I wanna take the Timemachine

Creator: INFLUKA

Average Rating
6.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
62.8 / 100
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Adventure (7) Trap (4) Gimmick (3) Boss (3)


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22 Reviews:

Rating based on normal mode.
Cool-looking fangame where The Kid starts in the extreme past and advances further and further towards the future as the game progresses. The platforming is good, although some saves seem a bit out of place, or just meh compared to everything else in the game. There are plenty of secrets to explore, to the point where you might get lost if you're not careful.
Like Boshy, it has a character-switching system. You can become The Guy, Solgryn, Link, Boshy and many other characters, as long as you manage to find these characters and unlock them. There's also an ez-mode with helpful blocks and weakened bosses, but I don't really recommend it, unless you're only playing this game for the K2 challenge, since it skips a lot of pattern from some bosses. And finally, there's a built-in autofire, like in Best Guy, which is perfectly useful even for people who can mash, as you'll need to use all of your focus and fingers to fight against the bosses, not to press X like crazy. You can turn off the autofire at the options if you feel like showing off, but honestly, it's more than just pointless, and will only make the game less enjoyable. If you want a bigger challenge, try Lunatic mode, it's more worth it.
The game shines at its bosses, and there are bosses scattered everywhere in this game. Mini-Bosses and Normal Bosses that keep you from progressing, Secret Bosses (Often found within a secret screen/stage) that will give you new characters, and even The Game Terminators, hidden rupees with mysterious powers, some of them being extremely strong, all of them found within a weird 'secret' point. Every single boss in Time Machine is extremely pattern-heavy and most of them are always moving at huge speeds, despite the huge size of some. The patterns are quite well-made (With some excepetions), but when the bosses are RNG-heavy, things become a bit more...Unfair. That's because, while the patterns are fair and there's always a way to escape (Easier or harder), the same doesn't happen to some of the RNG attacks. Sonic + Mario, and Solgryn, are some great examples of that, they often give impossible RNG at specific attacks, and all you can do is reset and hope that this time you get something doable.
But these bosses have more to offer than just simple pattern and RNG. They're really good-looking, and some of them use their patterns in unique ways, like Ryu, whose floor-destroying attacks will force you to think twice before coming up with an effective strategy, and Sonic + Mario, whose teamwork will force you time your jumps very well. All of that, of course, at insane speeds. Time Machine has some of the most fast-paced bosses I've seen, which is really good because nothing takes too long, something very useful when it comes to pattern-heavy bosses, so that it doesn't take you too long for no reason at all.
The only reason why it doesn't score higher is because of the unfair RNG at some bosses, and because some of the platforming could be better (And because the adventures of the Kid are to save 'her', and 'she' is only shown at the game's intro - an awesome intro, it should be mentioned -, and never again). The bosses are some of my favorite in fangames, and they're one of the best ways for a beginner to start to learn about patterns, as well as to sharpen their reflexes and timing. Highly recommended to anyone.

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Rating: 8.9 89       Difficulty: 64 64
May 22, 2015
Intends to be a better Boshy and I believe it suceeds. About as much production and twice better gameplay. No shit engine and no need for turbo.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 65 65
Mar 8, 2016
Rating based on 100% completion. Difficulty rating is based on completing the game on NORMAL Mode on both the 0.74 version and the 0.77 version. Review is based on the 0.77 version. Difficulty rating for easiest difficulty: 45.

This game punched me in the face with groundbreaking fangame awesomeness, SO EXPECT SPOILERS ALL OVER THE PLACE (correctly marked, of course). Influka is definitely one of the most underrated creators in the site and has an appeal that will make Western players at least scratch their heads or raise their eyebrows. There are many reasons that I can use to defend this breathtaking success:

1) It is a tribute to the original outstanding and almost equally underrated great games: I Wanna Be The Guy and I Wanna Be The Boshy. Solgryn made something genius back in 2010, and I have rarely encountered deliveries that have pushed it down my rankings: unseen production value, smashing creativity, a true tribute to the retro era of videogames, an original engine (that didn't always work for the platforming, I admit), memorable boss fights, a final boss that was destined to be a legend, a beta prototype for online multiplayer gaming, character selection, endless variety, a long adventure, great soundtrack, and the freaking list goes on. Now take the Genesis 1:1 of fangames that happened in 2007: Kayin, a creator that Kamilia and Influka never stopped thanking. The amount of rules it established for over 9,000 (no meme intended) future deliveries was, and is, a sensation felt either in that game or in other fangames that, even today, try to resurrect the old era of fangames, such as Vegetable 1 & 2. Not everyone today is a fan of the platforming, gimmicks or engine of the original; I find it a brilliant, frustrating (in a good way) creation that sparked creativity all over the place and became a worldwide challenge and an Internet sensation. That game is the reason we're all here, but being objective, I find myself replaying Kayin's beautiful piece on Normal difficulty again and again even today.

