I wanna be the CaballerosⅥ

Creators: ☆阪神☆, 優チャん, 昆虫大好人間, 澪亞, 禮芭蘇亡@, すしだね

Average Rating
2.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
50.3 / 100
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Needle (2) Trap (3) Boss (3) Collab (2)


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3 Reviews:

I wanna be the CaballerosⅥ is collab game maintained by ☆阪神☆ (Hanshin) and released in 2011. The game itself is as inferno said, predecessor (maybe even prequel) of other game maintained by LIPCONE I wanna brake the Eight beelzebubs. Actually LIPCONE is the same person as Hanshin, which can be easily seen by many similarities between his solo games under LIPCONE’s and Hanshin’s name (for example, there are many similarities between I wanna be the magic girl and I wanna be the Goshi barrage II, but about those maybe other time). But also he had once even wrote about this on web: [url]http://dic.nicovideo.jp/a/%E2%98%86%E9%98%AA%E7%A5%9E%E2%98%86[/url], where he says that he was former I wanna creator under the name Hanshin, and he is currently doing Vocalo P activities under the name LIPCONE, so we can conclude that those games under the name LIPCONE is also his games. I should say that I haven’t seen eight beelzebubs, so I can’t compare, but still I can say quite a lot about this project. This project is made by 6 different Japanese creators, which all were active only somewhere in 2010-2012 period, and you probably don’t know anyone from these creators, since their works weren’t so good and the most of them works are private, as well as this collab game. As I guess this was the first collab game by Hanshin, and that is why it didn’t result to be good. It isn’t terrible either, but mostly just some stages pull out this game to not be total disaster. If game has like 12 stages and one boss, which all has 1-2 screens, then only more or less good stages are made by 禮芭蘇亡@ (creator of I wanna be the LeafArrow, I wanna be the 2000 and one of the creators of I Wanna Be The ・q・p・and the author of engine on which is made this game and the creator of stage 6, 7 and 12 and looks like he is also creator of the boss too) and maybe also stage 3 and 9 creator’s stages are OK, but others are pretty questionable. Difficulty don’t change much, but to rate game more or less correctly, then let’s rate each stage separately and let’s see the average rating of the game. Also, I don’t know who made which stage, so I will try to conclude who made which. But what I can say more convincingly is that stage 6,7 and 12 is made by 禮芭蘇亡@, stage 3 and 9 is made by other one (maybe by 澪亞 or Hanshin actually (has similar tilesets as I wanna be the mold killer)), the other creator (probably すしだね) has made stage 2, 4 and 8, but another one creator (who I can hardly recognize) probably has made stage 5 and 11 (mostly stages has similar spike designs) (either 昆虫大好人間 or 優チャん) and other two creators ( I would say hanshin and 優チャん (or maybe 澪亞?) has made first and tenth stage. Anywy, that is not so important, the important are stages! Oh, and obvious detail: the game has restarting music…

The game starts with pretty generic 2 screen stage of specific block and green background chose. The screen provides with RNG fruits, fruits which you should shoot, generic diagonal needle, uninteresting water jumps and etc., megaman music, traps which are not horrible, but which could be a bit better. That is pretty much it, nothing too interesting to see.
Rating: 2.5

The next stage shows us one screen of even more generic needle with restarting guy rock and speed blocks, which differs from other blocks with small arrow on it. Personally, I hated the most part of the jumps, and thank god, there are no saveblockers, so that some really annoying jumps can be skipped after first clear. The biggest complain I have about is the save where is speed blocks, because they are too fast and the fake blocks above is so boring that it can’t be really enjoyable. Pretty much all stages of this creator (who most likely is すしだね) are so bad. Just, meh.
Rating: 1

Stage 3 shows that this game isn’t totally ruined game. I don’t know surely who is the creator, but he made pretty much OK stage 3 and 9. This stage has 2 screens of needle followed by traps, which can be confusing to find. This stage has pretty weird track change, but it kind of fits here. Also stage has better sprite choice, so it feels better to play, however on second screen some sprites can be confusing, because they look like spikes, but they are not. Gameplay could be better, but I won’t say I disliked this stage so much. Pretty OK stage, however because it is confusing so I will put little down the rating.
Rating: 4.5

Stage 4 is most likely again stage made by すしだね, but it is little bit better. Visuals are pretty horrible, but gameplay is more original especially first save, which is kind of special in stage. The maze isn’t really the best thing here, but overall stage is slightly better than the second one.
Rating: 2

Stage 5 consists of 2 screens, which visually are just inverted. Stage consists of easy needle followed with traps. In second part you can actually choose to go up or down (up has way where is smiley face but down way has skull), but I doubt that it is really possible to go down, or at least it is very precise, since fruits are really fast and I really don’t know how to time them. But you still can go upper way and get further. The stage would be better if there wouldn’t be guyrock track to be honest.
Rating: 4

Starting from stage 6 I was surprised that game’s quality actually gets better. Stage has really good track, good visuals and unusual gimmick of teleporting to different places. From the style of the game I conclude that the creator is 禮芭蘇亡@, and I can say, that he actually pulled out the game little bit. He even in his stages made saveblockers, some additional soundeffects, visual things and gimmicks. I would probably give 5.5 rating, but for trying and wasting time on this I will put higher rating just of the respect, because looked like he cared more of the game than other creators. At least I liked these few screen better than others.
Rating: 6

Stage 7 was made by the same creator as previous one, but it has its differences. Mostly difference is choosing other track, which kind of fits well with the design of the stage. Some saves felt kind of generic, while others felt pretty unique. Few screens, but still kind of memorable. Even traps here felt more unique than in other stages. It is kind of interesting like previous stage, but I won’t higher up rating this time.
Rating: 5.5

