I wanna be the Lizardmanmaster3 vs Love Dragons Remake

Creator: レシギア

Average Rating
7.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
36.0 / 100
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Avoidance (1) Trap (1) Gimmick (2) Boss (2) Short (1) Secret (2) StageRush (1) Remake (1) Lizardmanmaster (1)


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A little disappointed that the volume was cut down significantly from the original...
The visual effects were pretty good!

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 40 40
Sep 29, 2022
Review is based on 100% clear, but rating and dffuclty is based on any% clear with secrets.

I wanna be the Lizardmanmaster3 vs Love Dragons Remake is remake of third Lizardmanmaster, which was pretty catastrophical and unoriginal. This game showed the opposite, and was pretty fun to play. Games structure is same as in original – stage rush + extra stage. Since, I haven't cleared until the end the original game, then I won't compare the most part of extra content with original game, since I just haven't even seen the most of content.

Game starts similarly like 2 other remakes with creator's name, with moving title screen and with really good background music choice. The main game includes several new features, which makes game quite different from games, which was made before. This game now has new design of saves, which now is touchable and not shootable. Other feature is , as I call it 'darkness effect in the background', where dark color flashes a little bit in the background, which makes game to look better. Pictures of the main 4 areas hadn't changed, but the final areas picture now is already spoiled in the beginning of the game, and it isn't anymore kid's picture, now it is picture of skeleton dragon! After I first time had seen, I get pretty hyped up what sort of boss is it, but to get to it, you have to clear 4 other stages to get required items. But if you go to the portal, which is located in the middle of the screen, you can see hints of where secrets is located and if you want you can try to collect them all, to get to th extra stage. Music cis very mysterious, but fits a lot better than in original game. Oh, and if what, there is no tutorial screen, however button 'c' still works (it teleports to the beginning room), however I haven't seen any hint of it. And other change was deleting Lizardmankid's sprite, which can also be some sort of remaking storyline. But, let's look at the main gameplay, after all!

Before I start, I want to say, that the idea of the stage hadn't been changed, only gameplay of the stages was changed. My playthrough of stages was same as in original, so I won't change the order. So, as first stage, I chose the upper-right path, the maze one. As you start, you have to go left as in original game to get the secret part of picture. Secret in this game was quite buffed with some more spikes and by adding bouncy blocks from first remake of Lizardmanmaster. Oh, only here if you jump many times, you can regulate your height of the jump, which can seem kind of unobvious. Ok, fine, item was quite fun and I didn't get frustrated, so let's go forward! The main world starts similarly like in original – you have to find the correct path to escape the screen, but also have to avoid spikes and fake blocks, and later on invisble killer blocks. It can be quite of exhausting after each save, but world is pretty short, so you won't get too tired or too bored. Music kind of reminds of Kill the guy, but it still fits better if we remember, that music in this game doesn't restart, but in original it does it. Visual idea of showing blue and red raining depending on what gravity you have, was interesting, I have to admit.

As second stage, I chose upper-left world, which has the biggest changes from all other worlds. This now is stage, where you don't have any save, and you have to go up, but blocks fall down. Music is pretty SourPls, but thefact, that you don't have save in the beginning of the stage, makes music kind of restart, since after restarting you get back to portal room. What about the gameplay? Well, at some poin it was fun, at some point it felt little bit unfun, but mostly I had fun with it. Secret is also in the correct place as it was shown in hint room (in original picture of secret was incorrect), but in my opinion in original it looked a lot better, since it was well hidden, but here the main problem was to get it not find it. Probably the hardest secret in the game, which I randomly took without correct strat. Design could look better, but I won't make big complains about it, since here this stage looks a lot betterthan in original game!

As third one I chose downer-left world, which is basically basic needle, but also with vines and, of course, gravity changes. This was my favorite stage. This stage has changes for needle part, but also some saves was the same as in original. Design was simple, but moving background up or down depending or you go left or right was really unique! I had really fun time with this stage and the only complain was about the fact about some saves, which also was in original, but, which seemed pretty bad. Secret was hidden similarly as in original, but idea was completely different. Now you don't have to do all that garbage screen with vines and needle, and which is just garbage. Now you just have to do 2 diamonds in a row. Not a big deal to be honest, but it was a lot better than in original secret, really... OK, this was fun, so what we have for the last stage?

For last stage we have forest themed stage (originally it was sort of space stage), with appropriate music. From all stages, this has the biggest number of original saves. Good thing was that the most of them was nerfed or made more playable and, which fita lot better than in original game. Fun fact is that even secret location and the main secret is the same as in original. I don't have a lot to say about this stage, all what I can say is that it was quite fun needle!

After you have cleared these 4 stages, you can go to the last stage, which is completely different from original. This stage take place in space, has very SourPls music and has very cool gimmick – screen, which gets invisible and then again visible. There is no gravity changes or what, just few screen of needle, which was even fun to play and didn't had harder jumps than diamond jump or diagonal. And then you have a boss! This was really well made bossfight! This boss has 20 HP per phase, and in total of 4 phases, but you can spam boss luckily. Boss has awesome music choice for final boss as well as you can see cool effects in the background and really fun gameplay. Attacks isn't hard, even though they all are totally RNG, but again if you are skilled enough you can totally first try this boss. Interesting is fact, that you fall down and you should hurry up to kill the boss (you fall from 6 kilometres height, but sadly if you fall down, you don't have epic deathscreen, you just die as usual in these remake games). I would even say that it is the best part of the game! And, yes, after you have cleared this boss, you have “Thank you for playing!” screen, which tells that if you have all items you can try extra stage and as last you have red picture of .. (goat?) similarly like in original game, and we can look the extra stage! And, yes, as you can see, for everything until extra I can give rating: 7.5 and difficulty: 33 (mainly, because of the needle).