Well, Timemachine does everything stated above and multiplies it by 1.5. How? Number 2 answers that.

2) This is a fangame that creates its own ambitious macrocosm using a cliched time-travelling plot argument to depict several worlds with less variety than Boshy, but with more creativity than the Guy, with more effectiveness than both, equally memorable bosses (most of which are taken from the two key moments mentioned above), and a spectacular final boss that uses the same concept of Kamilia 1: a non-avoidance vocaloid boss that summons the powers of all the previous bosses you have faced. This became popular in later Influka's projects. The final boss is the perfect example of how to use instrumental vocaloid and, along with the graphics and concept, make it one of my favorite final bosses of fangame history. It is atmospheric, exciting, rhythmic and challenging at the same time, placing you in th challenge of dominating, at least, 2 out of 5 attacks in order to be successful (this, of course, depends on the difficulty chosen).

3) While making huge nods to Guy and Boshy that feel like tributes instead of plagiarism, the game feels authentic. It does implement the most common engine, but also there is a ton of original content within its constant references. It is rare to see a game focused AS MUCH (literally 50%) on bosses as it is on platforming. The stages, some people claim, are too short, but they happen to take you as much time, in average, than the normal stages. This is an odd formula but within the context of this effort it did wonders. It never made the game repetitive in its screens and that is a big plus. Sometimes less is more and Influka doesn't waste a single screen. Secret bosses, although familiar faces, are also a blast and the game reuses them in amazing ways. The combination between Mario and Sonic will surprise you, or not, because you have already played Boshy and know the reputation of those guys.

4) The production value and soundtrack are spectacular. If I made an imaginary ratio of Influka/Boshy production value, I would come up with a 93%. Just like in Boshy, this is never a detriment to the game or platforming, UNLIKE in some instances of Boshy. Needle is never unfair (maybe just ONE jump of the second screen of the second stage), gimmicks are fantastic and graphics interact greatly with it.

5) I was mentally struggling with the fact of including this as another point or not, because it is related to the bosses, but damn it, the Game-Terminators were a fantastically surreal and challenging addition. Korean drugs to the third power multiplied by memes, these terminators are unforgettable in many ways and when you stumble upon them you WILL literally have a face reaction, either positive or negative. Difficulty peak is high, but the randomness is oddly irresistible, and even if you don't understand Korean, you will have a laugh if you didn't hate the idea since the beginning. Also, knowing the origin of these memes adds a lot. It's such a bizarre instance. I always welcome experimentation in all art forms.

Boshy, as of today, has over 110 reviews. Guy has 90. This should have at least 65 reviews. It deserves a lot of popularity; however, due to personal reasons, it is a gigantic shame that this fangame later became private, and recently public again for a short time, and for an older version. The sequel has the same problem. I am no one to criticize such decision, but people that want to remember what initially brought us here and are still capable of extracting all the possible enjoyment out of it should come back to this game, because I consider it more important than Kill the Guy or Cultured. If My Heart Goes On has over 90 reviews for being a meme game, what does a unique and ambitious effort really deserve?

OH! How to play? After playing it many times because of pure joy, my personal recommendation is:

1) Normal
2) Auto-Fire ON (It is actually a game with bosses DESIGNED FOR THIS PURPOSE)
3) 0.77 Version

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[3] Likes
Rating: 8.3 83       Difficulty: 65 65
Sep 4, 2019
It's amaaazing!!!!

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 71 71
Oct 22, 2016
When I started playing this game I did not think that it would be THIS bad but I was unpleasently surprised. The platforming in this game is pretty easy, has sometimes terrible cycles or flying spike traps and also sometimes terrible visuals and background effects that make it way harder than it should be. Though that being the case, most of the gametime will probably be spent on bosses. Those range from a few freebies to really tedious bosses that have some hard attacks, but mostly just have way too much hp and again, terrible screen effects, which is mostly screenshake, which I am sure has the potential to give people a headache looking at it for too long. Playing with that is a real visual challenge, makes it unnecessarily hard to dodge projectiles or learn patterns and is just atrociously painful. The only good thing I can say about this game is that it has autofire. Unfortunately that does not make the terrible bosses any better though since they usually have so much hp that autofire is basically mandatory. Hands down one of the worst games I have played so far.

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Rating: 0.5 5       Difficulty: 66 66
Feb 1, 2020