I Wanna Make It Breaking Out

Creators: carua, 水鳥

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5.3 / 10
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76.0 / 100
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Adventure (6) Needle (7) Avoidance (8) Trap (5) Gimmick (7) Boss (6) Secrets (2) Long (8) Puzzle (3) Touhou (1)


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18 Reviews:

Really long adventure fangame. I had huge hopes for this game, but it didn't take too long for me to lose them. There IS a lot of variety, with 8 normal stages with bosses (Most of them featuring some sort of gimmick, some of them being quite unique), a transition stage with a nice concept, 8 'challenge' stages (Shorter than the normal stages, but harder and with no bosses) where you'll collect fragments to form the door that will lead you to the next area, the classic '5 missions', which consist of two puzzle rooms, a memory game, a needle area and a short avoidance, after which there's a nice-looking avoidance that happens to be the last obstacle between you and Nue Houjuu, the last boss. It's a really cool structure for a fangame to have.
The bosses also feature a fair share of variety. Despite most of them being giant cherries, they often use a nice concept, rather than just being a spam of bullets (Except for the purple cherry boss, that thing has a generic and bad concept from the start). From the cherry with a clock that freezes the game every once in a while, forcing you to pay attention to the fight AND to the clock at the same time, to the pattern-heavy avoidance with some really creative attacks, there's a huge range of bosses that includes a Touhou boss, a Bomberman boss that involves a lot of strategy (And some luck, but we'll get to that later) and the boss the game is mostly known for, Nue, a challenging boss with multiple phases of creative attacks. There aren't two bosses alike.

