I wanna be the Vardoc

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BIG EDIT: So it has come to my attention that there's actually more game after Airman, honestly I never expected it to be possible to beat, I shouldn't have tagged this as Short and I apologize. Before seeing the Wolsk VOD (check him out on Twitch) and going back to play it to regain my honor this review was a 0.0/10 for Rating and a 45 for difficulty. This game actually brought me back from review retirement. Also I would like to point out that the previous review STATED that I didn't beat Airman, I don't know why you guys ignored that when criticizing me and my review, If you're going to shit on me at least read the fucking review. So I'm going to state that I didn't beat the game, I stopped at Kirby since I just didn't have the willpower to go through that ordeal and it seems he's actually impossible. Worst of all is that the original review was only 4 lines long, it didnd't take you more than a minute to read through and see "I actually haven't beaten Airman, honestly I don't think he's possible unless you glitch the game"

Oh boy, where to begin with this one... I guess I could start explain what a "Vardoc" is. Well Vardoc is a Chilean Youtuber that used to play fangames. So this game is kind of a tribute to him I guess.

Now on to the game:
First stage is some bad needle which consists of around 10 rooms with no gimmicks and literally just seeing them will tell you what you'll be getting yourself into, an extremely ugly pixelated-background with random tornadoes, some even stuck on the walls and random needle, showing a lack of interesting in making the gameworld feel and look good. Afterwards you get to the first boss, Airman. At first, as I said before I didn't even beat Airman, but since everything is a solid in this game by poor coding (this means that projectiles and bosses can get stuck on your bullets (which are also solids mind you)) you can actually glitch him so that he takes a lot of damage, funnily enough thanks to bad poor game design it's still hard even if you get him stuck, he has way too much HP, so much in fact that I actually thought he was impossible. The boss shoots out Tornadoes and since everything is a solid then those Tornadoes serve as sponges for your bullets and you do less damage. Once you beat him he throws out a warp in the direction he's going, really fast, so if you're not prepared (there's no way to tell when the boss will die) you're going to miss the warp and you will have to do the boss again! Funnily enough, the ENTIRE GAME is like that. A proof of inexperience when it comes to fun game design and just fangames in general. Every boss is just a bullet sponge that if you don't get stuck or cheese with save spots then you're not going to beat them. This game has way too much RNG which significates that skill is just thrown out the window and you just gotta believe that you get good enough RNG to beat it. This is literally the worst thing you can have in your game. Instead of making something fun and challenging it went out of it's way to make the most annoying and frustating thing it could make, because everytime you die to a boss or some dumb section like world2 it doesn't feel like your fault; it feels like you just got cheated out of your time.

Before knowing there was anything after Airman, I didn't think much of this game, it was just a short mindless poorly desinged game, but after playing through the rest of it; this might actually be the worst fangame ever created. While you could make the argument that games like "My heart will go on" or "chokochoko" because those games don't impose any challenge and are just time sinkers this one just makes you feel such dread and doesn't even respect the player nor the guy this game is tributed to: Vardoc1. You see, when you think of a tribute game I usually think of funny references to the person this is aimed at, this game barely has any: Just because he played those games doesn't make it a reference buddy. The only notable reference I can think of is boss 3 which is a reference to I Wanna be the GB final boss and his famous moment "Lo mate, mori, CTM".

Overall it's an excruciating game filled with nothing but above average difficulty jumps, horrible game designs, mind-boggling coding and horrible horrible bosses, which the last one seems to be impossible according to Koslyn, since his HP doesn't seem to go down, great thing they tested the game beforehand, and the worst part: it's barely a TRIBUTE. No, you know what, the worst part is that it actually wasn't tested beforehand, there's just too much solid proof that there wasn't and the fact that IF you kill kirby it will spawn "warpvardoc" while the actual warp name is "vardocwarp"... I really don't know what to say, I've never; in my entire decade playing fangames seen such incopetence when making a game. Still I shouldn't be so mean as this was probably made by a young child (at the time).
Skip this one, for you own sake really; it's really that bad.

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Jan 28, 2018
This game is very long and physically impossible to beat once you reach the Kirby boss. The only reason the previous bosses are possible is because they move and allow your bullets to clip inside of them. Literally everything in this game is a solid, so it is horrifically janky and broken in too many ways to list. It legitimately might be the worst Fangame ever made.

Definitely not recommended!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oct 10, 2018
Terrible Tribute to a Gamer

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Mar 3, 2016
First Game Maker try.

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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: 40 40
Apr 26, 2017
Esta es la razón de por qué Vardoc dejó youtube.

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Aug 13, 2019