I wanna Classic

Creator: えるなちゃん

Average Rating
8.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
80.7 / 100
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Adventure (5) Needle (3) Avoidance (6) Trap (4) Gimmick (6) Medley (1) Special (1) Long (6) Puzzle (2) Secret (1) Rhythm (1) Classic (1) Adventrue (1) VVVVVV (1) Copyright (1)


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27 Reviews:

Rating based on beating the true last boss.
Really long and difficult adventure. Features a tutorial stage, two main stages and eight hidden stages, each of which with its own boss and secret items, ending with a brutal boss rush. If you care to get all the secret items, you'll also have access to an extra needle stage that ends in an absurdly lengthy trigger section and the true last boss, a pretty cool avoidance-ish fight filled with interesting attacks and concepts. You'd hardly expect so much from a game that starts like this one does: With a super generic and short needle section whose last screen is really difficult, ending with a lazily done clear screen that doesn't even have a save. It doesn't really matter how far you get in this needle section, since it's a joke stage: As soon as you give up on it and press "Esc" to close the game, the real game starts.
The variety is astonishing. Each stage features its own gimmick, some of which are quite unique, while some are more common, but still well implemented. The stages vary between platforming-oriented and puzzle-oriented, but they are all unique on their own way. The bosses are also quite unique, and most are enjoyable, or at least alright. The last boss is particularly amazing, with a lot of cool concepts involved. When I first saw it, I thought that the sphere attack at the end was going to be the cheapest thing ever, but while playing it, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it's perfectly possible to react to the sphere's sudden changes of direction, as it moves slowly, which makes it a completely fair attack. The visual field is also really well done, with plenty of nice details, like the water splashes when the kid falls in it. Even the stages with simplistic visuals look nice. And finally, the way the main hub is designed is pretty amazing, with secrets hidden at pretty much every suspicious corner (Speaking of which, I like the way the hidden stages are placed, it's more about looking at suspicious triggers and empty sections than jumping at every single wall and hoping that it's a fake one. There are fake walls, but their placement is decently intuitive).
However, as impressively well-made as this game is, it does have its share of negative points. The first one regards the length of the hidden stages. Many stages are way too long, and don't offer enough variety to keep the player entertained all the way through. When you make a long stage in an adventure fangame, you must make up for the length with variety in order to not make a very monotonous stage. This game ignores this principle, and thus the stages end up being as monotonous as they can be, mainly the puzzle ones, where the lack of variety is even more harmful. The only exceptions I can think of are the Dash Jump stage and the Night Cave.
The two hardest segments in the game also happen to be the worst ones by far. First off, we have the boss rush. It forces you to beat 11 bosses in a row, and you can only unlock the last one after beating the other ten. Kirby, Tohno and the Dash Jump boss are the hardest bosses by far, with Tohno being the source of RNG unfairness (As much as it doesn't seem like it, he can lead to situations where his attacks become unavoidable, namely when he gets too close to you and then uses his special attack), while Kirby and the Dash Jump thingy are really precise pattern-ish bosses that are really difficult to get consistent at. Followed by them, there are three (Maybe four) much easier, but still choke-able bosses, and four (Maybe three) literally free ones that are there just to complete the boss rush and waste your time. Once you beat these ten bosses, you unlock Miku, which is the main reason for this boss rush to be simply terrible. Miku is already a bad boss by herself (Pretty much the only boss in the game I can call simply bad, no excuses allowed), due to one luck-based attack in the middle of the fight (And some really difficult ones right afterwards), so it's no surprise that making her the last boss in a 15 minute long Boss Rush makes her a hundred times worse. Pull all of these bosses together, and we have the equivalent of my favorite kind of boss: Wall-y RNG + difficult patterns + A LOT of filler attacks + Much harder RNG attacks at the end (Including a luck-based one), but in a boss that takes 15 minutes to beat. It's absolutely disgusting, but the other peak source of difficulty in the game isn't any better. It's an incredibly long, lag-inducing needle-ish section (Takes around 7 minutes, iirc) with a couple difficult jumps along the way, ending with a corner jump. At least the screen with the corner is disjointed from the rest of the section, which means that the lag goes away when you reach it. Doesn't make up for its existence, but it could be worse. It's still disgusting, though.
Many stages also have their particularities. Mini is filled with screen transition trolls, which gets tiring really quickly, specially when combined with actual traps (Some of which are funny, some of which are not, and some of which should be funny, but are recycled so many times that they can't be called anything other than just annoying). Time Travel features a nice gimmick, and the unavoidable traps are an interesting way of using it...Once. Maybe twice at most. But apparently the maker took a liking for these unavoidable traps, so they end up being a thing through the rest of the stage. Many screens use multiple instances of them, which makes these screens incredibly tedious. Also, the gimmick often breaks when two Kids decide to fight over the "key" item, specially when neither of them is being currently controlled by the player. When that happens, the "key" gets stuck with one or more Kids, and the more you attempt to grab it, the more stuck it'll be. You might as well just reset. RomRoom doesn't have any really bad particularity, but the amount of time it takes to teleport from one side of the screen to another is kinda annoying. And finally, Dash Jump forces you to wait a couple seconds before every attempt, which is quite annoying, specially when the last few screens feature so many traps.
While the hidden stages are quite intuitive to find, the same can't be said about the secrets. Maybe the cats hidden inside the boxes give the player hints, I wouldn't know (If you don't speak japanese, it doesn't really matter anyway), but as far as I know, some of this game's secrets aren't intuitive to find at all. Night Cave, Under and Tutorial feature completely unintuitive placements for their secrets, Dash Jump's secret is hidden in a very cheap spot, and the same goes for Mini's secret. And finally, hiding the secret outside of the stage is a questionable design choice, as it might make the player waste hours looking for a secret that doesn't exist (Naturally, I'm talking about Portal's stage, whose secret isn't placed anywhere near its stage). The only nicely placed secrets are VVVVVV's, Classic's and RomRoom's, whose placement I actually like a lot. However, the secrets' platforming is actually well-made, none of them is poorly designed at all.
The extra needle stage which precedes the really-long-save is pretty much as long as most stages in the game, which makes it overly long for a needle stage (With a really messy difficulty curve), and thus it gets tiring really quickly, but at least the jumps are kinda creative (Although some are kinda annoying to execute).
And finally, a minor complaint: Making a separate process for the background music was probably a bad idea, as it sometimes leads to multiple glitches if you try to mute it/close the process.
As a neutral point, I'd also like to mention the odd difficulty curve. It kinda of flows nicely, each stage having its own difficulty curve, starting out easy and then slowly ramping it up, but then the bosses break it, some being way too easy and some being way too hard compared to the platforming. Then, there are secret items, which are much harder than the normal platforming, just like they should be, and then the boss rush and the really-long-save break the difficulty curve again, as they are much harder than anything that comes afterwards, including the true last boss (Which isn't overly difficult anyway). It's not a negative point by itself, but not a positive either, just something I thought that would be useful to point out.
I'll be honest: I didn't enjoy the vast majority of the time I spent playing this game. The stages got repetitive quickly, learning Kirby's pattern and the Dash Jump boss' pattern was a chore, and the boss rush and the really-long-save were really unfun. However, I can still see people enjoying it. This is a game that constantly tries to kill your motivation with its length, where everything takes a long chunk of time to do. So, if you are willing to spend that time, you might find something to enjoy in it. Still, I personally wouldn't recommend it. I really don't think that it's worth the effort.