And now that I (Maybe) got you as hyped as I was when I started playing this, it's time to kill the hype. It's not a hard task. We just need a more detailed description of the game. There IS a lot of variety in the game, but even this much variety doesn't mean a lot if everything the game has to offer is done in the worst possible way. Most stages are a mix of needle sections, traps and gimmicks (Although some of them are exclusively needle or trap stages). The needle sections consist almost entirely of generic jumps, and the non-generic jumps are a chore to execute anyway. The traps are generic or poorly placed (Sometimes being both at the same time), and the saves that use them tend to use excruciating amounts of them. The gimmicks are usually either, bad by themselves or ruined with the help of inconvenient needle jumps or traps. There are also some segments of moving obstacles that require ridiculous amounts of precision with your timing (Often requiring a lot of trial and error to figure out a decent timing). Combine these elements and you have a huge game consisting almost entirely of awful platforming. The cool-looking (If you ignore the unfitting gray spikes, anyway) forest/factory stage (Starts in a forest, ends in a place that looks like factory) with robots? Filled with stupid traps, with a lovely, pointless fake block passage, out of nowhere. Also features the worst segment of moving obstacles in the game, by far. It's probably the worst stage in the game, and one of the worst platforming sections I've ever played in a fangame. The spotlight stage? It's an endless, stupid maze where you just waste your time trying to find the correct way through rooms that loop themselves while suffering the punishment of having your vision field limited by the spotlight gimmick. The transition stage I mentioned earlier? It's the finest example of how to not make needle. Corners, diagonals, some precise sections of moving obstacles, a jump that works exactly like a Super F and the first save has a sphincter after a bunch of filler jumps. The last save is long, and really bad precisely because it's long and filled with choke jumps. The challenge stage that has no saves? It consists of two randomly chosen needle screens in a row, where the first screen is always fairly long and somewhat difficult and the second screen always has a disgusting, difficult needle jump that should never be placed at the end of a no-save section (It's either, a double diamond followed by a diamond that works almost like a double diamond, a downwards corner into an upwards corner or a floor gate into a diagonal where you can't bonk). The challenge stage where pressing shift reverses gravity as well as your controls (Left becomes right, right becomes left)? Actually, just describing the gimmick is probably enough to explain why is this stage so awful. Oh, you can also reverse gravity in mid-air, and the stage forces you to do so multiple times. Particularly disgusting when you need to do a gate jump (Yes, you need to do a gate jump using this gimmick). The 5 missions? The needle mission is generic needle. The memory game (Which works like a rhythm game, but with no rhythm or sound cue involved) is incredibly long and boring, featuring a sequence of 10 movements by the end, requiring either, crazy good memory or a pen and paper. The puzzle with the keys, featured in Kamilia 2, while having a cool concept, ends up being a spam of downwards diagonals whose only purpose is to add some difficulty to the puzzle. The other two missions are alright, I guess (The puzzle with two kids is nice, and the 'avoidance' mission isn't bad, just nothing worth mentioning). And don't worry, the other stages are hardly any better, I just didn't mention them to not make this review overly long. The only playable stages are the Bomberman stage, the 'guy rock' stage (AKA the trap stage), the challenge stage where you have the aid of two Touhou characters and the stage whose gimmick consists of freezing the player for a couple seconds. Some of these stages do have their share of bad stuff, but overall they are alright. Everything else is just bad platforming with one or two cool saves here and there.
The bosses are...Worse. Miku, that one pattern-heavy avoidance with creative attacks, is filled with patterns that are complicated to understand and to execute. Takes a long while to get 10 seconds worth of progress in the fight. It gets boring really quickly. The only RNG attacks in the fight are luck-based. The Purple Cherry is one of those incredibly boring bosses that start out really easy and get ridiculously hard towards the end of the fight. Bad concept, particularly bad in a fight where the projectiles can come out of the floor. Basically, when you shoot the boss, it generates a purple cherry that looks exactly like it. These new purple cherries can block projectiles and go through the walls. The boss does have invulnerability frames, but even if you shoot it while it is invulnerable, it will still generate a purple cherry for every bullet that hits it. Near the end of the fight, it's really tough to avoid the projectiles while trying to find out which one of them is the boss (Spamming the shoot button aimlessly is obviously a bad idea). The Green Cherry is a perfect example of how to not make a spotlight boss (I still don't know what is the last attack, I simply see the projectiles and hope that there's a way to dodge them). The Touhou-themed boss, while mostly nice, is entirely ruined by an unpleasant luck-based attack (The third to last attack, to be more specific) and an awful last attack that lasts for too long for no reason at all. The Bomberman boss, while being more strategic than it's given credit for, is still luck-based. If it decides to blow an instantaneous bomb near you while you're surrounded by mines, there's nothing you can do about it. The blue cherry is luck-based, but the luck factor doesn't come from its attacks. You simply won't damage it if the boss doesn't feel like taking damage, specially during the last attack, where you could spend minutes waiting for a platform to appear at the right place, finally allowing you to damage the boss...Once. It's disgusting. The pink cherry, the boss that borrows attacks from the previous cherry bosses (Or at least pretends to do so, since some of the attacks have nothing to do with the original boss), is actually decent, if you ignore the fact that green is a filler attack and if you forget that the fight always ends with serious possibilities of being walled by the gray cherry attack. The white cherry and the cherry with the clock are actually nice bosses, although the white cherry is a bit too easy compared to everything else in the game.
The avoidance that precedes Nue is awful. It consists of almost 5 minutes of pattern and RNG. Every single attack lasts for a looong while, specially the attacks near the end of the fight, two of which last for one minute each. There's a luck-based attack in the first half of the fight that is really easy to recognize and to hate, and I still don't know if there's a consistent way to dodge the penultimate attack of the fight, given the projectiles' speed. The pattern attacks aren't too difficult to understand or execute, their only task is to be fillers, and maybe kill you once or twice while they are at it. The worst part is that this boss lasts for 5 minutes for absolutely no reason at all. Rainbow Miku's extra boss is much longer than this, and I didn't get tired of it as fast. It's not just the length, it's bad design. Dying near the end of the fight and knowing that you'll have to redo everything from the beginning is really painful.
And finally, Nue. If you know it from the Kamilia 2 version, you should probably forget that version, the original (The one in this game) is quite different and even worse. Not only the cheap, hard to learn pattern is still there, but the other attacks are entirely different, for the worse. They are certainly creative, but that doesn't mean that they are good, and doesn't make the boss any fun. Repeated attacks, filler attacks and the cheap pattern near the end of the fight, combined with actually decent, but difficult attacks, make this a really questionable boss. At least the game gives you a HP bar that allows you to take 2 hits before dying in an attempt to make up for the bad pattern, which doesn't make the boss much better, but does make the pattern slightly more bearable to learn.
Mostly cool visuals, nice musics, but you won't get to hear much of them because they restart every time you die. Niice.
This looks like it could have been an amazing fangame, but ended up being awful instead due to poor design choices. It's always sad to see one of those. Highly not recommended.