Following part of the review is about extra content:

So, when you have got all secrets, you can go down to enter extra stage. Once you enter the extra stage, music changes and you see new portals. Similarly like it was in original, you can go left or right, only now you have to pass diamond to get to extra path (uhm, ok?). Let's start from path, where fruits triggers on you, and you have to escape. This path is pretty similar like in original, only you can't save in postions where you want, because of non-existence of save blockers. But, still, it isn't necessary, since you have to pass only one screen of this type, which is pretty kind from Lizamas. But you still have to fight red fruit, on which I droppped original game... Thanks, at least that you added before second phase save! If we talk about the main gameplay, then I can say, that it is nerfed quite a lot. Now fruit has 2 times less HP (it goes from down from both sides, not from one side like it was originally). Gameplay is pretty much the same, it even felt harder, but still, first phase is pretty easy to clear. Second phase has faster bouncing fruit, and it is quite tough... But the worst thing is the troll after beating second phase: you have to go through room of the gates (10 gates or something), without save... I don't know does the original has same troll, but this was totally unfun... But after you get to the save this doesn't end! You have to beat real boss, which is blue dragon with 40 HP. After watching some videos of I wanna be the Lizardmanmaster3!! vs Love Dragons!! vs 裏モード content, I think there was other boss in original game, however I am not sure, since that game is buffed original or something like that (I don't know it, since that game has password, which is given after you beat on 100% original Lizardmanmaster 3), but if we look on this version of the boss, then I can say, that it has really good idea and was quite fun, however boss can be quite tough to beat, since all attacks are randomly generated and you have to dodge carefully. Interesting is that there is blue rain in the background, which can say something about other path, but about that later.This was quite fun boss, but it can get pretty unfun if you play for too long. But overall it was OK.

About similarities between original second path and remaked second path, I can only say, that the first screen has the same idea, where you have to jump over blocks really fast to escape from spike wall. I don't remember was it in original, but here you can in the beginning jump on the upper block, so it is basically skip, which probably is even obligatory to get further. Good thing is that the wall doesn't speed up at the end. But then you have new gimmick for several rooms. You have to live for 15 seconds on falling blocksand then you have to jump to opened path. Once you get further , you have new difficulties. You have more and more spikes, and it gets tougher and tougher. It is hard to say was it fun, since this area has one big issue: it can give you literally impossible random, which can get pretty annoying after some time. If you managed to clear this, then you have boss, which is... yes, basically mirrored previous boss, but now in orange color and now in the background is red rain.. Uhm, is that it? Well, no, you now have one more new attack, which is basically aiming attack. And, yes it has 40 HP too. I guess in original there was similar idea, but is it really that good to put it in remake? OK fine, let's just go forward...

Once you beat these 2 tracks, you can go up, where is portal, which is decorated as something special. Once you enter it, you get to new stage. No, it is not extra-extra stage! It is Outside a person stage. You have question what is it? As far as I got Outside a person is some creator or something. S once you enter it you can go down, but also you see 2 diamonds from previous stage, which if you path doesn't do anything. You can only enter red warp down. Once you enter it, you get to the final challenge (sort of though). I am not sure was this stage in original, and if it is, then what is it, so let's just look on what we have already. This is grey styled stage with really good music, which fits really well for the last stage. You have gravity changes, triggers, RNG screen and harder needle. You can see corners, diamonds and other hard jumps, which at some point even gets annoying. I have only complains for some ideas. First of all, why would you put saves, where you have to do just one hard jump? This just doesn't fit for this game at all. Second of all, why you can even skip some saves, like save, where you have diagonal blocks, you can just enter portal if you don't die, but it is still easy if you do it normally. And my biggest question: WHY did you put RNG screen, where spikes spawns randomly, and where is probably 50+% chance to get literally impossible combination? Just why? Uhh... So, what we have after we have beaten this stage? We have boss, which is different from original if we look on internet. We just have again skeleton dragon, but now with just 5 HP and in other situation. Now we have fast paced boss, where you have to remember savespots and bless just to have good RNG. Music is pretty catchy too, but I can't say that I didn't enjoy this boss, oppositely, I enjoyed it. Maybe it wasn't as fun boss as it was in first situation, but it was still ok. After you beat this boss, you finally after all these games have credits, but it is white&black credits.. Nice. Oh, and then we have “Thank you for playing!” and question “Are you Outside a person?”.. I didn't get the joke, to be honest. But, still, game is cleared, hurray! Rating and difficulty? Well, let's say, that, because of some unfun places, rating would be 6.8 or something, but difficulty would be 44 probably (again, mostly, because of needle)

Question, why we have normal kid, but not Lizardmankid, can be answered easily, in original Lizardmankid was meant to revenge the Kid for what he has done in previous games or something, but here we have alternative reality, where we don't play for that guy, who wants to revenge him. Or something like that, lol. Only I don't know why the lizard who was final boss of the original game appeared here in loading screen and volume test screen? I don't what is that character and why in original game, Lizardmankid is against him, but, still, it looks wierd, since I waited for him to be as the last boss, oh well...

What is conclusion for this game? This is pretty fun remake for third Lizardmanmaster, which I disliked. This game showed that even ruined game, can be remade really well and fun. Game has mostly fun stages, unique bosses, great soundtrack, cool visuals and other things, however everything starting from extra was quite ruined to be honest. And difficulty was questionable too, since extra got harder pretty fast. Still, this game is a lot better than original and it has some things, which you would like to try, so if you have this game, then I would probably recommend any% of this game for everyone and 100% for those who are more skilled to not get too frustrated. But, overall, really nice game, good job Lizamas!

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 33 33
Mar 15, 2018
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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 35 35
Jun 5, 2022
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May 13, 2020