I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 2

Creators: Kamilia, Influka

Average Rating
8.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
81.9 / 100
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Needle (1) Avoidance (1) Medley (17) Boss (5) Long (5) BossRush (2) Destination (1) Kamilia (1)


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55 Reviews:

So...What do I begin with...This is the second game on the Kamilia series, and might be my least favorite.
Let's start with the platforming. At the beginning, most screen choices are quite cool, or at least decent. Graduate from DT, CQ, Rukimin, Time Machine, Kill the Guy...It's really fun. There are some poor choices here and there, such as Tribute (Why is this thing in the game) and Shiny Spark (Another screen that doesn't make any sense), but it's not too bad.
From Stage 5 on, though, it seems like the maker didn't care anymore about the game, or at least had no clue about how to continue it. Screens seem to range from unremarkable to simply bad, with very few interesting choices here and there (Locus and Dieary are the only good things I can name about Stage 5. And Locus' screen isn't even one of the best screens in the original game). Difficulty curve gets extremely sloppy, with screens such as Symmetry looking like a joke, closely followed by screens known for getting plenty of people stuck at them, such as PYF. Most screens remain entirely unchanged (Color, Scapegoat, Symmetry, PYF, Locus, GR, and the list goes on, they're all exactly the same as in the original games), and in the screens that were actually changed, the changes don't go any further than removing or adding saves, which sometimes actually ruins the whole screen (Rainbow Miku's screen was originally built to be a whole stage. One extra save in the middle ruined everything, and made this screen look like no more than another bland screen in a bland stage). It's like the creator isn't even trying anymore. It's sad.
Things get even worse on the M-Stage. It's a bland and annoying stage, at the same time. The whole stage is hard, and it uses some gimmicks here and there (There are also some traps that made me laugh a lot here and there), but it's entirely anticlimatic. The visuals help a lot with it. It doesn't feel like anything at all, you're just making your way through gimmicks, traps and generic jumps (That save with two sphincters in a row was extremely fun, by the way). The concept of the stage is nice, but the execution is...Meh. Many players don't even remember that this stage actually exists.
The bosses range from nice to absolute shit. I'll start with a global complaint: Avoidances inside a normal boss fight ARE a bad idea. Every single avoidance feels entirely out of place, because, unlike the other bosses mixed in the fight, the avoidances need to teleport you to an entirely different place, with an entirely different music. They take a while to learn and usually are far more lenghty than the other attacks, and every time that I'm teleported to their room, I can't help but to think "How in the hell did I get here".
The three first bosses were nice-ish. I have my complaints about Regirock and Regice in the second boss, and about lots of annoying, hard to learn and overall poorly placed pattern attacks at the Influka boss, mainly near the end, but I guess that I forgot this stuff when I reached the fourth boss. Geezer is probably one of the worst things I've ever seen. The first phase is extremely easy and boring, and takes a long while to finish. Then, you're teleported to the worst placement I've ever seen for a Miku fight, where you have to survive through 2 long and shitty pattern attacks that will most likely take a while to learn, and a RNG attack with another pattern surprise. Only then you'll reach the hard phase, and guess what? There's no save. If you die here, it's the whole boring thing again. And again, again, and again. Choke deaths in the last few seconds, sleeping while fighting, annoying RNG attacks mixed with some lava, it's the whole package. Never again.
Solgryn is a breath of fresh air after Geezer. It's not anything particularly impressive, but I still like it (Something that usually doesn't happen at a Solgryn fight). The attacks are a lot more reasonable, there's no Sonic spinning around you and there's a save at the second phase (Thankfully). My only complaint is the global complaint about avoidances inside the fight, mainly because this particular avoidance has an attack that might take a long while to learn for anyone that doesn't have a specific strategy.
