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Creator: ところてん

Average Rating
6.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
87.3 / 100
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Avoidance (3) Barrage (1) Insane (1)


  • by Cutie
  • by NightShark115
  • by lawatson

7 Reviews:

A ridiculously hard RNG boss, requires an insane amount of patience and skill. Seven attacks, six RNG, one pattern, are all very hard to read and pull off, and will most of the time kill you. If this boss has taught me anything, it's that not only will you get walled, but you'll get an apartment thrown at you. And you're expected to dodge it. Which you have to.

EDIT: Cleared the boss. I have been blessed by ricardo.

One of the most fun bosses I've ever played. Would entirely recommend for advanced players.

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Tagged as: Avoidance
[4] Likes
Rating: 7.7 77       Difficulty: 89 89
Jan 13, 2016
this game is offensive to leftists
it was fun but second to last attack is way too hard compared to rest of avoidance
11 hours to clear

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Tagged as: Avoidance
[2] Likes
Rating: 8.3 83       Difficulty: 86 86
Dec 5, 2020
49 hour clear, 13 last attack deaths. The second to last attack ruins the fight, as it walls you half of the time. Other than that, pretty fun.

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Tagged as: Avoidance Insane
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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 90 90
Nov 3, 2017
gave up at her second last attack,might be enjoyable to avoidance lovers

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 87 87
Nov 2, 2015
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Rating: 4.5 45       Difficulty: 82 82
Mar 13, 2020