I wanna be the Farewell

Creator: azure

Average Rating
8.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
77.2 / 100
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Adventure (5) Avoidance (1) Trap (1) Gimmick (3) Boss (2) Secrets (1) Story (2)


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14 Reviews:

Farewell was Azure's last game for quite a while, until the release of Scenario. With a wonderful display of the creative mind the maker has developed across his repertoire of games, as well as a wide variety of gimmicks, very smartly designed platforming and a wide collection of bosses, this game nails the adventure genre in just about all aspects. (Note: If you're wanting to play for True End, you'll need mandatory secrets. I've included a pastebin at the bottom of this review listing the secrets in the order they appear for your convenience. There's also a plot summary provided by Grisha92 down there, if you're curious!)

The game follows a mostly linear path with a few optional segments here and there, alongside a very dramatic and perhaps convoluted story. Unfortunately this is all in Japanese, so unless you're handy with reading the language you will struggle to make sense of things. Thankfully it's generally not too difficult to figure out your next step, and the stages flow pretty nicely between one another.

There are also 4 endings in the game; that is a bad ending (Ending 4), two good ends (Ending 3 and 2) and a true ending (Ending 1). Your ending will be determined by how many rabbit secrets you killed/collected over the course of the game, where you'll need to find all 12 alongside a couple extra secrets. I'll link a pastebin at the end of this review if you'd like an easy reference for getting the best ending, which does provide some more end-game content that's definitely worth experiencing.

The highlights of the game for me come with some of Azure's more creative platforming alongside often not-too-complex gimmicks. The stage where a spike tracks your x-position and shoots a laser whenever you jump is especially well designed, with a couple really cleverly saves that were a blast to play. I also really liked the knife stage near the end which felt unfortunately short but very enjoyable to play. The bosses are also for the most part fun to play with a few rough edges. Azure makes good use of the stage gimmicks in combination with the appropriate boss, and the final true end boss in particular is a very fun fight which wraps up the adventure nicely.

Difficulty-wise, there definitely feels like there's some hiccups here and there in regards to fairness or balancing. One big offender is the Zangief fight where you fall through the skies. Whilst this is conceptually cool and interesting to play, the time it takes to change your colour in combination with the end of the fight's clown fiesta phase can feel very unrewarding, and at times unfair. The true final boss also has an attack that is far harder than everything else, and whilst fun to play it definitely sticks out a bit.

You're guaranteed to find something in here you have fun with and also probably something that doesn't strike a chord as well, though it's well worth a play for anyone looking for a challenging adventure game, and one of Azure's finest.

As a closer, if anyone would like further clarification on how to get the true ending, I've provided a pastebin listing the 12 bunny locations, alongside the couple other important details! - https://pastebin.com/x6D0DyBx

In addition, Grisha92 did a translation of the story. You can find the plot summary here! - https://pastebin.com/1tFyPuiW

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick Boss
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Rating: 9.1 91       Difficulty: 70 70
Jan 7, 2019
A very long, quite difficult, story-based adventure which was azure's finale (atleast to date). Overall there's a ton of great areas, interesting gimmicks and bosses in this game unfortunately a bit difficulty for a western player to interpret. (See Wolfie's review for some translation/help regarding that).

Production wise, this is very solid. Keeps within the traditional fangame aesthetic while having pretty polished art (my understanding is a fair bit of the art is custom done for the game too, which is nice) and good music, making it easily accessible to those who prefer the stripped down, simpler fangame look or those who prefer the more modern game style.

Gameplay wise, its a bit of a mixed bag but for the most part keeps it interesting and varied enough to be fun. There's a few more questionably designed areas, but they are all optional (to some degree, some are in secrets required for the final ending though its not the biggest deal). Additionally there's some pretty janky/stupid areas in the minigame/contest segments in the city and its difficult to know what you're getting into when you pick one of the PCs for this, though they are escapeable and you needn't do them all.

The bosses are all pretty neat and for the most part not too hard. Zangief can definitely give people some problems though my extensive experience with that ol chap made it not an issue. While I'd say you can get some pretty zany RNG on them, most bosses are shorter, quicker fights so you don't end up losing much time - if you're a fan of those style of fights this'll be great for you. The final boss goes a bit against that, so be aware that its quite the drawn out, more learny endeavor.

Overall, I very much enjoyed this game. It'd be better with a complete translation, for sure, but it's easy to appreciate the work that went into it and the story is in a nice point where even if you don't understand it, the cutscenes give a vague idea of what's happening and its not fundamental enough to the game that you can't enjoy concocting your own story to fill in the gaps. If you're more experienced with fangames and looking for a tougher adventure, this is absolutely worth playing.

Also it's spiritual sequel will be the best fangame ever so you might as well play this to be ready.

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Rating: 9.2 92       Difficulty: 72 72
Aug 4, 2019
A really long adventure game with many different stages and multiple endings.
The whole game is in japanese which means theres one or two times in the game its hard to know what to do
but with enough poking around you can still find the way.
This game is a solid challenge too, the difficulty is on the higher end but doesnt stop the game from being fun in any sense.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 9, 2016
back when it got released the long awaited azure game a lot of people were waiting for and he really didn't disappoint again. having already played his other adventure like games you kinda know what you are getting into when you start this game up. it still has a very different style compared to his earlier games but definitely not in a bad way.
this game has tons of content and is very challenging from start to end.
there are even several endings in the game that require you to do/collect certain things in the game to unlock them.
overall this is just a really solid game that everyone who is ready for its difficulty should play.

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick
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Rating: 9.4 94       Difficulty: 83 83
Feb 26, 2016
Super long and diverse adventure game. Language barrier might hinder you a bit because sometimes don't know where to go but all in all a great work from Azure. Pretty tough all the way but definetly my favorite fangame of 2015.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 80 80
Nov 29, 2015