The boss rush needs a specific topic. To sum it up, the left side is enjoyable and the right side sucks. At the left side, there's Crimson's last boss and Destination's last boss, with the appropriate changes. Both are fun and fair fights, challenging from the beginning to the end, Crimson being a particularly cool boss because the fight changes according to your strategy. At the right side, we have Nue, a RNG-heavy boss that might give you impossible RNG once in a while, whose last attack is an extremely weird and hard to learn pattern attack. Feels like a cheap attemp to make the fight harder, similar to what happens with the penultimate boss in Orbit. Gravity Man is probably where the game reaches the rock bottom. Horrible attacks from the beginning to the end, a mechanic that could be interesting, but is used in the worst possible way, along with shit RNG in the last attack. Extremely headache-inducing fight. And finally, the Big Kid doesn't really feel like a boss. The first phase follows the boring concept of starting extremely easy and getting harder as the fight progresses, and the second phase is a headache-inducing chase that scrolls as the boss moves. Might be better if the screen scrolled as the player moved, I don't know. Lots of hard jumps and choke jumps, and a really cheap placement for a fake block.
Finally, Kamilia is the glorious last part of the game, and maybe one of the worst. Let's start with the concept: The original Kamilia, from K1, absorbs five orbs representing the powers of the previous bosses in the game, and gains new powers, which isn't a bad concept. Then, she transforms into a giant chibi-like character that fights in a completely way than before? Uh? Are we still talking about Kamilia here? Her eyes are always closed, so even the eyes of different colors can't be seen. This whole change doesn't make any sense. Why would she completely change her shape and her size out of nowhere? Why is her fighting style entirely different than before (She doesn't teleport anymore, she almost doesn't even move anymore, and with her new form, she's a lot more vulnerable than before)? And in K1, she could already use the powers of The Guy, Influka, Geezer and Solgryn, so why does she have to absorb their powers again? Are we even playing a sequel of K1? The intro seems to say so, but the whole game says the opposite. Doesn't make any sense.
But let's get over the logic stuff. Let's talk about this wonderful first phase...Uh...Nice concept, alright. But do we really have to get 5 shitty attacks? Really? Yellow is a boring pattern attack that forces you to do a really weird and tight dodge in the end, Blue is a boring mix of pattern and heavy RNG, Green's weird hydro pumps basically throw you into the attacks, Red is entirely luck-based and Purple's last attack is a wonderful choke attack that might wall you once in a while.
The second phase is even worse. In the first part, you have to shoot Kamilia, but every time that you hit her, she'll spawn a projectile that will slowly fly across the room. You can either, make this part even more luck-based than it already is by spamming shots, or go safely and take at least 3 minutes to take her down. That not to mention her normal attacks, since some of them are quite luck-based by themselves. In the second part, there's an annoyingly long avoidance (92 seconds. Wow) of 3 attacks, whose main purpose is to waste your time with mostly easy attacks and some choke stuff here and there to annoy you. The last part takes away the last bit of logic that this boss might still have: Now Kamilia is gone, and there is some sort of devil-ish thing. Kamilia was a devil all along, or maybe she became a devil when she absorbed the orbs...I don't even know anymore, and probably the maker didn't know either. It's ugly, and doesn't look even slightly threatening. I can't bring myself to take this thing seriously. It fires projectiles from its eyes because...I give up, this game really doesn't make any sense. Anyway, most of its attacks are very hard to learn, and there's NO SAVE, meaning that if you die in this phase, you'll have to do the whole second phase again. Watching Kamilia die and then becoming this thing, over and over again, is quite annoying, to say the least.
Finally, regarding everything else in the game. The title cards are a really nice concept, still used nowadays. Probably my favorite part in the game. The "Caution!" signs are a really pointless concept, though. They are all used in absolutely normal screens. Why are they even there? To look good? They don't look good. Once again, the lack of logic strikes. There's an menu for options, where you can turn off the title screens and the "Caution!" signs, if they're too annoying for you, as well as the BGM, if you want to hear your own song while still listening to the sound effects of the game. However, you can't turn off the death sound. And this game's death sound happens to be the worst death sound I've ever heard. There are death sounds that don't bother the player, they're low or simply fit in the game, and thanks to that, the player won't be bothered by the deaths. This game does the exact opposite: Every time you die, there is that annoyingly high death sound that takes away all of your concentration. At least it goes away at Kamilia's fight.
This had the potential to be a really great game. But it's not. From Geezer on, it's simply not worth it. Wouldn't recommend.

