I Wanna Be The 4 Elements

Creator: Shirou

Average Rating
3.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
61.3 / 100
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Adventure (7) Needle (1) Gimmick (5) Boss (6) Mobile (8) Items (3) unfinished (2) Android (3)


  • by Joshua_Boring
  • by Joshua_Boring

17 Reviews:

I Wanna Be The 4 Elements is a fangame that you can actually play on your phone! Other than that it's just another run of the mill fangame.

This fangame consists of 4 stages, each represents and element and each one will give you a power up that you can use later on the game. Each stage also contains a boss at the end of it. Now the problem with this fangame is that it's uninspired, i will take the air stage as an example of this, it's 15 or so rooms that are almost the same but with the jumps slightly changed so it gets harder. This is not good game design it's lackluster and boring to play. The graphics suck, there's not really a background ever except a single color and the blocks are just your usual fangame block painted so that it matches (see the screenshots). Music is also really bad and the bosses are terrible bullet sponges.
Also the game doesn't explain much, you enter the game you get a little introduction telling you what to do and then you see you got like 5 buttons at the top of your screen, (trying them out will probably tell you what they do but still).

Finally it's not even finished. It just ends AND you have to pay for it on IOS it seems reading the other reviews. Shameful.

I wouldn't even recommend this as a your bored on your phone because there's other fangames way better on phone.

If this weren't a mobile game it wouldn't even be talked about.

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Tagged as: Mobile unfinished
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Rating: 1.5 15       Difficulty: 40 40
Mar 15, 2018
goog game but hard i can't pass the 2 boss

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Tagged as: Adventure Android
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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 57 57
Dec 20, 2017
You have to pay $1.99 to get this game on IOS, and it's free on Android. The game was never finished. The 4th area just ends after 5 screens. It gets points for novelty for being on mobile but otherwise is honestly really terrible and horribly made. The creator also outright forgets that he gives you an infinite jump powerup. The bosses are some of the worst I've ever seen and are based on sound cues. There's also no way to play this game on PC. See Josh's review for the rest.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 65 65
Apr 27, 2017
A Strange, outgoing IWBTG game. I say that because, being on mobile, you play with sometimes unresponsive touch controls, which to say the least could have been avoided if you just put it on a computer.

It's moderately difficult, in some cases unnecessarily, so I give it a 64/100.

It consists of four stages, each with a different element. Beating a stage gives you a power, and you use it in the next stage.

The music is sub par, the stages are lack luster, and the bosses are pretty easy.

In my opinion, not worth the $4.99 I spent for it. (Remember kids, this is the only IWBTG game you have to pay for! \o/)

Edit: I was wrong, I found out this is the only guy game on iOs. There is also I wanna be the guy! and I Wanna Conquer the Mobile on android. But that's for another day.

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Rating: 4.5 45       Difficulty: 64 64
May 31, 2015
A mobile fangame that really had some potential but executed it poorly. Rating is based on my playthrough in BlueStacks, an emulator for PC which lets you play mobile games. If you did this on an actual phone, I would give this an 70. (I gave up after the second boss and removed the game). You should definitely play it on BlueStacks or Android though. You have to pay for the iOS version, and it's free on the other two.

First of all, the game over song is really annoying and repetitive. It's loud and rather would fit in some kind of montage.

Now for the actual game. It comes in four difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard and Impossible. Easy adds a bunch of platforms and wuss saves that aren't in the other three difficulties.

The first stage starts off rather easy, with some basic jumps here and there and has quite possibly the most stage gimmicks in the game. It's an grass stage with traps, platforms, Solid and non-solid blocks/spikes and vines, no cherries though. After that comes a tree boss that's difficult to do at first, but once you learn it's attacks it becomes pretty easy. Remember that you have autoshoot when you hold the S button. It's three attacks are shooting a bunch of projectiles, shrinking and growing and shooting an message with the name of the game for some reason.

The second stage is an air stage. It's really repetitive and has no real gimmicks other than enabling/disabling infinite jumping by opening a menu which unlocks after beating the first boss. Basically, you keep doing the same room over and over again while the difficulty keeps increasing everytime you go to the next room. You can either choose A) Doing the normal route which changes repeatedly or B) The hard route which has a bunch of diagonals and a corner jump. The second boss is this floating girl or something. It's three attacks are four gate jumps in a row (not a Leehe jump), a lightning bolt attack with a shitty hitbox and shooting a bunch of projectiles while infinite jumping in midair. This boss was definitely the most fun out of the three.

The third stage is an water stage. Only gimmicks here are water and an extra option in the menu: Enabling H20/20. What it does is let you breathe underwater or abovewater depending on where you are. You have 5 seconds before you eventually lose your breath and die. This was an really great gimmick and is something that I barely see used in a fangame before. It's an bunch of rooms with some hard jumps here and there. Mostly just ordinary but there were some things like an underwater corner jump. Now here is where the biggest flaw of the game takes place: The third boss. My god is this boss an disaster. It's an whale stuck in a bunch of chains. Yet again it has three attacks. Another set of four spike jumps similar to a gate, but the bottom spike facing down. Expect to die of that a lot, even in BlueStacks. It's other two attacks are shooting a bunch of chains and shooting a couple of large bouncing bubbles. While the chain attack isn't so hard, your chance of living is slim to none because if you get it twice in a row, you have to swim up and going then down and is what makes this impossible. You just don't have enough time to survive the second attack because you are too slow to survive the last few chains. The worst must definitely be the bubble attack. Why? Bouncing bubbles = RNG. Since they are so large and move so fast expect to get moments where you get wall'd or move too slow while dodging. It's more about being lucky than skill. It's a really dumb attack and shouldn't be in the game.

The last stage has to be the hardest one, because of the jumps you have to do. It's an fire stage without gimmicks. While it only has 5 rooms, it has the hardest segments in the game. The fire on the ground rises and shrinks and is placed at segments where you just have to stand on the edge of a block or need to hurry up. Why is there an invert in the fourth room? This shit would almost be impossible to do on an actual phone. It's mostly just a bunch of diagonals and gate jumps with some fire. After the fifth room, the game just ends. It tells you there's a boss to the right while there is none. There is just an save and nothing else. It doesn't even congratulate you or tell you that this is the end of the demo of something, it just flat out ends.

While this was an rather good fangame for a mobile device, it's difficulty and bosses ruin the game. Wouldn't recommend.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 57 57
Feb 25, 2018