I wanna be the Huge

Creator: みくます

Average Rating
5.0 / 10
Average Difficulty
53.3 / 100
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Adventure (2) Trap (2) Gimmick (1) Boss (1)


  • by Raganoxer
  • by NightShark115
  • by Raganoxer

3 Reviews:

Huge is a mostly trap-focused fangame consisting of around 4 stages, each with a boss to round things off. The entire game has a space theme to it and the tileset more-or-less stays identical throughout, with a hue change on each stage (so don't expect to be wowed by flashy visuals and production value here).

I found the level design to be fine. The traps aren't really the funny kind (well, maybe a few are) and really just exist to add another trivial'ish thing to memorize on your next attempt. Not really my kind of thing, but it also didn't feel offensive to get through or anything. There are some cool ideas with the platforming, although there are some real clangers for the cycle-based platforming in this game. Let's just say that fast cycles clearly weren't always a consideration here.

The bosses I found to be fairly fun, although the final boss gave me more frustration than I had expected. They're all RNG-centered, with my favourite one being the 3rd boss where you get to fight some badly cropped wrinkly toad with about 20 gemstones wadged into the skin. The attacks here felt pretty fun and varied despite their simplicity.

Is the game as huge as the title implies? Well, the stages sure feel like they drag on a little longer than I'd hope for, and the size of some of your opponents can certainly give a David vs. Goliath feel. It does feel like it lacks in variety in a lot of spots (minus the bosses), and feels kind of mundane to plod through at times. Still, I did have some fun with it and it's interesting enough to keep me going throughout.

Also the credits are pretty HUGE.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Boss
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Rating: 5.8 58       Difficulty: 53 53
Jun 9, 2021
Interesting adventure with a decent lenght. The main issue I have with it is the level design. Many of the traps are quite creative, but their placement is just terrible, they feel random and unnecessary at some points, and extremely predictable at other points. Many obstacles are also randomly placed. The visuals are nice, but sometimes the tilesets don't fit well with the background (Stage 4 is a good example). The death sound isn't ear-splitting, but it's still annoying. And the difficulty curve is extremely random.
The game has its good points, though. It's centered around shooting switches, and these switches will change the platforming in some way. The use of switches is really creative, and very well explored, although the poor level design doesn't really let you enjoy the creativity to its fullest. And if you activate a switch and save the game, the switch will still be activated when you die, which is really useful in this game. The bosses are quite well-made, too.
It's a game with a lot of potential, but most of this potential is wasted on poor level design, which is a shame. Not sure if I would recommend.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Gimmick
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Rating: 5.1 51       Difficulty: 47 47
Sep 11, 2015
While the traps are good the bosses are some of the worst i've seen, all they are are barrage (which can get you trapped most of the time, especially with boss 2) and hit them and hope they stop being invincible. the platforming is ok for the most part but it'll throw that random difficulty spike save at random.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 60 60
Sep 10, 2015