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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 83 83
Oct 7, 2015
Aight. I love kamilia 2, although, if you wanna stick with it and beat it, boss rush is gonna be quite the block. MOST (I'm looking at you, TJ) hate the boss rush, only because it feels so grindy. I don't haaaate it, but I certainly don't like it anymore. The game is a great game for those who are decent/beginners, it gives you a good difficulty curve. I played this game when I wasn't all that great, and it took me quite a while to beat. It's certainly a time investment, but I think it's worth it. There's a lot of platforming with bosses inbetween, and then the boss rush, then another boss, then more platforming, which is really difficult. The final boss is very very hard, if you can bother to get there (because fuck boss rush)

Would recommend this game for sure, if you haven't already played it.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 85 85
Feb 10, 2015
This smashed in my face that production value is not equal to enjoyment value. I can not stomach the boss rush, and I do not feel like I have to. Screen choices were bad and bosses were worse. There was effort put in this, but effort is not enough to make a game good because everything that I dislike was put in this game. If you think that this game deserves your maximum rating, play it up to the boss rush before rating and favoriting. You will have a bad surprise.

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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: 87 87
Dec 15, 2015
After 180+ hours, I finally cleared this game. Now it's time for my in-depth review. WARNING: Long review ahead that contains lots of spoilers:

I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 2 is a sequel to the original medley game: IWKTK by OyO. The game is basically a remake, featuring many of the same games and bosses fitting with it's medley theme. The difficulty curve is the most flawless I've ever seen in any fangame, starting off easy and gradually building up the more you progress.

The game begins at the menu: You have options to change the volume of the music and SFX (if you're not a fan of the death sound consider this). You can also change your keybinds to whatever button you like on your keyboard/controller.

Onto the game itself, starting with Stage 1:
Stage 1 begins with Chokochoko, a joke screen to anyone who has seen a vine before. Many beginners quit right here as they don't know how vine mechanics work. Holding down jump when on the vine and tapping the arrow keys will propel you up the shaft and to the next screen. GGM is an easy enough needle screen, other screens in stage 1 won't challenge you too hard beyond a couple F-Jumps and a tricky chase sequence in Yellow Star. Fortress returns however is by far the hardest screen in the stage and deserves to be in stage 2. For a beginner who just started the game, a corner jump into a sideways gate followed by a few more fairly precise jumps was quite a daunting task, ending with a raised gate that gave me many chokes. After Fangame you're at the first boss.

Volcano Zone features several characters from the original Kamilia game, it's a relatively straightforward avoidance, the hardest part being Jirachi's pattern attack (it is 100% pattern) that is annoying to learn on your first playthrough. Upon completion you reach Stage 2, and another ten screens.

Stage 2 starts off with Blow Game 2 and Graduate from DT, two pretty simple needle rooms. Green Moon is the first screen that has trickyish jumps in the stage, but that quickly changes once you reach the infamous Yassan: A very tricky 16px room in which the 3rd and 4th saves in particular are extremely brutal for somebody new to fangames. many quit here, don't be afraid to take a break and play other fangames then come back to try again. Run The Terminal is a joke in comparison and so is Best Guy. Guy Tower is also extremely easy, you then reach boss 2.

The Guy is the 2nd Boss and he is quite a step-up from the Volcano Zone avoidance. Firstly he requires you to shoot him to lower his HP. To deal optimum damage don't shoot too fast at him as he has i-frames (invulnerability frames) that last a short amount of time. The boss itself is initially fairly easy with a mix of pattern and RNG that is mostly fair. Flandre Scarlet's attack however is extremely difficult for this point in the game and makes this boss arguably harder than Influka in Stage 3. I recommend staying in the middle and focusing on dodging the barrage than prioritising damage. There is a surprise at the end of the boss, but I won't ruin it ;) .

Stage 3 has a noticeable difficulty increase. Skyclad is a tricky timing screen with some annoying jumps if you don't get the good align. CQ is a heavy choke screen that can take a long time if you are bad at long saves. Diverse is particularly rough as it introduces the gravity flipping gimmick and has a tight jump at the end of the save. White Cherry has some precise needle jumps (but most have good setups), and finally Take the Time Machine is a very annoying screen that requires good timing and light tapping on the vine jumps. Overall a fun, but challenging stage for me on my first playthrough.

