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45.0 / 100
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Trap (1) Gimmick (1)


  • by kurath
  • by kurath
  • by kurath

1 Review:

This game is pretty well summed up by the word 'okay'.

It enters into a level select with 3 stages each with a boss, completing that opens up the final stage/boss. The platforming is all okay, with a handful of traps. Some are tedious, some are interesting. The gimmicks are okay, the boss fights are okay with a couple problems. Overall it doesn't do anything really wrong, it just doesn't really do anything right either.

The two things that bother me are both related to the boss fights - namely most of the bosses have a small hitbox to the extent that the bullet can pass through them within a single frame, thus not hitting. Secondly, a lot of the start of the boss encounters feels unnecessary as until the boss hits its 'enrage' phase, its kind of trivially easy.

Still, can't say I didn't enjoy the game atleast a little.

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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 45 45
Jul 31, 2016