After you clear stage 7, you will remember what were you playing all this time from the beginning. Yes, you started with generic stages and now it continues! Stage 8 is really similar like stage 2, because looks like is made by the same guy, and it follows the same thing too! Even worse generic needle, with more annoying jumps (also now we have blocks, which works as saveblockers…), generic visuals and now with megaman track. Oh, and save where is speed blocks is again pretty bad. Difficulty kind of little bit rise here, but I don’t think that doing diamond jump or some other jump should be big problem for player. I liked this slightly better than second stage, but it is still bad.
Rating: 1.5

How to improve situation if after good stages are one bad and ruined by one screen stage? Yes, you should put stage which looks again better! For this situation you can play stage 9, which looks like was made by the same guy who made as third stage. Now there is only one screen, but it has pretty unusual track, better visuals, but it has confusing traps. Nothing too special, but I kind of liked this stage. Not as much as stage 6 and 7, but still, decent screen.
Rating: 5

Stage 10 is pretty weird one screen stage, which is made by other person, and is different than any other screens. Specific music choice, whimsical visuals (speed blocks don’t have special design for some reason) and repetitive jumps and also some traps. Good thing is that here is no save blockers, so gameplay is little bit easier, since you can clear some annoying jumps once, and you can continue forward without a need to clear it once again. That is why I didn’t put down the lower rating, but it is still pretty meh stage.
Rating: 3

At first stage 11 looks like the stage, which were made by the same guy who made stage 2, 4 and 8, but if you look on spike design, then it more looks like from the guy who made stage 5. Stage itself has generic visuals and megaman track, as well as some annoying jumps, like water diagonals, but the gameplay actually is more unique, since the placement of blocks, traps and spikes are well-considerated, which can be seen on the last save. Maybe if creator would choose better background and better tilesets, then this one screen would look better. But now it is still pretty generic.
Rating: 2.5

The last stage is made by the same guy who made stage 6 and 7. Stage has spotlight gimmick, which is kind of nice for this game, but the gameplay is quite annoying here. The candle itself looks quite weird, but here I had real complains about some things. I still don’t get why here should be save blockers? Some jumps are so bad, that they are just annoying to redo. The music, visuals and traps itself are good, but some jumps are just useless. Why there should be annoying water diagonals or gate through which you have to get from the block height and some other ones too? Good stage ruined by few jumps.
Rating: 5

After you have beaten this stage you get to the room where you have to get down as shows one arrow. Boss itself represents weird creature, which apparently represents the knight or in other words Caballeros (caballeros from spanish is knight as I found it) , which you have to shoot in head. Several first attacks can be dodged at one spot and then there is 2 attacks which you have to do while from the up is dropping down several fruits, which you can even shoot. Attack is pretty RNG dependent, so it can be pretty annoying to do. Attacks itself looks OK as well as visuals. Big thanks I can say about soundtrack, which fits really well for the boss. And idea of approving that the name of the game was appropriate was really good! After several arguments,which I mentioned, I think this boss was made by 禮芭蘇亡@, but I don’t know for sure about that. Overall I kind of liked boss and idea, even though it has its problems.
Rating: 5.5

After you clear the boss you have to get down where you will have credits, after which you die and then teleports to the ‘Thank you for playing!’ screen, which is the same as the title screen. The whole technical thing in the game wasn’t really the best, even though I kind of liked both the credits and clear/ title screen. Kind of okay, so I will give bonus 5 rating for the whole idea and trying.
Bonus rating: 5

So, what are the conclusion and results of this game? The finite average result of the game’s rating is 3.785, which we can round of to 3.8 (without the bonus rating the finite rating would be just 3.692, so it wouldn’t change much). Conclusion is pretty easy: pretty messed up collab, which has potential to be at least OK, but which lost its potential because of some creators. Would I recommend this one? Well, if you are one of those like me, who like to find good things among trash, then sure, try it, but for others I would most likely not recommend this game, since I doubt that you will enjoy this experience, even if you will manage to find this game, which can be quite hard and even useless (even though I am looking forward to play other Hanshin’s games lol) !

P.S. Fun fact, which I recently found: in this game the goal is to be like 6 Caballeros - knights, or in other words to fight for the justice, and the same idea is for the sequel - i wanna break (brake) the eight beelzebubs, where the goal is to destroy the 8 devils in the word of justice. Interesting, isn't it?

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Rating: 3.8 38       Difficulty: 41 41
May 20, 2018
Recommended by my buddy GaspacoZanis, who also disliked the game. It was a kinda social experiment recommendation, and I'm open for that too. I don't mind.

This collab is an abomination in the majority of its stages, with atrocious visuals, unspeakably unfun and frustrating traps, generic and/or vomit-inducing visuals, and extremely cryptic parts to proceed. I don't want to waste more time in this since it has been very widely covered by GaspacoZanis and visually represented by infern0. Only decent stage is the one with the teleporting gimmick and the only "meh" one is the last stage with the darkness gimmick before the boss. The boss looks cool, but is really simple until you get to a final trash attack.


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Rating: 1.4 14       Difficulty: 60 60
Nov 17, 2019
This is basically the predecessor of Brake the Eight Beelzebubs (seeing that I think the creator that ran the project, ☆阪神☆, is the same guy that ran Beelzebubs, LIPCONE), only it's about a third the length and all around just lackluster. The platforming is fairly easy, barely moving away from simple needle with the occasional trap. The game also comes with a boss, in which the first half includes standing in one place and shooting for a solid half of a minute before you get to a few very RNG heavy attacks.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 50 50
Sep 22, 2016