Boss 3 is Influka, the most fun boss in the game in my opinion. Composed of several phases, the God phase can be skipped if you mash shoot at the right speed (like the guy she also has i-frames). be sure to find the right shooting speed to deal optimal damage. Also there is the secret Pochi phase that follows after the God attack that is incredibly tough. The boss itself is particularly good because every attack feels fair. As such the boss is pretty much always beatable if you play it right.

Stage 4 is rather trap-heavy. GB early on is arguably the hardest screen in the stage. Phantom's 2nd save is also tricky without a good v-string strategy for the final jump. Heaven Trap is a tricky one-save room that requires you to go through it twice. Explorer features some of the hardest needle in the game yet and took me the longest up to this point to clear. There are cheese strats for the last two screens, I'll leave you to figure them out.

Geezer is the 4th boss. And it is a roadblock. Taking 13hrs for me to beat, it's a laborious boss due to the easy but long first part. Having to rebeat this part every time you die to Miku or the final phase is really frustrating and I completely understand those who quit or take a break right here. If the boss started with the hammer attack then it would be more reasonable and less of a boring grindfest. Alas, the boss is what it is. Six attacks begin the fight, each relatively simple. You are then transported to a Miku avoidance that requires precise movement: Be sure to climb the platforms as slow as possible. After Miku is the final attack: When the timer reaches 28, lava will begin to rise up and fall and will continue this every 6 seconds until the end of the fight. If you keep your cool you will be rewarded with a bust up TV and a key to Stage 5.

Stage 5 was by far the most difficult of the first 6 stages for me. Insure you have the good align for the corner in the final save of Color. Scapegoat and Symmetry are easy screens if a little annoying. Rainbow Miku however was just plain torture for me. The first save took me nearly 3 hours and the second a further hour still, I guess I'm just bad at really long saves. PYF is another really difficult room that trips up first-timers as is Locus. Boshy feels ridiculously out of place after these hard screens but the irony that the "Good Level Design" room was chosen as a good screen to put in was rather funny.

Solgryn is boss 5 and is split into two phases. Phase 1 is pretty much all pattern and is extremely fun to learn. Phase 2 is a different story. Still pretty fun, it is far more challenging mostly because of the avoidance phase that requires decent RNG for the first part and extremely precise movement for the next. After that there is a gradius phase that can be skipped and you're done. Overall it's a pretty good boss with some tough RNG here and there. It's also arguably harder than most of boss rush that comes later on.

Stage 6 has far tougher needle than the previous stages. Every screen will pose a challenge and the game knows this: The music changes for every screen as they know you will be stuck here a while (incidentally stage 6 took me less time than stage 5, although I did take a break and play other fangames in between). GR has some tricky jumps, especially the last save. Dotkid is a neat introduction to 2x2px needle. Crimson has some cool skips that you can try out if you wish. Breaking Out is one extremely long save with high choke potential. Seven Trials may look scary but as each save is never particularly long it's actually one of the easier screens in stage 6. Just be sure to know what align you need for some saves to make your life a lot easier. The first save of Catastrophe is pretty much a meat-grinder, try and jump between the third and fourth spike and hop out. Lovetrap was the hardest screen in my opinion and a worthy final screen before the infamous boss rush. Don't shoot the final switch before hitting the save or you will have a nasty surprise.

After Lovetrap you are transported to a room with 4 teleporters, each containing a nerfed version of the final boss from some of the fangames featured in Stage 6. Despite there nerfs, each boss will still pose a challenge even to experienced players. For me being a newer player, this room became my nightmare.

On the far left you have Titan Dweevil, the final boss of I Wanna be the Destination. This version only has one attack per colour and less overall health. An incredibly fun, but challenging boss that is extremely rewarding to beat. Keep a level head on the final phase and you'll find it isn't so bad.

Next to Titan Dweevil are the Four Gods from Crimson. These four bosses have less health than in the original. This boss is particularly cool because there are so many different strategies to beat it. My slow, but safe strategy was: Lower all colours to half health, then lower green to 1hp, then kill red, then kill yellow, then kill blue, then kill green.

