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  • by kurath
  • by kurath

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This game is a boss rush. Its also basically a hall of fame of shitty boss design. I played through it entirely, I'm not entirely sure why but I'm going to break it down entirely just because. Difficulty is basically just because a couple of the bosses are BS. The majority of the game is probably a 30.

Boss 1: Easy as crap, one pattern.
Boss 2: Very easy, random movement and one aimed attack.
Boss 3: Bouncing hell. Its just a slow moving ball that shoots one aimed shot per second and one bouncing apple every time you hit it. It has maybe 40 hp, so eventually its just a matter of dodging bouncing apples and waiting for it to reach a height you can hit it.
Boss 4: General mess. Requires climbing platforms to be able to hit him. One aimed attack until its at half hp. Once its at half hp it basically sprays up an RNG wall from the bottom. If you drop down its nearly impossible to not get walled climbing back up so its basically just a matter of rushing him down without falling.
Boss 5: Platform boss. Unbelievably easy to dodge his attacks but extremely frequently wall you off from the platforms so its easy but it takes forever.
Boss 6: Its basically a shitstack of platforming/pattern where you climb up, hit the boss once and reset to the bottom. The problem is the start is super easy and the later ones require a number of frame perfect movements to get through, making it just a huge time sink.
Boss 7: Horrible RNG boss. Unless I missed out on a strategy its basically just shooting the boss and hoping you don't get hit by his attack which is roughly a 30% chance of instagib 6-7 times in a row.

This unlocks a short easy platforming chase scene followed by the 'final boss'.

Boss 8: Its a square, behind a wall, with a 16px gap at double jump height, moving very fast. There's a slow rain of apples and you jump up and down and hope you hit it through the gap. So fun.

tl;dr - I suffered through this game to warn you that you shouldn't.

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Rating: 2.5 25       Difficulty: 70 70
Jul 16, 2016