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Tagged as: Adventure Needle Avoidance Trap Gimmick Long Puzzle
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Rating: 5.4 54       Difficulty: 85 85
Apr 21, 2017
Where to start with this one. I've wanted to clear this fangame for the longest time. There's a ton of variety in this game and most of it is hidden, so it's entirely possible to think you've beaten Classic and missed 80% of the game. This review is based on the true, all clear ending.

There are 10 stages in total and each one has its own gimmick. This ranges from puzzle levels, vvvvvv, an autorun level, platforming that plays with perspective, and more. After that, you go through a boss rush where you fight each of the bosses in the game in a row. Initially this was very brutal, but now the creator added in 2 save points for you to use to save your progress in the middle wherever you choose. This makes it infinitely more manageable.

After boss rush, you can access the final stages of the game if you collected all the secrets throughout the levels. Some of the secrets are quite easy to get and others are nightmares. One in particular, RomRoom, kept me stuck for the longest time. It's an intense platforming segment that includes 2 diamonds, a ledge grab and a 9 jump. This game also feels different than standard fangames, thanks to the different engine. This, in my opinion, made this considerably harder to do. There are a couple of other difficult secrets, but to me RomRoom was by far the worst. I still feel like I made it through it mostly on luck.

After you collect all the secrets, there's an M-stage style level to go through. And after that, another very lengthy and difficult segment. A 5-minute long single save that has you travel throughout the entire hub of the game. This section ends with a surprise corner jump, too. So that RomRoom secret and this section are kind of dick moves. I died to the corner at the end 4 times, by the way.

