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Needle (3)


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Rating based on the hard mode. Cute pink-colored needle with a few questionable design choices. Earlier areas of the game have a lot of skips, there are plenty of douche spikes and/or pits right after the spawn points (Reminds me of Aozi), you know, those things that always kill you the first time you enter a portal because you're still holding one of the arrow keys...There are some saves that focus their difficulty on one of the last jumps too, though I don't recall these being very common. And Paragus already commented on the last screen and how dying in it makes the camera teleport to the weirdest places, so I'm just going to reiterate on how atrocious dying there is. And there's also that room where you have to do a good bit of walking before a pseudo-double-diamond. It's amazing. And HOW COULD I FORGET, there's an invisible block maze too!! In a needle game. Perfect.
Besides those issues, the game was alright, I guess. Plenty of interesting jumps, not all of which were very fun to execute, the visuals were cute, the music is nice though the death sound is a little loud...And there were some fun sections, most of which earlier in the game. Most of the time...Not so much.
I also happen to know that judging a game based on the hard mode is not very fair (With a few exceptions), which is why I also played a good chunk of the wuss mode and made sure that it's not much better. There are twice as many saves, but all the aforementioned issues remain. Not to mention, some of the harder saves weren't changed, so every now and then you get to experience a little of the cancer that the hard mode is. The difficulty curve is even worse than in the hard mode, where it's already trash to begin with.
While I was writing this, I realized this is quite similar to Aozi in some aspects, so I probably should give it a similar rating. Aozi doesn't have a broken last screen or an invisible block maze, though, so while I do like the pink aesthetics a lot more...Yeah. Definitely wouldn't recommend.
Side note: Difficulty rating for the wuss mode would probably be around 61 or 62.

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Rating: 3.9 39       Difficulty: 67 67
Mar 22, 2019
Good needle, nc tilesets, backgrounds, music.
nc jumps, balance save's. gg)

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Rating: 7.4 74       Difficulty: 51 51
Nov 20, 2016
Starts off as a pretty tame game then the difficulty ramps up very fast. Mostly needle type platforming in bright colored and pink screens. There's a lot of interesting jumps and the production is fairly good with one major annoying thing. When you die in the large room later in the game, the camera jerks back to another position in the room. This makes repeated deaths extremely annoying and jarring, especially when we are talking about needle where there is a good bit of death. It's not a bad game overall, it's probably worth playing but it has some issues that prevent it from reaching its full potential.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 50 50
Apr 30, 2015
Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 5.4 54       Difficulty: 58 58
Mar 14, 2024
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Rating: 7.3 73       Difficulty: 60 60
May 23, 2019