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Rating: 1.7 17       Difficulty: 75 75
Oct 8, 2016
This game has a lot of ups and downs. Certain areas and bosses are fantastic and others are pretty lacking. If you're the kind of player who enjoys the certain charm that accompanies older fangames and can look past some of the bad spots (like me) I think you'll enjoy most of what's here. Otherwise, you'd be better off looking to play something else.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 70 70
Jan 31, 2017
The game consists of 18 areas, 17 of them are divided between 4 hubs and the last one is a transition area. It seems there is no reasoning at all when it comes to their order. Most game have a difficulty curve, this one has points scattered randomly across the plane. The final hub is free, while the other 3 contain are a mixture of super easy and extremely difficult.
Some of the stages feature gimmicks. All of those are super annoying and not fun to play, as they don't add anything to the value of the stages.
The stages themselves are horrible. If we exclude those which are free the others are basically a spam of gates, diagonal, and corners. The gimmicks just make them a pain to go through (especially when the gimmick used is random triggers/traps).
The same super easy/extremely difficult division can be used for bosses too, and their difficulty does not match the stage difficulty. In particular a boss in the first 4 areas is by far more difficult than everything else in the game, the three different attacks seem innocuous, but clearing it is a matter of patience (my clearing attempt took more than 10 minutes). Probably the final boss is the only passable one. Oh, I almost forgot, just before Nue you get to play a 5 minutes avoidance with a 30 seconds unskippable intro. Again, the attack in the avoidance are either free or so much rng dependent that you cannot see a pattern and dodge them consistently.
In my opinion the music is mostly unfitting and almost every song becomes annoying after two minutes.
I loved the background with the copyright symbol on them, it's the cherry on the cake which add value to the game (a negative value, but I cannot go below zero).

This is by far the worst fangame I've ever played and I am so glad it's over.

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Rating: 0.0 0       Difficulty: 75 75
Mar 16, 2016
Really fun game. Lots of variety, original gimmicks that work great with the level design (a rare thing in fangames) and very long (18 stages, 2 minibosses and 11 bosses). It's definitely not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoyed this game, even tough parts like the "moving spikes" segments. The music is incredible and one of the best parts of the game for me. The only thing I didn't like was the purple cherry boss and perhaps the last save of the second "moving spikes" stage. As for production value, it's not amazing (most of the bosses are Touhou-themed cherries after all), but it certainly doesn't detract from the game.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 79 79
Aug 26, 2015
A spectacularly uneven and equally surprising plethora of amazing gimmick implementations followed by atrociously bad and messy ones, resulting in an insane concoction of the very good, the bad and the worst of old-school veteran fangame experiences could ever offer to your senses.

The thing that should be admired from this game is the variety; it seems like a collab, but the two makers actually accomplish a game that is consistent in surprising content, gimmick after gimmick in each stage, going modern, retro, classic, experimental, needle, spotlight, drug-induced, unfair, fun, frustrating, woeful and mesmerizing. It's mental diarrhea where really good bits can come out out of that sea of disgustingness.

The difficulty curve is absolutely ridiculous; it follows no logic. If you follow the mental pattern of choosing stages when being in the middle of a hub with 4/5 options, your second boss is most likely to be the most difficult in the entire game: a cherry with three position-based patterns combined with RNG slipper platforms. A successful attempt, depending on RNG, can take up to 10-12 minutes. Don't listen to Goran saying it's "easy" and "boring"; he's insane. Nogard, fatalbrain, just_another_Guy and others agree that this is the point where you can give up and it's only the beginning of a legendarily long game.