3rd in from the left is Nue Houjuu, a character from the Touhou series and the final boss in I Wanna Make it Breaking Out. This boss features the infinite jump gimmick and is composed of six phases. The first phase is simple enough and rarely gives bad RNG. Phase 2 is the worst phase in the fight. Unpredictable orbs will surround you and you must take any gaps you can find to insure you kill her quickly. Phase 3 is relatively tricky RNG barrage and phase 4 is pattern. There is a cheese strat for phase 5. The final phase is a very precise pattern that will require several attempts to learn.

Finally, on the far right is Gravity Man, a nerfed version of the final boss from I Wanna be the Popularity. Not many people like Gravity Man, for some reason I loved it. It's a really nice pattern fight to learn and relatively relaxing compared to the other three bosses. The final phase does have really annoying RNG, but as long as you focus on shooting him down as quick as possible, it isn't so bad.

After you beat these four bosses you must then fight a fifth boss: Big Kid.
Heavily nerfed from Lovetrap, this boss is still tough if you try to go too fast. Patience is key particularly towards the end when the bouncing apple spawns. It is possible to sink below the water bullets and jump back up into the next one - a key strategy that is required for certain dodges. Once you lower his healthbar to zero you exit the room and fall outside into a nighttime chase. The game autosaves here.

The Chase sequence is ~80 seconds long and by far the hardest platforming in the entire game. This isn't filled with easy jumps either: Dropgates, shuriken gates, dickspikes, f-jumps a couple M-Jumps and far more await you. The final drop is also easy to die to. Yet unlike Rainbow Miku I actually enjoyed this part of the game a lot. This section was my favourite part of the game as it was such a fun grind to progress through and a massive breath of fresh air after fighting 5 bosses before it. The music is also an excellent choice.

After the Chase you finally finish Stage 6 proper and enter M-Stage, the seventh and shortest stage of all. While the saves are tough, this should be a breeze to anyone if you made it this far. M-Stage took me under 2 hours in total, The Chase by comparison took me 10.
After ten saves you reach the final boss, Kamilia herself in all her glory. Composed of four phases. She was by far and away the hardest part of the game for me.

The falling orb barrage in Phase 1 was pretty much the only thing wrong with the phase. Very often this attack would be undodgeable and incredibly frustrating to do. After this attack you must beat 5 attacks in a row based off of the previous bosses in the game. Each attack is extremely tough for a first-timer. It took me two hours to beat one attack just once. 5 in a row took me a further 12 hours to pull off. After beating phase 1 the game autosaves (thankfully).

Phase 2 is trash. I hated it for the longest time. I was stuck on this part of the game for many many hours. Kamilia reappears with a health bar. You must shoot at her and get it down to zero while dodging one of the six different attacks she fires at you. Every time you shoot her an apple will randomly (?) spawn from certain areas of the edge of the room. Every time her attack goes through three cycles two projectiles will spawn up from either side of the room and explode. This sounds good right? Wrong. There are so so many ways you can die unfairly to this phase it’s not even funny, it’s unbelievably frustrating and demoralizing to get so close to killing her to just get sniped by a projectile you didn’t see (yes the colours are very similar to the background), bad apple spawns killing you, low explosion spawns giving impossible dodges and super fast bullets hitting you out of nowhere. Not to mention every time you beat it, you must then beat phase 3 and 4 in one go or you return right back here, healthbar fully restored and all.

Phase 3 is unwelcoming after beating phase 2 for the first few times. It is entirely pattern and relatively simple to learn. Once you beat it the first time you won’t be dying here very often. My real problem was phase 4 which took me 50 attempts to beat before clearing. Phase 4 is an endurance test. Kamilia returns with 300hp and you must kill her while dodging any one of the ten attacks she uses on you. 9 of the 10 are pattern attacks, some are far easier than others. Dying here was painful but a useful part of the grind as it made me very consistent at phase 2. When you finally kill her you get a huge rewarding feeling that I’ve yet to experience in any other fangame.

In conclusion, I started this game several months ago as a total fangame noob. I watched people speedrun this game and never thought one day I’d actually beat it. K2 gave me many skills I can use in other fangames and is absolutely my all-time favourite fangame that everybody should play regardless of skill. It is an incredibly tough but rewarding adventure.

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 80 80
Oct 4, 2016
Final boss is worst boss ever.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 90 90
Nov 6, 2015