I wanna protect the hobby

Creator: りゎむに

Average Rating
1.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
61.5 / 100
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Trap (2) Boss (1)


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3 Reviews:

Now this game is a mess. Awful production value, shitty trolls and bosses with WAY too much HP. (The 2nd mewtwo boss has over 600 HP) Do not recommend at all.

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Tagged as: Trap Boss
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Rating: 1.5 15       Difficulty: 68 68
Jan 27, 2016
This is a mess. The production is unacceptable for 2016. Restarting music combined with messy visuals make this game hard to like. The segments themselves are just boring and lacking save placements to make the segments digestable. Then he starts reusing earlier rooms and making them harder by loading them up with generic needle trash. I had to tap out of this one halfway through, it just wasn't fun to play at all. At least he didn't use brown blocks and guy rock, but in 2016 the bar is a bit higher than what this is offering.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 55 55
Jan 26, 2016
Another generic unfun game to plague the wiki. Boring trolls, unbalanced level design, end of the room trolls, extremely long endurance stage (no wuss saves), and restarting music. I'll pass.

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Tagged as: Trap
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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: N/A
Jan 25, 2016