similar reasons and because of its random difficulty spike. This one could have it but i can't even stand playing this fangame. This fangame could not have taken "a year" to make. hell 2 months at most! we could be getting much better original fangames. adventure fangames with story or.. not just another 100 rooms needle bullshit. granted its better than Happil hard medley but that doesn't say much. I give fangames like alphabet a higher review because of the ideas. Im a guy who appreciated new things on the wiki, new fangames and concepts whether they're bad or good. This isnt anything new. This is crimson needle 1 made with a better difficulty curve and better design. Nothing new is brought to the table.
I'm not bashing the creators, i'm bashing this game for what it is.

Update : sorry if this review seems like bashing, i never meant for that. I meant to voice why this fangame isn't good.

Update : Fucking screen 92 and 100, you are the best things ive seen in so long. Its like im playing MSR.

Another thing. wasn't original Crimson noted for its traps!? you'd think these would be trap based but they went with needle. This doesn't contribute to the 3/10, I just never really understood why.

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Tagged as: Needle Crimson
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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 75 75
Sep 18, 2015
For: I wanna suffer but why
If you love grindcore or hate avoidance then this is the fangame for you.

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Rating: 4.5 45       Difficulty: 5 5
Sep 18, 2015
For: I wanna use a Variety of Skills
Not really a fangame, just a game you pick up with a friend and duke each other out. However this isn't online, and as far as i know i don't have any physical friends who are into fangames like I am. I can't exactly give this a full review but i played a lone, the powers were basic (water being OP and normal being just there for no reason) and.. well that's about it. Only recommended if you have local friends.

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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 1 1
Sep 15, 2015
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