Finally, once that's done, you come to the final boss of the game. The boss itself is really cool and fun to play. It's a nice way to wrap up such a journey. All-clearing this fangame is probably the best I've felt about beating a fangame. The game isn't perfect. Some things could definitely use a tweak to make it more accessible and less aggravating. But overall, I've happy I played through it and feel accomplished to have finished what this game has to offer.

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Tagged as: Adventure Needle Avoidance Trap Gimmick Long Puzzle
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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 82 82
Jul 27, 2017
This game is absolutely massive and has probably the most content out of any fangame i've seen. The stages and bosses are pretty interesting and if you play this game it will be a journey you won't forget. I can't say the entirety of it is pleasant but it's certainly one of the most significant fangames out there. As for the downsides, I would say the music is mostly low-quality and not very good, and some stages can be VERY annoying, especially if you're going for secret items. The stages are all hidden in the hub, which may or may not be a good thing depending on if you like looking around for things.

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Tagged as: Special
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 65 65
Feb 8, 2015
Disclaimer: This review/rating based on all-clear except I was given a save to skip boss rush once reaching it. The majority of the difficulty in this game is in the final stretch and a new player considering this game can get quite a lot out of it without difficulty being a problem.

This game is aptly named. It's classic fangame in every way and to some extent I would say the fangamiest fangame ever.

That admittedly sounds like gibberish, which is fair, but in many ways this game really exemplifies many of the fangame tropes in most extreme way. The production quality is, primarily, garbage. And yet, all of a sudden that changes and it becomes over-the-top excessive and then rounds itself out. It has enough bugs and technical problems abound, with a sound system implemented in a roundabout way that randomly ceases function and has all kinds of bad interactions. It has random lag and some stages have annoying to major bugs. There's flyingspike traps everywhere and over half the game is default tiles. Counter to that though, it has an impressive feature set, an amazing amount of content and variety and probably most of all, a type of twisted charm.

Truly there is so much good and bad in this game that its hard to really detail, and it makes it difficult to provide a review to give a prospective player an idea whether or not they would want to play the game. Fortunately Classic makes it quite reasonable for the player to choose for themselves, so if you see something interesting in this game, give it a try. The stage layout is in a complicated non-linear hub and can be done in any order (post the intro stages, which are interesting and easy) and they can be abandoned at any time by pressing the W key to warp out at a save. I know some people recommend using this to play the stages you like and not worrying about clearing the game, which is good advice, but I'd also add that its worth trying the other stages as I found myself liking ones I thought I wouldn't and disliking ones I thought I would. I'd warn that if you start disliking a stage and don't care for completion to bail on it, stages generally don't change in style and concept along the way, so if you don't like the start you probably won't like the end. I don't recommend going into this game blind.

The bosses are all interesting, there isn't really a normal boss in the bunch and they all feature interesting ideas and mechanics. That said, they also don't really feature much good gameplay either (which is why I ended up not wanting to do boss rush), so don't feel like you're missing out on them if you do decide to bail on a stage.

Overall, this is an exceptional game - one of the most exceptional games in a pretty exclusive category that I would only put a tiny fraction of fangames - a category where its not about how good or bad they are but ones that are that ambitious and noteworthy. It doesn't follow a template, it unapologetically does its own thing the whole way through. I'd recommend to nearly anyone to give it a try but I'd recommend this most to someone considering making their own huge game (most relevant to those considering an adventure/medley game.) - there are so many good ideas to consider and so many lessons to be learned and mistakes to be avoided in this game that your prospective project will improve a lot just by observing this game.

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Tagged as: Adventure Avoidance Trap Gimmick Long
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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 75 75
Jan 23, 2019
the rating is based on the true end of the game.
after beating this game it was really hard for me to believe that only one person made it. so many different stages that are all completely unique and have awesome level design and nice ideas for gimmicks. the visuals used are really fitting for each stage too. the game also has some nice humor in some parts of it.
the only downside of this game i can think of is the difficultybalance in some parts of the game which can be insanely punishing for the player.
for the true end of the game you have to find secret items that will unlock a boss rush. this is like the big wall in the game that takes definitely some dedication to get over. you have to fight 11 bosses in one life. most of the bosses are relatively easy but some are a pain in the ass to get consistent at. finally after beating the first 10 you have to beat the miku avoidance in the end which can just straight out give you really hard rng for some attacks. it feels insanely good to finally beat this part of the game but prepare yourself for some frustration
this game also has for me one of the most memorable bosses in fangames so far. just an awesome feeling to play and beat it.
recommend this to everyone who really likes a big challenge and wants to spend a long time on a single game

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick Long
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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 87 87
Feb 27, 2016