The premise of this game is entirely Touhou-based. The Kid travels through Touhou-mania on drugs (mostly because of the soundtrack, but you'll have many Touhou moments still) where the structure that follows is:

-4 stages, with probably the second one you choose containing the most difficult boss of the entire game, and the fourth one being a banger of an avoidance that will fix all of your traumatic memories of Clear the Easy Miku 1.
-4 new stages, one of them being a phenomenal Bomberman stage followed by a lousy boss, and another one being a haunted house that worked wonders for me, whereas an ugly-looking Gamemaker-looking lazy area has needle with traps in the cheapest design possible.

-First transition area, which is spammed with generic needle. I don't mind this one so much as, even with the sphincter and all, it was fun to play. The closing segment of this requires you to have really good timing and consistency, which is normally of no concern to me unless the stage is unreasonably long. Entertaining, to say the least.

-4 new stages, where you begin to collect pieces of a door that will lead to the second transition area. This hub contains an amusing stage where the screens you actually have to do are decided by RNG, but all of them have a common denominator: then all end with a trash jump. My decision was not that trivial: double corner as the first one is free and the second one is a matter of timing. I prefer that to a double diamond or an uncomfortable downwards ladder of spikes. This hub also contains a horribly done VVVVVV gimmick that works in horrible ways and controls are literally reversed to what is normally comfortable to play. This would be justifiable with a reasonable level design, but no, sometimes you have to time the act of pressing a direction, then the jump key, and then spamming the other direction immediately for not losing momentum. That combined with the gimmick being badly done translates to trash. There is also a castle section in this which fits no purpose to the game at all, but it was a take of fresh air.
-4 new stages that have nothing special in particular except for two: a fun vanilla needle section that has each spike killing you calling you names or making meme faces, and a section where you get helper characters to solve puzzles and clear obstacles out of the way. The latter is so dumb that I actually ended up loving it.

-A transition boss, the first one in the game, where the RNG can get really nasty. Patterns are incredibly easy by definition, but after some damage, each cherry color begins to spawn cherries across the screen that overlap it, so you'll find yourself a LOT having to beat the gray one last because that's the one you can damage the least per turn, getting roofed by its pattern and getting your feet killed by the upwards overlapping cherries you created. It's the second most annoying boss in the game after that ice cherry boss in the first hub.

[From this point, the game gets really good and entertaining---]

-Five stages which are individual challenges: a vanilla needle stage, an avoidance, a memory game, a puzzle/platforming stage, and a key maze. I loved all of them but the memory game would be more fair if the memory was cumulative instead of repeating new patterns every turn. You'll find yourself using pen and paper.

-The second transition boss, which is a very well done avoidance, fun to play, not unfair, with a long intro that bores you, and with a final act that is questionably long, but that I could third-try. I was walled only once unfairly and the second one was on me.

-The final boss: Nue Houjuu. This is one of the most spectacular, entertaining and fun bosses I've played in my fangame trajectory: very Touhou-loyal but acute to the 2D mechanics we're used to with The Kid, having main attacks, special attacks, very fun patterns, original attacks, a wonderful and pretty sprite for the enemy and sequences that can be studied after each try. What kills this section is the stupid Nekoron engine which killed me in the last attack twice since I can very easily single-frame when I am in water or in an infinite jump-section. This forced me to arrive to the last attacks having zero hits and, indeed, the Nekoron betrayed me once again making a full jump instead of a one-frame jump, took damage, but killed the boss (which is definitely hitless in my book because f*** Nekoron).

The game has absolutely no direction: it's just an exercise of throwing a bunch of ideas on paper, putting them in a game with no rhyme or reason and making an adventure game with epic moments and extremely frustrating ones. This one's complex, an oddity of all sorts.

I have no idea if I would recommend this, but I can count many instances where I had plenty of fun if one knows how to appreciate old-school stuff, my brother was wowed with the final boss (me too) and the avoidances worked greatly for me. I have great and bad memories. It's the most messy challenging product you can find (maybe, because the world of fangames is extremely vast).

It's the freaking Picasso of fangames.

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Rating: 6.4 64       Difficulty: 86 86
Jul 21, 2021